Thursday, July 27, 2017

GFW Impact Wrestling Results - Jul 27, 2017

Joseph Park gives Grado a pep talk before he proposes to Laurel Van Ness tonight, and gives him special "proposal gear" to wear when it's time for the magic moment.

We see a video package looking back at last week's run in between LAX and La Familia De Dos Caras, and then it's off to the ring for our opening match...

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & Ethan Carter III vs Eddie Edwards, Moose & Naomichi Marufuji

Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake start us off, then Marufuji tags in and controls Drake on the mat. Eddie and EC3 tag in, and EC3 winds up in the worng part of town as he is on the receiving end of ping-pong chops from Eddie and Marufuji. Moose is in, and EC3 bails right to the floor...just long enough for Drake and Adonis to distract Moose so he can sneak in and jump Moose from behind. That only lasts a minute before Marufuji tags back in and demolishes Adonis with a flurry of kicks. Adonis finally pops Marufuji over with a backdrop that nearly sends him into next week, but Marufuji makes a blind tag to Eddie and they hammer him with more chops and then a drop toehold/baseball slide combo for 2. EC3 and Drake run in to try and help out, but Eddie dumps them both to the floor and goes for a dive...but winds up running into a hard clothesline from Adonis as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Eddie is still in trouble in the heel corner. Eddie takes a 3-on-1 beating for several moments before slipping past EC3 to make the hot tag to Moose. Moose comes in and unloads on EC3 with hard-hitting power offense, but Drake and Adonis intercept him when he attempts the delayed corner dropkick. Moose runs them both over with a double shoulderblock, EC3 knocks Moose to the floor, then Marufuji comes in and knocks EC3 on his ass with a kick. Adonis gets the Adonis Lock on Marufuji, Eddie hits a leaping enziguiri on Adonis, Moose hits Drake with a pop-up powerbomb and senton, then ducks a shot from EC3 with the Grand Championship belt, but EC3 kicks Moose low and hits a Jay Driller for the win.

Winners: Ethan Carter III, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Rough night for Team ROH, but great match. The mayor of Orlando is doing guest ring announcing, by the way.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage to interview the fat guy we've seen doing squats in the background for weeks now. He says he's getting ready as a standby wrestler in case they need him, and McKenzie says that sounds pretty stupid, but he insists they could call him anytime and gets back to his squats.

The Killers are coming to GFW! But for right now, we're off to commercial.

We look back at last week when LAX took a 1-on-5 beating from Alberto, who will take all of them on in a gauntlet match tonight! Then we see Bobby Lashley spearing Matt Sydal in half, and then Bobby Lashley comes out for a promo. He says there was a pecking order in this business when he got here, and you worked hard to hope to get noticed. Now you have these kids coming in just expecting title shots, and the next time someone tries to pass him over for a title shot, he's gonna break them in half. For now though, he wants Bruce Prichard to come down and tell him he's getting his rematch for the title at Destination X. Bruce comes out with Tyrus and starts to say he's done with people demanding things, but Matt Sydal comes out and walks right up to Lashley to say he's not going to be ignored. Lashley pushes him aside to go back to Bruce, but sydal spins him around...and gets shoved on his ass. Lashley tries a spear, but Sydal drills Lashley with a leaping kneestrike and then comes off the top with a Sydal Press. Lashley rolls out to the floor holding his ribs while Bruce looks impressed.

We see video packages of Davey Ricahrds and Ishimori talking about their careers and wanting to win the Super X Cup, then we go to the ring for the last first round match in the Super X Cup...

Super X Cup First Round Match: Davey Richards vs Taiji Ishimori

Feelingh out process to start, neither man quite gets an advantage, but then Ishimori hits a flying headscissors and dropkicks Davey to the floor. Davey gets mad and goes for a chair, but the referee takes it away. Davey takes Ishimori to the mat and works the legs over with an Indian deathlock, then turns it into an inverted surfboard pinning combination. Just awesome. Davey yells at the fans to shut up and stop cheering for him, but Ishimori catches him on a corner charge and comes off the top with Meteora. Ishimori with a charging double kneestrike in the corner, followed by a springboard double stomp for 2. Back and forth leads to Davey getting a bridging O'Connor Roll for 2. Ishimori catches Davey's foot on the Alarm Clock, but Davey rolls through into an anklelock. Ishimori rolls out and goes for the Tajiri handspring enziguiri, but Davey catches the foot and goes to the anklelock. Ishimori kicks Davey off to the ropes, but Davey charges in with a punt kick to the chest, goes to the top for a double stomp, takes too long, and Ishimori moves. Davey goes for a Tombstone, Ishimori reverses to a front flapjack on the knees, then charges in with a punt of his own for a close 2. Ishimori hits a modified uranage, heads to the top, hits a 450 splash, and gets the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

Well, I was not expecting that finish! Great match, and I'm really going to miss seeing Davey on my TV screen. Talking about a top 1% talent walking out of his own accord here.

Sienna and Rosemary are each getting ready backstage for their match tonight for the GFW Knockouts Title! And they're...WALKING!

Bruce Prichard is backstage with Tyrus, and announces that Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley will face off at Destination X on August 17, and the winner will get the title match they desire.

GFW Knockouts Title/Last Knockout Standing Match: Sienna vs Rosemary

Rosemary jumps Sienna as soon as she gets in the ring and unleashes a hellacious beating. Rosemary hits a charging forearm in the corner and pops Sienna over with a suplex, then heads out to the floor to grab a table and toss it into the ring. She sets it up in the corner and stalks Sienna, but Sienna connects with a series of jabs and hits a Samoan drop. Now Sienna rolls out to the floor to consult with KM and then get a table of her own as Rosemary beats the count. She sets the table up on the floor, then chucks a chair into the ring...which Rosemary grabs. Sienna comes in with a chair of her own and they start chair fencing. That ends quickly as both of them go out to the floor and Rosemary tosses Sienna into the crowd. They fight up the stairs and into the bleachers where they trade chops and Rosemary does the hanging leg choke over the railing. YIPES! Sienna taps, but it doesn't count for anything, so Rosemary lets go as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Rosemary is in control for the customary 15 seconds after returning from commercial, then Sienna takes her head off with a clothesline. Sienna goes for a piledriver on the ring apron, Rosemary fights her off, but Sienna gets Rosemary up on the second try and hits an AK-47 off the apron! DAMN! Rosemary makes it up and gets back in the ring where Sienna goes for the Silencer...and runs right into a big, swinging chairshot from Rosemary. Rosemary hits the Red Wedding on a chair, but KM comes in to haul Sienna to her feet and then bails out to the floor. Rosemary drills Sienna with another chairshot, then she goes to the top and KM jumps on the apron to start yelling at her. Rosemary blows mist in his face, but Sienna knocks her off the corner and Rosemary goes through the table at ringside. They're both down, but Sienna slides to the floor and lands on her feet just before the 10 count.

Winner: Sienna

Hell of a brawl, another great match. Terrific action tonight.

Joseph Park is backstage giving Grado another pep talk, and says that all the boys are wearing it now on Grindr. (Grado tells him it's Tinder). Park says even he would say yes to Grado right now (we can't actually see Grado), and says it's the moment of truth.

EC3 informs us that his version of the Jay Driller is called the ECD: Ethan Carter Driver. He'll challenge Moose for the Grand Championship next week.

Alberto El Patron and the Patronettes are backstage with McKenzie, and says that he's going to take LAX out one by one tonight, Mexican style.

Trevor Lee comes out to the ring and introduces himself as the X Division Champion, and says that he's a fighting champion, unlike Sonjay Dutt. He scoured the globe and found someone who is the best high flyer in Mexico and has done everything there is to do in Mexico, so here comes...

Trevor Lee vs Octagoncito

Trevor gets to his knees to do a tie-up, and powers Octagoncito off. Once again, Lee is wrestling with the belt on. Octagoncito does a bunch of flippy dippy lucha stuff and headscissors Lee to the floor. Lee voluntarily takes the countout loss.

Winner by countout: Octagoncito

Well, the title can't change hands on a countout, right? Makes sense. Sonjay Dutt runs out and gets held back by security, then Bruce Prichard comes out to herd him to the back.

Time for more fun at the LAX clubhouse! Carlos gave Alberto a chance to join the familia, but he got soft on them, so now he wants to take them on in a gauntlet match. He says Homicide is going to be first in the gauntlet, and he's going to tell him about injuries he nows Alberto suffered and wants Homicide to cripple him and give everyone else a night off.

Joseph Park comes out with Grado...who is wearing an orange prom tux with a backwards hat and fanny pack. Oh geez. Grado asks Laurel Van Ness to come out to the ring, and Sienna comes out with her to try and talk her out of this, but Laurel goes skipping down the aisle regardless, so Sienna says screw it and heads to the back. Grado says Laurel is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, and they have a connection like nobody else. She's so intelligent and (Park whispers in his ear) Knockout gorgeous! She would make him the happiest man alive if she said yes to the question he's about to ask her in front of the WHOLE UNIVERSE! Grado gets on one knee, asks her to join him in holy matrimoney, and become his wedding waif? Grado opens the box and has the ring inside, and Allie runs down to jump up and down on the ring apron because she's so happy for Laurel, but controlling husband Braxton Sutter comes out and orders her to the back. Instead, Kongo Kong comes out looking none too happy with the direction this has taken. Grado doesn't back down...until he does. Laurel tries to calm Kong down, but he picks her up and...she slaps him off and goes back to trying to calm him. Grado looks terrified and holds onto Park for dear life. Laurel leads Kong to the back after properly soothing him.

And with that, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Gauntlet Match: Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron vs LAX

Homicide is first in line, and Alberto comes out of the crowd and brings a chair into the ring just for insurance. Alberto quickly rushes Hmoicide, pops him over with a snap suplex, and comes off the top with a frogsplash for 3.

Homicide is eliminated.

Ortiz is next, and he unloads on Alberto in the corner. He rams Alberto into the ringpost, and the rest of LAX beats the pee pee out of him while Ortiz distracts the referee. Ortiz hits a fireman's carry into a spinebuster for 2 as we go to commercial.

We're back as Alberto hits a leaping enziguiri on Ortiz for 2. Alberto goes to the top, but Santana and Diamonte trip him up behind the ref's back. Ortiz climbs up and goes for a superplex, Albero fights him off into the Tree of Woe and comes off the top with the double stomp for 3.

Ortiz is eliminated.

Santana is in next, and catches Alberto with a charging boot in the corner for 2. Santana dumps Alberto to the floor and takes him out with a charging boot, then distracts the referee while the rest of LAX works Alberto over on the floor and dump him back into the ring. Santana covers for 2, then heads to the top for a double stomp, Alberto moves and hits a spinning backbreaker, then grabs Konnan when he climbs up on the apron. Diamonte comes off the top with a crossbody and Alberto catches her and throws her over the top rope onto the rest of LAX. Santana swoops in with a bridging German suplex for 2, but Alberto comes right back with a tornado DDT and gets the cross armbreaker. Ortiz and Alberto run in and attack Alberto, then Konnan and Diamonte come in to join in the fun.

Winner: Alberto El Patron

LAX uses their flag bandanas to tie Alberto's hands behind his back and smother him while LAX takes turns working him over. El Hijo De Dos Caras runs in to try and help, but immediately gets mobbed and beaten down by LAX. Dos Caras comes out with a chair, but can't get in the ring. Finally, the Volunteers of War run in and everyone is brawling, even the old man! Alberto clears LAX out with a chair, and LAX heads for the hill as Alberto and his peeps stand tall to close the show.