WWE Smackdown Results – Jul 4, 2017

WWE Smackdown Opener:

The show starts off with a United States video package celebrating the 4th of July. John Cena’s music hits in the arena as he makes his way to the ring to a thunderous pop.

“Lets go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chant from the crowd. Cena teasing the crowd asking them if they missed him. Cena talks about the United States was built on a simple idea. That is that anyone can come and achieve greatness. And that’s what he thinks of the WWE. Superstars from all around the world get the chance to show their skills. He says he wants to compete with the best. But lately superstars are talking about his future. How he has sold out, nothing more than a part timing mascot.

He says he is not a part time. He is an all timer. And that means Monday Night Raw and that means Smackdown Live. He says he’s a free agent because if his time in WWE is limited, he will go down in a blaze of gloury. AJ Style, Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns… “You line them up, I will knock every one of them down”.

Rusev’s music hits as he comes down holding a Bulgarian flag. Loud “USA” chants fill the arena. Rusev says that he works so hard that he got hurt. He says Cena was away in Hollywood while he was rehabbing his shoulder. He says Cena won’t take any opportunities from him. The American dream is a lie just like America is a joke.

Cena asks if Rusev is lost. Rusev tells Cena USA’s independence day is pathetic. In Bulgaria, they march and show their strength. But in the USA, they stuff their faces with cheeseburgers and hot dogs. A loud “YES” chant from the crowd. Rusev says it’s not a compliment.

Cena says they could have a flag match tonight on Smackdown. The Bulgarian flag in one corner and the American flag in the other. Rusev says “YES, YES” but not today. Rusev says they will fight on his time and his terms. Cena tells him to run and tells the crowd to chant “USA”.


SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan is backstage on the phone talking to someone about how it’s good to have Cena back. AJ Styles and Chad Gable come in to talk about the battle royal tonight. Bryan says Kevin Owens has made a case that they shouldn’t be in tonight’s battle royal. Bryan makes AJ vs. Gable with the winner getting a spot in the battle royal. AJ says he’s always up for a little competition. Gable says he’s much more than a little competition. We go to commercial.

AJ Styles vs. Chad Gable

We are back and Gable with a waist lock take down to start the match. Gable with another waist lock take down. Gable holds on to the waist lock as Styles tries to find a way to escape. Styles lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and he kicks Gable in the leg. Styles with a Phenomenal Drop Kick.

We split screen as the match continues.

Styles with a front face lock and Gable backs Styles into the corner. Gable with a punch but Styles with an Irish whip and Gable floats over and gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Styles with another kick to the leg and he tries for a suplex but Gable blocks it. Gable with a double leg take down and Styles with a head scissors that sends Gable into the ropes. Gable with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Gable with a knee drop to the elbow and he does it a second time. Gable with a key lock. Styles with a chop but Gable chops back. Styles with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

Styles goes to the apron for a moment but then he returns to the ring and sends Gable into the turnbuckles. Styles kicks Gable and then he goes to the apron. Styles goes up top and Gable stops him. Styles with a head butt to send Gable to the mat. Gable goes for a belly-to-belly superplex but Styles holds on and gets to his feet and he drops Gable on the turnbuckles. Gable stops Styles on a springboard move. Gable lands on his feet on a moonsault attempt when Styles moves.

Styles suplexes Gable into the turnbuckles. Gable counters a Styles Clash attempt with an ankle lock and he pulls Styles into the center of the ring when Styles goes for the ropes. Gable holds on as Styles tries to counter. Styles applies the Calf Crusher but Gable escapes by rolling through. Styles with strikes to Gable but Gable with a German suplex and both men are down.

Gable goes for Chaos Theory but Styles counters with a rollup for a near fall. Styles with a Pele Kick but Styles cannot capitalize. Gable sends Styles to the apron and Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm for the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ stands tall as we get replays. AJ helps Gable up and we get a show of respect. AJ makes his exit.


– The Hype Bros are backstage. Mojo Rawley is down about last week’s loss to The Usos but Zack Ryder tries to cheer him up and reveals that he got them a spot in tonight’s battle royal. Mojo gets hype and mentions his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win at WrestleMania 33.

– Up next, Carrmela and James Ellsworth. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Carmella makes her way to the ring with her briefcase and her James Ellsworth. James says he is cancelling independence day because they are here to celebrate something more important. A Carmellabration. Carmella asks the crowd if they actually thought someone else was going to win the Money in the Bank. Carmella says you can’t always get what you want, unless your name is Carmella. She says she has all the power. She decides where and when she would get to defeat the WWE women’s champion Naomi.

Naomi’s music interrupts and she makes her way to the ring. She congratulates Carmella. She says her eyes are always open and her glow is always on. And as for Ellsworthless, there’s someone who has words for him. Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan makes his way to the ring. He asks James what is he going to do with him. A loud “Daniel Bryan” chant from the crowd. He says he knows exactly what he is going to do. He is barring him from the arena. Ellsworth jokes about getting back in. Daniel says he’s also fining him $10,000. And not to expect a paycheck for 30 days since he is suspended. And if he does not leave right away or if he breaks any of the rules, he is stripping Carmella of the Money in the Bank contract. Carmella tells Ellsworth to leave. She grabs him as they leave the ring. We go to commercial.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Naomi (c) vs. Lana

Back from the break and Naomi is finishing her entrance. Lana is out next by herself. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton.

The bell rings and we are under way. Naomi goes for a roll on Lana and gets her in an arm bar. Lana taps right away and this one is over in about 10 sec.!

Winner: Naomi

After the match, Naomi celebrates as Lana cries. Tamina Snuka appears in the ring and gets between the two. Tamina stares at Naomi and then turns to Lana, telling her to get up. Tamina looks to be caring for Lana here. She tells Lana to come on and get out of the ring. Lana follows her and they leave together.


We go backstage to Dasha Fuentes and Shinsuke Nakamura. Dasha starts speaking but Baron Corbin nails Nakamura from behind with his Money In the Bank briefcase. Corbin talks trash and decks Nakamura but they are separated by officials.

– Still to come, Wale hosts the Rap Off between The New Day and The Usos. Back to commercial.

– We are back and we are told that the Flag Match between John Cena and Rusev will happen at Background.

In the Arena:

We go to the ring and rapper Wale is in to kick off tonight’s Rap Battle. He introduces SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos first. Out they come with about 7 other guys. Tom says this is their Day One group. Wale introduces The New Day next and out comes Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston with a bunch of characters – a sailor, a man dressed as Lady Liberty, George Washington and others.

Wale says we’re going to keep it clean tonight, PG only. He goes over the rules and warns about not getting physical. Big E raps first and mentions their dad, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. Wale warns The Usos to keep it clean because they look angry. The Usos rap together next and make a reference to Woods and Paige, telling them to not get R Rated like Woods did. The crowd goes crazy and Woods smirks. They go on and repeat the line.

Kofi raps next and makes jokes on what kind of shape The Usos are in. The Usos respond with shots at Kofi for being a fake Jamaican in the past. Woods raps next and says Jimmy Uso was nothing until Naomi put him on Total Divas. Woods says they should get back to doing what they do best – carrying bags for Roman Reigns. The Usos get upset and go to attack but the two sides are held back. Wale isn’t having it. He disqualifies The Usos and tells them to get out of his ring. He announces The New Day as the winners. The Usos and their entourage head to the back while The New Day and their entourage taunt them.

Randy Orton is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Aiden English is in the ring. He begins to sing but is cut when Randy Orton’s music hits. Aiden asks Orton if he was finished because he wasn’t done. He attacks Orton from behin with the microphone. Orton goes outside the ring but English throws him into the ring steps. Aiden gets back in the ring, grabs the microphone and continues his performance. Back to commercial.

Randy Orton vs. Aiden English

The referee checks on Orton to see if he can go and then he starts the match

English attacks Orton and kicks him in the corner and sends Orton to the floor. English sends Orton into the announce table and then the ring steps another time. English sends Orton into the ringside barrier and English with a running elbow. English gets a near fall. English gets another near fall. English with a reverse chin lock. Orton with punches to English followed by a power slam.

English is sent to the floor as Orton recovers and he goes to the floor as well. Orton with a clothesline on the floor and then he sends English over the announce table. Orton punches English against the announce table. Orton with an Irish whip that sends English into the ringside barrier and then the ring post. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the announce table. Orton removes the cover to the table and he hits an IEDDT.

Orton grabs the ring post and hits Aiden with them as the bell rings and Randy Orton is disqualified. He throws English back into the ring. Randy Orton with the RKO.

Winner: By disqualification, Aiden English

After the bell, Orton brings English back into the ring as fans chant RKO. Orton waits for English to get up and hits him with the RKO. Orton’s music hits but is quickly interrupted by Jinder Mahal’s theme.

The WWE Champion comes to the stage with The Singh Brothers next. Fans chant USA as Jinder takes the mic and knocks America. Mahal goes on and says he will end Orton’s legacy at Battleground inside Punjabi Prison and prove why The Modern Day Maharaja is the only powerhouse in WWE. Jinder goes to speak to his people but Orton tells him to shut up. Orton gets fired up and says he might as well just RKO Jinder’s ass right back to India. Orton says Jinder is right, no one likes Jinder, but it’s not because of how he looks or sounds or where he’s from – it’s because he will forever be a jackass. Orton’s music hits as an angry Jinder looks on from the stage. Orton poses in the corners.

– The announcers plug the WWE Network, Great Balls of Fire and Battleground.

– Still to come, the Independence Day Battle Royal. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and Tye Dillinger is walking backstage. We see Fandango dressed as a worker, painting something on the wall it appears. Tyler Breeze, dressed as Renee Young, stops Dillinger and asks for every single detail of his battle royal strategy tonight. He says his name is Tenee Young. Dillinger talks about the match but wonders what would happen if Breezango has to face each other in the battle royal. Dillinger leaves and says Tenee is a 10. Fandango wanders over and says they may come to blows tonight, for America, but they will always be partners.


Renee Young is with Maria and Mike Kanellis. She asks about the Power of Love. Maria says their message is simple. Love, it is undeniable. It is ageless and it is timeless. Everyone wants love but not everyone gets it. Their love is the power of love. Mike asks Renee if his wife is the most perfect and most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life.

Something falls off camera and we see Sami Zayn stretching. He says he wanted to apologize for what happened last week. Sami says he is a fan of their message of the power of love. Sami quotes the song Power of Love but his music starts to play and he has to go to the ring. Back to commercial.

Independence Day Battle Royal: Sami Zayn, Konnor, Viktor, Sin Cara, Epico, AJ Styles, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, Tye Dillinger, Erick Rowan, Jason Jordan, Mojo Rawley, Zack Ryder, Tyler Breeze, Fandango

We go to the ring for tonight’s Independence Battle Royal as Sami Zayn makes his way out. The winner of this will face WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens at Battleground. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Dolph Ziggler is making his entrance. The ring is filled with Superstars now. WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens has joined the announcers for commentary. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring next.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Konnor works on AJ while Sami tries to toss Ziggler. Fandango and Viktor go at it. Jordan tries to dump Ryder. Rowan works on getting Sin Cara out. Epico works on Mojo. Harper goes at it with Konnor now. Harper eliminates Ziggler for the first elimination. We go to commercial.

We are back and Fandango is eliminated by Rowan and Tenee is sent to the apron and he leaps into Fandango’s arms so he is saved. Tenee is eliminated by Rowan. Rowan eliminates Sin Cara. Rawley hits Rowan from behind and kicks him. Konnor and Rawley punch each other while Kevin talks about Mojo’s irrelevant football friend. Harper knocks Konnor off the apron to eliminate him and then Mojo eliminates Harper. Rowan stops the Mojo and Ryder moment. Rawley is sent to the apron and then he saves Ryder and eliminates Rowan. Rawley eliminates Ryder and Kevin is outraged.

Dillinger sends Rawley to the apron and then Styles with a forearm and Zayn with a Helluva kick to eliminate Rawley.

We are down to AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and Tye Dillinger. Tye and Sami with punches. Dillinger kicks Styles and then Tye punches Sami in the corner. Dillinger kicks Styles. Tye hits the TyeBreaker on Zayn and then he hits it on Styles but neither is eliminated. Tye tries to eliminate both men at the same time but they both stay alive. Dillinger punches AJ on the apron and then he punches Zayn but they both hold on. Zayn with a back body drop to eliminate Dillinger.

Zayn punches Styles when he returns to the ring. Styles with punches and Zayn with an Exploder into the turnbuckles. Zayn waits for the Helluva Kick and Styles moves. Zayn goes over the top rope to the apron and Zayn with a shoulder and he tries to suplex Styles to the floor. Styles with a knee and a Pele Kick to eliminate Zayn and win.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Kevin Owens attacks Styles in the ring and punches him. Styles with an enzuigiri while Owens taunts him. Styles tries for a Styles Clash but Owens escapes but AJ is standing over the title belt.

AJ holds the belt as Owens freaks out and we go to credits.


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