WWE Talking Smack Recap (6.27): Carmella On Winning MITB Again, Kevin Owens Soaks Renee’s Phone

Renee Young and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the show as they get right into the Women’s MITB match. Bryan is so bothered that every time someone gets banned from the arena, they somehow get back in. He wondered how WWE can’t afford better security.

Kevin Owens joins the show and he gets right down to business, first he tells Renee she interrupts a lot, Bryan agrees. He then questions Bryan’s decision making about the Independence Day Battle Royal with the winner taking on Owens for the U.S. Championship at Battleground. Something falls off-stage and Owens calls whoever dropped that an idiot. He goes back to the battle royal and how he dislikes it and wonders why everything has “Battle” in it. Bryan says it’s better than “Great Balls of Fire.” Owens calls AJ Styles a bully, because Owens called him a loser since Styles lost against Owens. Bryan gives a friendly bump on Owens’ arm and Owens takes that as physical abuse. Renee keeps trying to interject, but Owens says he’s trying to have a conversation with Daniel Bryan. Owens says he beat Styles, fair and square. Bryan says he got counted out, but Owens said, well he shouldn’t have gotten his foot stuck on the outside. Owens hates that people keeping getting “Opportunities” even if people loses, it’s okay to get another and another chance. Owens gets so worked up, he drinks from Bryan’s mug. Bryan mentions the Seattle Seahawks and Owens says “Nope, I’m out, no sports references.” He takes Bryan’s mug.

As Owens leaves, Renee says Owens says “Bruins” funny. Owens returns and takes her papers, throws them in the air. He returns once more and returns an empty mug. Owens comes back again! Throws Renee’s water on her phone! She doesn’t even know what to say. They move to the Punjabi Prison match and Bryan mentions how the last one was 10 years ago. The duo hypes the upcoming match between Randy Orton and WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

The Usos join the show.

The Usos ask where Bryan has been? “I had a child.” Renee brings up how The Usos can rap and they are going to have “Rap Off” next Tuesday. Jey says they do poetry, not rapper, and gives some lines to show what they can do. Bryan says he will be the back-up guy if they need a third man. Jey puts his hat on Bryan and he ends up cutting a surprisingly good (or at least, funny) line. Bryan is super excited about being the third Usos. Renee asks which of The New Day is the best rapper, Jimmy says Xavier and Jey says Kofi. Bryan asks the champs about how The New Day are the longest reigning tag team champions and what they think of that? Jey says they can just leave the match and nobody can beat them. Bryan said he’s not sure if he can be the third Uso if they just keep leaving title matches. Usos say it’s strategy. More on the rap battle before Jimmy and Jey head out.

Carmella joins the show.

Carmella comes in laughing and says “Hi, Daniel!” and compliments Renee, too. Carmella would like an apology from Daniel since he made her cry last week, Bryan refused, saying it was a fake cry. Carmella says she made history twice, so that’s better than any other MITB winner. Carmella is in a very good mood because she knows she’s going to be the most “Fabulous” Champion when she cashes-in. Renee asks about Naomi’s quick win over Lana. Carmella thought it’s great what Naomi does, but she’s no Staten Island Princess. Renee asks what Carmella is going to do to celebrate and Carmella says “Wouldn’t you like to know!” and heads off the stage as the show comes to a close.

Thanks to Joshua Gagnon for the recap.


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