Thursday, July 6, 2017

GFW Impact Results - Jul 6, 2017

We start off in the LAX clubhouse, where Konnan and his crew are counting the money they took from the local promoters the last few weeks. Konnan's going to introduce the newest member of LAX tonight.

We go to the arena, where Alberto El Patron makes his entrance with both title belts, his father Dos Caras, and his brother Lavar Los Manos. He says Mexicans don't need a reason to party, and for anyone who knows Alberto, he knows how to throw a good party. Alberto introduces his family and tells us that his brother will be joining us soon, and puts over his legendary father. He had the toughest fight of his life this past weekend, and it was the support of the fans who got him through it. He respects Bobby Lashley, but he's the undisputed champion, and anyone will have the opportunity to come challenge him, even if you work for another company or are sitting in the crowd. Lashley (minus a title belt and a headband) comes out to the ring and calls Alberto an egomaniac. He didn't need confetti or champagne when he won the title, Alberto is celebrating a fluke win, and after he beats up Alberto, they're gonna build a wall to keep his family where they belong. Dos Caras gets in Lashley's face, yells something at him, and slaps him. El Automovil Amarillo holds Dos Caras back while Lashley says Dos Caras hits harder than Alberto, and Alberto says that if he wants to fight, they can do it right here and now. A gaggle of referees get between them.

We go back to the Management Office of Management where Bruce Prichard asks Borash and Josh if this is over, and he says it better because of the heat he took on social media over this. JUST THIS?!?! He says if they get into this again, people are going to lose their job, and that includes Pope. Pope says he has nothing to do with this, and Bruce says he does now, and leaves with Tyrus in tow.

Time for our opening match!

X Division Title Match: Sonjay Dutt vs Caleb Konley

Konley gets the early advantage and puts the boots to Sonjay in the corner before trapping him in a three quarter nelson. Konley slowly and methodically keeps up the pressure, Sonjay starts to mount a comeback, but Konley takes him back down with the three quarter nelson. Sonjay gets away, Konley gets a spinning backfist and backdrops Dutt into the corner and covers for 2. Dutt suddenly connects with a tornado DDT and comes off the top with a splash for 2.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Good showing for Konley, this is the most spotlight he's gotten since coming in and he's made the most of it. Trevor Lee runs in, attacks Sonjay, grabs the X Division Title belt, then grabs a mic and says just like that, our new X Division Champion is Trevor Lee. Trevor Lee leaves with the belt.

McKenzie Miles is backstage with Eddie Edwards, Grado, and the Veterans of War. Grado's glad to be back in the USA and in the Impact Zone. Mayweather says they're glad to be back after celebrating the 4th of July, and Eddie makes Grado an honorary American. They leave, and we see a guy who looks like Ron Jeremy in tights doing squats off to the side.

Eddie Edwards, Grado & the Veterans of War vs Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

Drake and Wilcox start us off, and Wilcox gets the advantage before Mayweather and Adonis tag in and fight. Then Grado and Bokara, but Adonis takes Grado's head off with a big clothesline and then Bahh tags in to work Grado over as well. Grado is in peril as he takes a beating from the heel team, but makes the hot tag to Eddie, who comes in and cleans house on the entire heel team. All heck breaks loose until Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party on Bokara for the win.

Winners: Eddie Edwards, Grado & the Veterans of War

Match was there. Joseph Park comes down to ringside with a piece of paper in his hand, Grado gives him a big hug, but a concerned looking Joseph Park hands Grado the paper, and Grado isn't happy to see what it says. Jesus, did he get hit with a paternity suit AGAIN???

Matt Sydal vs Braxton Sutter

Sutter works the ribs over pretty aggressively, hitting a lot of knees to the ribs and rib breakers. Sydal gets away and catches Sutter with a series of spinkicks and high kicks, but Sutter snaps him over with a powerslam for 2. Sutter goes for a powerslam, Sydal reverses to the stepover deathdrop, then connects with another kick to the head and hits the Sydal press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Allie comes in the ring to comfort Braxton, who shoves her hand away and walks off before giving Allie a "get over here" hand motion, which she dutifully follows.

Back to the LAX clubhouse, and they're still talking about who the new member of LAX is gonna be. They're not gonna tell them, they're gonna show them, and LAX is going to get colder, bloodier, and deadlier.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with a giant trophy to announce the beginning of the Super X Cup! Eight of the best X Division wrestlers from around the world have entered, but only one can win it, so right now we're ready to introduce the participants in the Super X Cup, and hear what the opening round matches will be: Sammy Gavarra (Cuba) vs Drago (Mexico), ACH (USA) vs Andrew Everett (USA), Taiji Ishimori (Japan) vs Davey Richards (USA), and Desmond Xavier (USA) vs Idris Abraham (Canada). The first match of the tournament is happening right now, and it's Abraham vs Xavier! We see video packages of both men, and then the bell rings to kick the tournament off!

Super X Cup First Round: Desmond Xavier vs Idris Abraham

Fast-paced back and forth ends with Abraham dropkicking Xavier to the floor and then takinghim out with a dive. Back in the ring and Abraham covers for 2, then suplexes Xavier into the corner and covers for 2 as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Abraham is still beating Xavier up. Well, at least until Xavier headbutt spears Abraham in the ribs, then he suddenly perks up and comes across the ring with a faster charging forearm than I think I've ever seen. He follows that up with a bridging German suplex for 2, Abraham rocks him with a roaring elbow and a baseball slide to the face for 2. Xavier with another German suplex before coming off the top with the Spiral Tap for the win.

Winner: Desmond Xavier

MAJOR positive change for the X Division. These guys actually got to tell a story with this match instead of just going out there to chainspot. Xavier stops to admire the trophy on the way to the back.

McKenzie Miles is backstage with Gail Kim, who says that she suffered some injuries and that's going to lead to an announcement next week.

Video package for Naomichi Marufuji, who is literally one of the best pro wrestlers I've ever seen in my life. I'm really glad to get to see him again.

Desmond Xavier is backstage saying how awesome the Super X Cup is and names some countries the wrestlers in it are from.

McKenzie Miles is backstage with Moose, who will be defending the Grand Championship against...wait, MARUFUJI?? NO!!!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE MARUFUJI PUT THIS GOOF OVER!!! I changed my mind, I don't want him coming here. :/ EC3 comes in and complains about some outsider coming in and leapfrogging him to get a title shot, especially after what he did to James Storm at Slammiversary, but Moose tells him to get in line and earn a title shot if he wants one.

And with that, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

GFW Unified World Title Match: Alberto El Patron vs Bobby Lashley

Josh helpfully mentions that Alberto's fiance Paige was there at Slammiversary when he unified the titles. That'll do wonders for her career. Alberto goes right after Lashley, peppering him with kicks and hammering him with right hands in the corner. Lashley comes roaring out of the corner with a clothesline and then tosses Alberto shoulder first into the ring post, sending him tumbling out to the floor. Lashley goes out after Alberto and works him over on the floor with hard forearms before ramming him into the ring steps. Back into the ring where Lashley whips Alberto hard into the corner, then backdrops him to the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back and Alberto is still in trouble, as Lashley awaits him to regain his feet so he can hit the spear. Alberto sees him coming and boots him in the face before connecting with a couple of clotheslines and a lungblower. Alberto hits a 619 on Lashley for 2, Lashley dodges a superkick and tries to pop Alberto up for a powerslam, but loses him and hits a powerbomb instead for 2. Alberto hangs Lashley in the corner and hits the top rope double stomp, but only gets 2, so he goes for the cross armbreaker, but Lashley reverses to a neckbreaker. Lashley with a charging spear in the corner, then he hangs Alberto in the corner and goes to the top for his own double stomp. Alberto suplexes Lashley off and then leaps off the top rope, but flies right into a spear from Lashley. Lashley picks Alberto up and hits a Dominator, but suddenly LAX runs in and swarms Lashley, beating him down 67-on-1.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by DQ

Konnan gets a mic and says 5150, and more of his usual race baiting BS. He presents the newest soldier in LAX: Alberto El Patron! Alberto is completely out of it as LAX hauls him to his feet to pose with him, and he doesn't even seem to know what's going on as they roll him out to the floor and help him to the back.



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