WWE Extreme Rules Results – Jun 4, 2017


Renee Young hosted the Kickoff Show with guest panelists Sam Roberts and David Otunga. Yes, he’s back from filming the instant classic movie. Otunga pointed out that he is Steve Harvey’s personal fitness guru and a movie producer.

– Charly Caruso checked in from the social media lounge. She said she would have an interview with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy during the second half of the Kickoff Show. She will be asking the worst of the questions the fans submit via social media.

– The hosts pimped WWE Network and the 30-day trial for fans who are still creating new email addresses to get free access (and a few people who are new to the network).

– Renee hyped Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz and set up a video package on the Intercontinental Title match. Roberts put Young on the spot and asked her for a prediction on her husband’s match. She picked Ambrose to win. Otunga said Ambrose is so passionate that he kinda wants to see him go crazy on Miz. Roberts was the voice of reason in noting that if Ambrose did that he would lose the title. Roberts picked Miz to win.

– A video package focussed on the Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley feud. Nia Jax sat in on commentary and said she has faith in Bliss winning the match. Otunga asked what it would take for Bayley to win. Jax said she thought it would take a miracle because she doesn’t think Bayley has “that extremeness in her.” Jax also mocked how many times Bayley’s story has been told.

– Roberts questioned whether Bliss’s antics on Raw were wise given that it would infuriate Bayley. Jax said Bliss had her beat psychologically before they even entered the ring. Jax took offense with something Roberts said. She said he’s lucky she is classy and doesn’t snatch him bald (catchphrase infringement). Jax added that she would rather face Bliss for the championship.

– The next video package was for the Neville vs. Austin Aries match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Roberts spoke about how the cruiserweights are known for high flying and not enough time is spent talking about the submission style. He said fans know that the cruiserweights can do more than jump off the top rope and what would be on display. Roberts and Otunga both predicted that Neville would retain the cruiserweight strap.

– The panel discussed the mixed tag match. Roberts said his Twitter page went crazy when Sasha Banks was pinned by Alicia Fox. Roberts said he wants Sasha and Rich Swann to win so they will dance again. Ugh.

– After a commercial break, Caruso interviewed Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in the social media lounge. Matt was in normal mode and spoke about how they were excited for the cage match. The first question was why they came back to WWE. Matt said the timing was right. He said they started in WWE and want to finish there. Jeff recalled promising fans in 2009 that they would be back.

The Hardys were asked why they chose the cage match. Matt said they beat them in different matches and this was the last chance for Sheamus and Cesaro because the Hardys are moving on to different competition. Jeff said he just loves cage matches. Jeff was asked if had a message for their opponents. Jeff said it is their last chance as Matt said. Matt said they will cement their legacy as the most exhilarating team in history and all of time and space. Matt said they will leave fans breathless. Jeff said he just hopes he leaves with his teeth.

– The panel discussed the cage match. The fans cheered as JoJo entered the ring behind them. Roberts noted that the Hardys have won every match against Sheamus and/or Cesaro. Roberts said they had to lose sometime and predicted a title change. Otunga went with the Hardys to retain.

– The Raw broadcast team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T checked in on commentary. “It’s great to see David Otunga back, Book,” Cole said. Booker replied, “Yeah, it is.” Cole added “Tonight.” All three broadcast team members laughed…

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews

We go to the ring and Michael Cole is joined by Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Kalisto hits the ring first. Apollo Crews is out next with Titus O’Neil.

They lock up and Crews quickly takes Kalisto down. Kalisto comes back with an arm drag. A “lucha!” chant starts as Titus gives Crews some advice. They go at it again and Crews takes control but Kalisto comes right back. They face off and lock up again. They trade holds now. They run the ropes and Crews nails a dropkick for a 2 count.

Crews keeps control but Kalisto comes back and sends him flying with scissors. Kalisto stands tall as Crews goes to the floor. Kalisto launches himself to the apron and then onto Crews on the floor. Kalisto goes for another big move off the ropes and the apron but Crews kicks him out of the air. Titus encourages Crews to return to the ring while Kalisto is down. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Crews remains in control. Crews keeps Kalisto grounded now. Kalisto slides out of a move and rolls Crews up for 2. Crews comes right back with a clothesline for a 2 count. Crews keeps Kalisto grounded again.

Kalisto fights up and out with kicks. Kalisto with a roll up for 2. Crews drops Kalisto with an elbow and covers for another pin attempt. Kalisto eventually nails a corkscrew to make a comeback. Kalisto plants Crews face-first and covers for another 2 count. Titus yells at Crews to get up and do something. Salida del Sol is blocked. Kalisto counters a suplex for a 2 count. Kalisto with kicks now. Crews counters and scoops him but Kalisto comes right back with a big DDT for a 2 count. Titus can’t believe it. Kalisto calls for a “lucha!” chant from the apron. Kalisto springboards in but Crews turns it into a Samoan Drop. Crews finally stumbles over and hits the standing Shooting Star Press but Kalisto kicks out at 2. Titus gets on the apron and barks orders at Crews. Crews comes over and argues with him. Kalisto takes advantage of the distraction and hits Salida del Sol for the pin.

Winner: Kalisto

After the match, Kalisto makes his exit as Titus checks on Crews in the ring. We go to replays. Kalisto celebrates on the stage while Crews and Titus argue.

– We go back to the panel and they plug the WWE Network. Renee leads us to a video package for tonight’s Fatal 5 Way main event as the crowd is already doing dueling chants for Roman Reigns.

– Back from the break and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle has joined the panel. The WWE Hall of Famer says tonight’s main event could change the new era. He says the winner could very well go on to defeat Brock Lesnar after defeating 4 of the top Superstars tonight. Otunga predicts Bray Wyatt to win while Angle goes with Samoa Joe and Sam picks Seth Rollins. That’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Extreme Rules Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the Extreme theme of tonight’s show. Of course a good deal of time is spent on the Fatal 5-Way #1 Contender’s Match with each individual competitor being highlighted. We also get a good look at the Intercontinental Championship, Raw Women’s Championship, and Raw Tag Team Championship matches as well.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The crowd seems pretty hot, and we go right into the action as The Miz’s music hits, and he makes his way down the aisle with Maryse. Both are wearing pretty crazy robes with what look to be dragon scales, or some type of leather armor down their arms.

We get a video package recapping some of the recent history between Miz and Ambrose, with Miz claiming to have brought prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship, and being upset with how Ambrose represents the title currently. The package also covers Ambrose’s not really caring what the Miz thinks about his title run.

Dean Ambrose is out next, and the Lunatic Fringe gets a pretty good reaction on his way out to the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose
The title can change hands on a disqualification.

The bell rings and neither man rushes to get started right away. Miz soaks in the crowd before yelling at Ambrose and locking up for a bit of chain wrestling. Ambrose takes Miz down to the mat with a headlock, but Miz is able to fight up to his feet and push Ambrose to the ropes. Ambrose comes off with a big shoulderblock. Miz pulls himself up slowly, using the ropes, then locks up with Ambrose again, finding himself trading hammerlocks with Ambrose. Miz pushes Ambrose away and backs into the ropes when Ambrose confronts him. The ref backs Ambrose off and Miz shoves Ambrose’s face. Ambrose charges Miz in the corner, beating away at him, and the ref pulls him back. Miz continues to disrespect Ambrose, and Ambrose charges at him in the corner again. Miz is upset Ambrose wasn’t DQ’d. Ambrose takes Miz down a couple of times in the middle of the ring before clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. Ambrose hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive on the floor.

Ambrose crotches Miz on the barricade before backing him into the ring apron hard and breaking the count. Ambrose grabs a chair, and the ref is right there, arguing with Ambrose. Miz grabs the chair and Maryse distracts the ref, but Ambrose catches Miz with a boot. Miz drops the chair and the ref turns to see Ambrose with chair in hand. Ambrose is furious, but he’s not DQ’d, and he tosses the chair aside before bringing the Miz back up to the ring apron. Miz kicks the ropes into Dean’s groin and connects with a DDT, driving Dean’s skull into the apron. Miz brings things back into the ring and goes for a quick cover, but he’s not able to get the three count. Miz locks in a rear chin lock and rears back. Ambrose is up to his feet quickly, but Miz catches him with a knee to the gut. Ambrose and Miz trade right hands, with Ambrose getting the upper hand. Ambrose tries for the rebound lariat, but Miz counters with a neckbreaker that’s good for a two count.

Miz chokes Ambrose against the middle rope before driving his thigh into the back of Ambrose’s head while he’s hung up on the ropes. Miz clamps on a modified neck vise, but Ambrose fights up to his feet and breaks the hold, immediately head butting Miz. Ambrose hits the ropes and runs right into a knee to the gut. Miz follows up with a kick to the face that puts Ambrose down for a two count. Miz blasts Ambrose with a big left hand that staggers him into the ropes. Miz rips away at Ambrose’s face, pulling back and ripping at his nose. Miz buries his knee in Ambrose’s back and pulls back on his arms. Ambrose stands and kicks Miz in the knee to force him to break the submission, but Miz pulls Ambrose to the mat by his hair.

Ambrose pulls himself up in the corner, and Miz looks furious. Miz backs up and hits a big running corner dropkick. Miz stands quickly and hits a second running dropkick, then a third. Miz backs into the corner slowly and connects with his running corner clothesline, finally putting Ambrose down to the mat. Miz goes up to the top rope and leaps off with a double axe handle, but Ambrose blocks it with a kick to the gut. Miz tries for the SCF, but Ambrose blocks it. Miz heads back up to the top and Ambrose blasts him with a forearm that sends him crashing to the outside. Ambrose climbs up to the top and launches himself out to the floor with a flying elbow drop that wipes out Miz on the floor.

Ambrose brings things back into the ring where he immediately grounds Miz with a clothesline and a fisherman’s suplex. Ambrose bridges into a pin for a two count. Maryse is shown ringside cheering on Miz. Ambrose hits the ropes and hits a running forearm in the corner. Ambrose tries for a running bulldog, but Miz blocks it. Ambrose avoids a kick to the face and pins Miz for a two count. Ambrose heads out to the apron and up to the top rope. Ambrose leaps over Miz and looks like he may have tweaked his knee. Miz wraps Ambrose’s leg around the middle rope and kicks away at the knee repeatedly. Ambrose leaps over a charging Miz and rolls up Miz, but Miz immediately stands and transitions right into the Figure Four leglock. Ambrose screams in pain, but he refuses to give up, instead reaching for the ropes. Ambrose is able to make it to the ropes to force Miz to break the hold, but the damage is done as Ambrose is having difficulty standing. Ambrose counters another Figure Four with a rollup for two. Miz backdrops Ambrose out to the apron and Ambrose lands on his feet and scores with a forearm. Ambrose climbs to the top and Miz knocks his feet out from under him, crotching Ambrose on the top turnbuckle.

Miz tries for a superplex, but Ambrose is able to fight Miz off, going through Miz’s legs and down to the mat. Miz pulls off the turnbuckle pad, and Ambrose almost drives Miz’s head into the exposed buckle, but stops himself just in time. Miz hits a huge running knee out of nowhere and pins Ambrose, but he’s not able to score the three count, and Maryse looks distraught on the outside. Miz peppers Ambrose with kicks to the chest, getting lots of ‘Yes’ chants out of the crowd as he kicks Ambrose. Ambrose blocks the last kick and takes Miz down to the mat, locking in a Figure Four of his own.

Miz is able to make it to the ropes to force the break, and Ambrose breaks right at four. Miz tries for the SCF, but Ambrose ducks down and rolls Miz up for two. Ambrose hits the ropes and scores with the rebound lariat to knock Miz down to the mat. Ambrose struggles to stand, and Ambrose is almost knocked into Maryse. Miz charges in, and he almost runs into Maryse. Miz yells at Maryse and tells her to slap him, so she obliges and Miz falls to the mat. Ambrose argues with the ref and the ref sees through it, ejecting Maryse. Ambrose rolls up Miz for two. Maryse comes back down to the ring and distracts the ref, allowing Miz to push Ambrose into the ref. The ref falls to the outside and is furious, arguing with Ambrose while heading over to the timekeeper’s area, seeming ready to DQ Ambrose. While Ambrose is distracted, Miz runs up from behind and connects with the SCF to take Ambrose down to the mat. Miz goes for the pin and the ref is immediately back in the ring, ready to make the count. Miz gets the three, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Miz grabs his title and heads right out to the entrance ramp where he’s greeted by Maryse. Cole notes that this is Miz’s 7th IC Title win, and the only man with more IC Championships is Chris Jericho.


After an ad for Money in the Bank, and John Cena’s new reality show American Grit, Bayley is interviewed backstage. She’s asked about her match tonight and whether or not she can be extreme. Bayley says Alexa thinks a lot of things, she even thought her ‘This is Your Life’ segment was good. She doesn’t know how much the championship means to her. She’s watched Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and even some Steve Blackman. She also watched Wonder Woman, and felt inspired, and reminded why she came to the WWE. She’s not here to hurt, but she’s going to get back at Alexa for everything she’s said, especially about Bayley’s family, and she’s here to regain the Raw Women’s Championship.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Noam Dar and Alicia Fox vs. Rich Swann and Sasha Banks

Back in the arena, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox make their way out for the next match, not getting much of a reaction at all from the fans.

Rich Swann is out next, and he comes out to a much more raucous reaction from his hometown fans. He comes out to the top of the ramp where he waits for his tag team partner. Sasha makes he way out next, and while the fans seem somewhat excited, Swann easily pulled the best reaction of anyone in the ring.

It looks like the ladies will be kicking things off tonight as the bell rings and Banks and Fox circle each other before Fox pulls Sasha down to the mat, then charges into the corner to hug her boyfriend and tag him in. Dar and Swann enter the mat and Swann takes Dar down with a quick clothesline. Swann drives Dar’s head into the turnbuckle before connecting with a nasty chop. Dar pulls Swann’s legs out from under him and slams his face into the mat. Dar misses a clothesline in the corner, and when he climbs to the middle turnbuckle, Swann pulls him out with a hurricanrana. Dar heads to his corner to hug his girlfriend and tag out.

Fox and Banks attack each other with big slaps and Fox connects with a vicious forearm. Banks is able to lock in a crossface, and Dar helps by putting Alicia’s foot on the ropes. Sasha argues with Dar, then turns around into a boot to the face from Fox. Fox picks up Sasha and blasts her with another big forearm. Fox chokes Sasha against the middle rope before pushing her into the ropes and catching her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the rebound. Alicia clamps on a modified chin lock, but Sasha is quick to fight out of it. Alicia tries to kick Sasha in the face in the corner, but Sasha ducks out of it, and Fox connects with the turnbuckle, then falls to the mat grabbing her knee. The men tag in and Swann immediately takes Dar to the mat, then continues the assault with a front flip leg drop to the back of the head. Swann tries for a tiger driver, but Dar counters into a roll up for two. Dar and Swann trade forearms, then Dar connects with a head butt and a giant European uppercut, but he hits the ropes and charges right into a boot to the face from Swann. Sasha and Fox are in and they pull each other to the mat by their hair, then pull each other to the outside. Banks slams Fox into the apron, and Swann slams Dar into the barricade. Sasha stands on the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope. Dar pushes Fox away, and Sasha connects with double knees to Dar’s shoulders on the floor. Swann brings things back into the ring and connects with a Phoenix Splash for a three count.

Winners: Rich Swann and Sasha Banks

Sasha and Swann dance in the ring to celebrate their victory while Dar and Fox slink off to the back. Then we cut to a KFC commercial.

In the Arena:

Back in the arena, Elias Samson is in the ring on a stool with a guitar in hand. He introduces himself to the crowd, and he says he’s got a question for everyone here tonight. He asks who wants to walk with Elias. He says earlier, he was walking along the harbor, and he saw the people coming by, and he decided to write this song for the fans. He asks everyone to hold their applause until he’s finished.

He starts singing a song about how Baltimore is bathed in filth, and the city is depressing with all the fans being to blame. Elias sings about the Extreme theme of tonight’s show, and even works in the #1 Contender’s match, singing about a beast and a challenger yet to be named. Elias gets a ton of heat as the lights go down in the ring.

– After a brief critique of Elias’ performance by the announcers, we get a video package highlighting some of the recent history between Bayley and Alexa Bliss that led to tonight’s kendo stick on a pole match.

Kendo Stick on a Pole Match for the RAW Women’s Title
Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley is the first woman out into the arena, and the challenger gets a very warm welcome from the fans in attendance, many of whom are holding up ‘Hugger Section’ signs.

All of the International announce teams are shown before Alexa Bliss is introduced, and the Champion makes her way down the aisle to a much more lukewarm reaction. The kendo stick is shown prominently suspended over the ring

After formal ring introductions from Jojo, we’re ready to kick things off.

The bell rings and Alexa invites Bayley to go for the kendo stick right away. Bayley tries it, and she’s immediately yanked back to the mat by Bliss. Bliss tries to go for the stick, but Bayley pulls her down and slams her into the corner before body slamming Bliss to the mat for a near fall. Bayley climbs in the corner, but she’s pulled down by Alexa, who drops Bayley with a huge right hand. Alexa begins to climbs up in the corner, and Bayley is in from the apron, fighting with Alexa in the corner and reaching for the stick at the same time. Bayley gets her hand on the stick and pulls it down, but both women fall off the corner and end up crashing out to the floor. Both women pull themselves up and Bayley blocks Bliss from heading into the ring to grab the stick. Bayley shoves Alexa back into the barricade before connecting with a belly to back suplex on the floor. Bayley slides into the ring and she grabs the kendo stick.

Bayley chases Alexa around the ring, then back into the ring. Bliss falls down and she backs away from Bayley into the corner. Bayley winds up, but Bliss hits a spear to drive Bayley to the mat. The stick falls out of Bayley’s hands and Bliss jumps on it, grabbing the stick and using it to wear out Bayley’s back with repeated kendo stick shots. Bayley screams in pain and writhes on the mat while Bliss screams and winds up for another shot. Bayley stands, and Alexa goes for a shot, but Bayley blocks it with a belly to belly suplex that sends Bliss crashing to the mat. Alexa grabs the stick and rolls into the corner. Bayley grabs Alexa from the back to pull her away, then Alexa sends Bayley crashing face first into the corner, crashing right into the kendo stick. Alexa connects with a nasty DDT, and this one is over with a three count.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

Alexa gloats with her title at the top of the ramp while Bayley recovers on the mat.

– After another promo and quick hype from the announcers for Money in the Bank, Cole turns their attention to the Raw Tag Team Championship match. We get a recap of The Hardy’s retaining their titles at Payback, and the aftermath of the match where Sheamus and Cesaro attacked the Hardy’s from behind, sour about the loss. Back in the arena, the steel cage is shown descending from the ceiling, and Sheamus and Cesaro make their way out to a fairly warm welcome from the crowd. Cole recaps that the only way to win the match is to have both members of the team escape the cage.

Raw Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match
The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

The Hardy Boyz are out next, and Matt and Jeff get a massively positive reaction from the Baltimore crowd.

With the door closed, Sheamus and Cesaro go for the escape right away, but the Hardy’s drag them back in. Jeff tries to escape, while Cesaro tries to head out of the door. No one is successful. Cesaro leaps up in an impressive display and launches himself off the rope almost out of the cage in one motion. Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop and low leg drop on Sheamus before plastering him against the side of the cage. Cesaro tosses Matt against the cage wall and Jeff beats on Cesaro in the corner. Sheamus connects with the Irish Curse backbreaker on Jeff before he and Cesaro slam Jeff into the cage wall. Cesaro and Sheamus team up on Matt, tossing him into the cage wall as well. Sheamus and Cesaro go for the escape, but the Hardy’s are there to stop them. Cesaro and Jeff end up whipped at each other and they fall to the mat. Matt and Sheamus try to escape, but both men are dragged back into the ring.

The Hardy’s slam Sheamus and Cesaro’s heads against the cage wall to chants of ‘Delete’ before they connect with stereo dropkicks, wedging the challengers against the cage wall. Matt sets up so Jeff can connects with poetry in motion on Sheamus against the cage wall, then in the corner on Cesaro. Matt and Jeff begin the climb, and Sheamus picks up Cesaro to his feet so they can stop the champs from escaping. Jeff slams Cesaro’s head against the cage wall while they stand on the top rope, and he tries to climb, up but Sheamus pulls Jeff down with a powerbomb off the rope. Jeff pulls down Cesaro, and Matt delivers and elbow drop from the top almost immediately. Matt bashes Sheamus against the cage wall, then he begins climbing to the top of the cage. Cesaro is able to stop Matt, pulling him back into the ring and pushing him onto the shoulders of Sheamus for a rolling senton.

Sheamus tries to exit the door while Cesaro tosses Jeff into the cage. Matt will not let Sheamus exit the cage. Sheamus and Cesaro toss Jeff into the cage wall before flap jacking Matt against the cage wall. Cesaro tries to toss Jeff into the cage wall and Jeff grabs on and begins to climb immediately. Cesaro catches Jeff and pulls him back to the inside of the ring and down to the top rope. Jeff drops to the mat, and Cesaro tries to escape himself. Jeff grabs on to Cesaro’s leg and Sheamus grabs on to Jeff. Jeff is able to pull Cesaro back into the ring, but he eats a double axe handle. Jeff avoids a brogue kick and sends Cesaro into the cage wall. Jeff hits a dropkick on Sheamus and Matt follows up with an immediate tornado DDT.

Matt and Jeff both begin climbing and they both make it to the top of the cage. Both men are straddling the cage, with Jeff on his way down. Cesaro grabs Jeff’s arm and he will not allow Hardy to drop, but Jeff is able to knock Cesaro back into the ring and Jeff falls out to the floor. Matt is dragged back into the ring and he hits the side effect on Cesaro, ducks a clothesline from the top from Sheamus, and connects with a side effect on Sheamus. Matt climbs to the top of the cage, but Cesaro is up and he grabs Matt’s leg. Jeff climbs the side of the cage and he grabs Matt’s arm. Sheamus is up to help and Cesaro knocks Jeff back out to the floor. Sheamus and Cesaro pull Matt back into the ring and they put him down to the mat with a double team Razor’s Edge.

Jeff tries to climb back into the ring, but Cesaro blocks the door, holding is closed. Jeff slams the door into Cesaro’s head, but Sheamus comes back and slams the door into Jeff’s head. Sheamus tries to climb out of the door, but Matt grabs on to Sheamus’ leg and pulls him back into the ring. Matt hits the twist of fate on Sheamus, and Cesaro is climbing to the top, but Matt stops him and slams him to the mat. Matt climbs up to the top of the cage and he makes it over, but Cesaro is back up and he stops Matt with a gigantic uppercut. Sheamus stands on the top and shoulders Sheamus. Sheamus leaps off the top with a White Noise assisted by Cesaro. Jeff is shown climbing the side of the cage, making his way to the top. Jeff hits the whisper in the wind off the top of the cage, wiping out both Sheamus and Cesaro.

Matt is at the door, and Cesaro and Sheamus begin climbing the cage wall. Matt drags Jeff to the door, and Sheamus and Cesaro make it over the top. It’s a race, but Sheamus and Cesaro are able to drop to the floor before Matt can pull Jeff out of the ring.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro gloat on the way back with their newly won titles, while Matt and Jeff look on sadly from ringside.

– After a commercial for the network, we go right into hype for the Cruiserweight Championship match, as we get a video package highlighting the bad blood between Neville and Austin Aries that led to tonight’s submission match.

Cruiserweight Championship Submission Match
Neville vs. Austin Aries

Austin Aries is the first man to make his way out for the match, and Aries gets a bit of love, but the fans seem to be sitting on their hands a bit and not too excited about this match.

Neville is out next, and the King of and Cruiserweights does get much of a reaction on his way down the aisle either.

The bell rings and we get a lockup with Neville pushing Aries right into the ropes and kicking his thigh. Aries responds with a couple of stiff kicks to the leg of his own before Neville pushes him into the corner. Neville pulls Aries out of the corner and right into a big arm bar. Aries rolls through and out of the hold, trading positioning with Neville. Aries is able to turn things around and transitions right into a seated submission, but Neville is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Neville rolls out to the apron to scream at the fans a bit, upset that he was caught in one of Aries’ holds. Aries props himself up in the corner, laying across the top rope and talking smack to Neville the entire time. Neville makes his way back into the ring and the two lock up for a brief second before Aries staggers Neville and clamps on a guillotine chokehold. Neville is able to back Aries into the corner to force him to break the hold, and Neville fights Aries around the ring, sending him into the ropes. Aries cartwheels past Neville and boxes his ears before slingshotting in from the apron and splashing Neville’s back. Aries tries for the last chancery, but Neville rolls to the outside and Aries follows. Aries drives Neville into the barricade hard before doing it a second time.

Aries shoulders Neville and drops him face first across the ring apron. Aries climbs back into the ring and he teases a suicide dive, but Neville walks off. Aries changes course and heads to the top rope, leaping off with an axe handle chop to the top of Neville’s head. Aries lands gingerly, favoring the knee. On his way back into the ring, Neville kicks the rope into Aries’ knee, and Aries falls to the mat in pain. Neville executes a beautiful dragon screw before grinding his foot into Aries’ face. Neville grabs Aries’ foot and wrenches away, wrapping Aries’ ankle in an unnatural direction.

Aries kicks Neville away and sends him crashing over the top rope and to the outside. Neville heads back into the ring and Aries staggers him with a back elbow to the ear, and a disgusting chop to the chest. Aries connects with a shin breaker, then a second and third before dumping Neville to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Aries backs into the corner and tries for the discus five arm. Neville goes for a kick, Aries blocks it and connects with a dragon screw of his own. Aries heads to the apron and trades holds with Neville, but ends up eating a dropkick to the knee that sends Aries crashing out to the floor. Aries lands on the floor in an awkward position and he points at his arm in pain. Neville follows outside and he grabs Aries’ arm, slamming it on the ring apron. Neville fights Aries around the ringside area, chopping Aries’ chest before sending him back into the ring. Neville kicks at Aries’ arm back in the ring, then he gloats to the fans before turning around and tattooing Aries’ arm with a nasty kick. Aries tries to fight back with a forearm to the gut, but Neville wrenches Aries’ arm and slams him to the mat. Neville heads to the apron and he goes up to the top rope, positioning himself and leaping off. Aries catches Neville and slams him to the mat, locking in an immediate Figure Four. Neville is in the middle of the ring writhing in pain, but he rolls over, finding himself rolled right back into position by Aries. Neville makes it to the ropes to force Aries to break the hold.

Neville tosses Aries out to the apron and Aries is able to turn things around. Aries heads to the top rope and tries for a missile dropkick, but Neville avoids it and Aries crashes to the mat. Neville locks in the Rings of Saturn. Aries screams in pain but he doesn’t give up, instead making his way to the ropes to force Neville to break the hold. Neville is furious and he gets in the ref’s face, screaming. Neville drags Aries into the middle of the ring and he tries to lock in the Rings of Saturn again, but Aries is able to turn it around and lock in his own version of the hold. Neville grabs the ref and Aries breaks the hold, trying to make sure the match doesn’t end in DQ immediately. Neville is able to use the distraction to deliver a brutal superkick to Aries to wipe him out. Neville seats Aries on the top turnbuckle and he climbs up after him. Neville tries for the superplex, but Aries fights Neville off with a series of rights to the stomach. Aries boxes Neville’s ears and Neville falls to the mat. Neville runs right back up but Aries clamps on a guillotine on the top rope. Aries breaks the hold at four and he hits a sunset powerbomb out of the corner before clamping on a last chancery. Neville teases tapping out before he uses his power to pull himself out of the ring. Aries somehow keeps the hold locked on and Neville taps out, but the ref waives it off because they’re outside of the ring.

Aries brings things back into the ring, arguing with the ref. Aries gets his arm wrapped up on the ropes by Neville, but he responds with the discus fivearm, sending Neville crashing from the apron out to the floor. Aries tries for the heat seeking missile, but Neville drops to the floor, and Aries connects with the floor. Neville brings things back into the ring and he hits the Red Arrow to Aries’ back, before locking in the Rings of Saturn and forcing Aries to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Neville

Neville gloats in the ring while Aries sits on the floor outside of the ring. Aries has a weird grin on his face. Neville looks disgusted as he argues with the fans, holding up his title belt on his way to the back.

– After a couple of commercials, including a promo for Great Balls of Fire, Cole lets us know that up next, we’ll be finding out who will face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship in his first defense after winning the Championship from Goldberg at WrestleMania. This transitions perfectly into a video package showing how Kurt Angle set up this match, and the events over the last couple of weeks as the participants have tried to establish dominance heading into tonight’s match.

Fatal 5 Way to Crown #1 Contender to WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt is the first man to make his way out for the main event, with the lights going out and the fireflies coming out in full force.

Seth Rollins is out next, and Rollins gets a very warm welcome as well, getting a huge pop on his way to the ring.

Samoa Joe is the third man to make his way to the ring, and Joe doesn’t get as much of a pop as the other two, but there is a solid ‘Joe’ chant from the crowd.

Finn Balor makes his way out for his first PPV since SummerSlam, and the gets a great reaction on his way down the aisle. The crowd seems very, very excited for this match, and it’ll be interesting to watch who they root for over the course of the match.

The crowd starts to boo before Reigns’ music even hits, but when the Big Dog makes his way into the arena, he gets a good deal of heat from the crowd. Roman soaks it in, and says ‘let’s go’, before making his way to the ring.

The bell rings and things break down with Rollins and Joe fighting to the outside, and Balor sending Bray out to the floor. Roman looks on in the ring and doesn’t get involved to a lot of heat from the crowd. Bray makes his way into the ring and confronts Roman, circling him and eating a big right hand from Reigns. Wyatt connects with a boot to the face, but Reigns comes right back with a Samoan drop to Bray. Bray rolls out of the ring and Joe tries for a Samoan drop, but Reigns blocks it and hits a Samoan drop on Joe. Balor is in and Reigns tries for a Samoan drop on Balor, but he ends up on the ring apron and punched out to the floor instead. Reigns turns around to see Rollins, and Wyatt and Joe are in to attack Reigns in the corner. Rollins pulls Joe off and Wyatt sends Reigns shoulder first into the ring post. Wyatt pulls Rollins off Joe and beats him up with right hands before Balor gets involved and takes Wyatt into the corner. Joe and Rollins square off and Joe bails to the floor, eating a suicide dive from Rollins. Balor connects with a dropkick to the side of Wyatt’s head. Wyatt falls top the floor and Balor continues to stomp when Rollins tries to get into the ring, then he continues to stomp Joe. Balor hits the ropes and launches himself over the top, taking out all of his opponents. Reigns is up quickly and he catches Balor with a big right hand before sending him into the barricade and slamming him into the ring apron.

Reigns tries for the drive-by kick on Wyatt, but Joe connects with a huge blow on Roman, before sending him crashing into the barricade. Joe and Wyatt gand up on Reigns slamming him into the barricade before turning their attention to Balor and Rollins. Joe and Wyatt continue their team up, whipping Reigns into the ring steps hard. Wyatt lays himself across the announcers table while Joe repositions the steps. Joe and Wyatt grab the top of the ring steps and ram Rollins in the chest, then do the same to Balor. Wyatt and Joe continue to use the steps to assault their opponents, running around the ring and ramming the steps into Roman.

Joe and Bray turn their attention to Finn, teaming up with Bray holding Finn in place for Joe to lay in some nasty chops. Bray connects with a kick to the side of Rollins’ face. Finn makes his way back into the ring and Bray and Joe are quick to follow, ganging up on Finn in the corner. Bray picks up Finn and he and Joe slap Finn before Bray connects with a big boot to the chest. Joe and Bray connect with a double shoulder block to knock Balor to the mat. Joe and Bray trade right hands, connecting with Finn before he’s slammed to the mat. Rollins is in the ring and he’s able to knock Bray to the outside and send Joe face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins hits the ropes and he goes to dive to the outside, but Bray counters with a forearm to the face. Bray brings Rollins to the outside and he hits a DDT on the ring steps. Balor finds himself locked into the coquina clutch in the middle of the ring, but he breaks out and hits a quick double stomp on Joe. Bray is in with a chair and he blasts Balor across the back before turning his attention to Reigns and hitting him across the back a couple of times. Bray stares down Joe before blasting Finn across the back again, then laying the chair across Balor’s back and setting it up for Joe to execute a nasty senton. Bray connects with a senton of his own with the chair still laid across Balor, and Balor does not seem to enjoy that.

Bray wedges the chair into the corner and he tries to charge into the corner, but Balor connects with a boot to the face. Balor sends Joe crashing to the chair wedged into the corner. Reigns is in out of nowhere and he powerbombs Balor to the mat. Reigns takes Joe to the mat with a leaping clothesline before he turns his attention to Bray with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Roman avoids a splashing Joe in the corner and Joe connects with Bray. Reigns takes out Joe, sending him to the floor, and he sets up for the Superman punch on Bray, but he’s pulled to the outside by Joe. Bray assists Joe on the floor, pulling Reigns into position and hitting a urunage on the announcers table. The crowd chants for Bray to do it one more time, but Rollins intervenes by leaping over the top rope to wipe out Joe. Rolling brings Bray back into the ring for a quick pin but only gets two. Rollins fights off Bray and Joe in the corner before hitting a double blockbuster, but Rollins is not able to keep Bray down for three.

Joe bails to the floor and Rollins follows with a suicide dive. Rollins sidesteps a charging Wyatt in the ring and sends Bray out to the floor. Rollins executes another suicide dive and Bray shoves Joe into harm’s way. Bray brings things back into the ring and Rollins is able to turn things around with a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Rollins leaps off the top rope, but finds himself caught in Sister Abigail. Bray goes for the pin, but Joe breaks things up and asks Bray what that was. Things break down as Joe and Bray square off. Joe hits Bray with a running back elbow in the corner and he takes Bray to the mat for a two count. Joe head butts Bray and he ducks a clothesline, but Bray launches his body at Joe and crashing into him, driving him to the mat. Bray tries for Sister Abigail on Joe, but Joe counters into the coquina clutch. Finn is in with a chair, blasting both Joe and Bray with repeated shots to the back. Finn hits Reigns with a nasty dropkick through the ropes before heading out to the apron and blasting Roman with another dropkick. Finn heads out to the floor and dropkicks Bray into the barricade before blasting Joe with another huge dropkick. Finn slams Bray’s head against the announcer’s table repeatedly before taking one apart. Finn drags Bray over to the table and lays out Wyatt before staring up to the top rope.

Joe stops Finn with the coquina clutch and he pulls him away and Roman spears Joe and Finn through the barricade. Rollins leaps off the top rope with a frog splash through Bray and the announcer’s table and he immediately screams in pain and grabs at his knee.

Roman and Rollins are the only two men on their feet. Rollins limps back to the ring and Reigns staggers in on the other side. Reigns looks to be bleeding from the mouth slightly. Rollins and Reigns square off in the middle of the ring and Rollins blasts Reigns with a series of right hands, but Reigns comes up with a massive right of his own. Rollins connects with a big forearm and kick to the face. Reigns is able to connect with a Superman punch, and he pins Rollins, but Rollins is able to kick out at two.

Reigns tries for a spear, but Rollins counters with a roll up for two, then a kick to the face for another two count. Rollins climbs to the top rope and he leaps off with a giant frog splash on Reigns, but it’s still not enough to keep Roman down for three.

Rollins pulls himself up to his feet and he positions Roman before heading up in the corner. Rollins tries for the Phoenix splash but Roman moves and Rollins lands on his feet. Bray sets up Sister Abigail on Rollins but drops in and sets up on Roman instead. Roman is able to break the hold and spear Wytt. Rollins connects with the bucklebomb on Reigns, but Reigns comes back with an immediate Superman punch that sends Rollins to the outside. Reigns connects with a Superman punch on Finn as well. Finn comes right back with a sling blade and a coup de grace on Roman, but when he pins Roman, Joe pulls Finn off in the coquina clutch and Finn fades. Finn never taps out, but the ref calls for the bell when Finn is non-responsive, and this one is over.

Winner and #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Championship: Samoa Joe

This means Joe will go on to face Brock Lesnar in what is sure to be a very interesting dream match for a lot of folks.

After the match, Joe hits his feet and stands tall as a referee checks on Balor. Samoa Joe leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as we go to replays. Joe celebrates on the stage as the others try to recover in and around the ring. Extreme Rules goes off the air with the new #1 contender standing tall.


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