NXT Results – June 28, 2017

– Tonight’s episode will feature NXT Champion Asuka taking on SAnitY’s Nikki Cross in a “Last Woman Standing” match for the NXT Women’s Title. Tonight also marks the debut of Mauro Ranallo on the WWE NXT commentary team alongside Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson.

– We’re welcomed by Nigel McGuinness, who formally introduces Mauro Ranallo as the new voice of NXT. They hype tonight’s card, including our title main event. We go to the ring for our first match.

Velveteen Dream vs. HoHo Lun

I’ll give Patrick Clark this, when he dives into a gimmick, he DIVES into the gimmick. Lock up and break. Size advantage on full display for the young Dream. Innuendos a plenty in this one from the velveteen one. Dream no-sells Lun’s strikes and hits a big boot. Stalling Jackhammer from Dream, who heads up top. The former Clark hits a a beautiful top rope elbow for the pin and win.

Winner via Pinfall: Velveteen Dream

– We go to an in-car interview with Asuka earlier in the day. The car begins to shake as they enter Full Sail Live, and it’s the rabid Nikki Cross diving on the windshield. Asuka says some choice words and security tries to pry Cross off the car.

– Look back at the hard-hitting bout between Oney Lorcan and Hideo Itami, where Itami refused to stop hitting the GTS repeatedly. They go back at it up next after the break.

– Backstage in Mr. Regal’s office with Heavy Machinery and Authors of Pain. Regal announces we’ll have a tag team championship match in two weeks with the aforementioned team. Ellering discounts Heavy Machinery, but Regal puts them over as formidable foes.

Oney Lorcan vs. Hideo Itami

The bell rings and so does Itami’s head after Lorcan hits a stiff shot to the nose of Itami. Hideo visibly busted open and doctors immediately tend to him. Itami doesn’t look thrilled, as his rough luck continues. The official and doctor calls for the bell.

Result: No Contest

– Roderick Strong video package highlighting his backstory that’s been told over the last several weeks. We also get Bobby Roode’s exploitation of Strong’s new “good guy” persona. Strong vows to be NXT Champion no matter what it takes.

-Hideo Itami comes back out to the ring with no music and Oney Lorcan joins him .We have a referee and here we go.

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan (Part Deux)

Bell rings and so does Lorcan’s head (seems like I’ve heard that before) as Itami hits a kick right out of the gate. Itami drapes Lorcan across the top rope and hits a diving knee knocking Lorcan to the canvas. The onslaught continues as we go to break.

We’re back and a holy slugfest ensues. Big shots landed by both men. Lorcan with a running Blockbuster for a near fall. Itami calls the official over to check on his nose, but it’s just a clever ploy. Series of strikes and suplexes combined with a draping neck breaker over the top rope. Itami gets Lorcan up in the Fireman’s Carry for the GTS, but Lorcan slips out. Lorcan goes down, favoring his knee. He agrees to continue and Itami promptly picks him up for the GTS for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Hideo Itami

– After the match, Itami calls out Kassius Ohno. As they begin to exchange words, Nikki Cross climbs the ropes to create a diversion. SAnitY, sans Eric Young, shows up and takes out everyone. Wolfe takes the mic. He says SAnitY has to end forced friendships and pleasantries and lies. The best way to do that, answered by Killian Dain, is “chaos.” Wolfe says their maestro, EY, is away creating his master plan, and he can’t wait for it to unfold. Wolfe says the first note of that plan will be played by Nikki Cross tonight. The main event is up next.

Asuka vs. Nikki Cross (Last Woman Standing for NXT Women’s Championship)

Love the remixed SAnitY theme for Nikki Cross. Mike Rome explains the rules and the ladies get the spotlight treatment for introductions. They feel each other out early, countering the other’s early shots. Cross carries and pins Asuka between the ropes in the corner. This isn’t a mat classic, and it’s not designed to be. Baseball slide from Asuka, but Cross traps the champ between the ring and apron. She grabs the nose “Three Stooges” style before laying out a bed of chairs at ringside as we go to our first break of the match.

The bed of chairs is left unmade as a suplex attempt from Cross gets blocked. To right the wrong, Cross sends Asuka into the steel steps as consolation. Asuka returns the favor by sending Cross into the steps on the opposite side of the ring. Cross stays down for a five count (Big E’s favorite). Asuka wants to play with some toys, and grabs a trash can from under the ring. She hits Cross in the midsection and makes Cross wear the can like a hat. She then proceeds to ring the proverbial bell with a barrage of kicks and a top rope effort as well. Cross up at eight. Asuka continues with kicks and goes window shopping once again. Asuka begins to throw chairs into the ring, but Cross grabs one of them and sends Asuka into the barricade. Asuka gets her back with a knee strike but Cross quickly up. Back in the ring and Cross hits a reverse DDT on the “most unforgiving” apron, which you may know is the hardest part of the ring. Asuka up by the count of four. Cross scales the ropes, but Asuka sees it coming, grabs a handful of hair, and a swift kick stuns the challenger. This enables Asuka to send Cross into the chairs laid out in the ring. Cross recovers and hits a high angle belly to back suplex to send Asuka crashing. Both women beat the count, but taking it slow as we go to break.

Asuka with a bevy of roundhouse kicks but it only leaves Cross asking for more. The chairs are magically cleared from the ring and Cross slings the champ down. She never lets go of her hold and finally lets go after a sonic speed Fisherman’s Neck Breaker. Cross hits a total of four neck breakers and Asuka is reeling. As the referee gets to nine, Asuka pops up and Cross tries to enter with the title. Asuka kicks the title which in turn hits Cross, who gets back up. Spinning back kick from the champ has the challenger down, but Cross back up once again. Asuka on the apron looking to suplex Cross outside to the pile of chairs lying in wait. Cross able to create space, slip under the rope, and power bomb the champ onto the chairs. Asuka stirs, up at nine, and Cross is in disbelief. The ring isn’t good enough for these ladies and head up the ramp. They tease a suplex off the ramp, but a forearm ends up sending Cross to the floor. Flying hip attack from Asuka takes the challenger down for a count of seven. Asuka looks for a kick, but gets a foot full of light instead of human, or whatever Cross is. We’re at the announce area and Cross hits her swinging neck breaker with Asuka draped over the spectator railing. Eight, NINE, Asuka’s up! A ladder now comes into play as Cross hits Asuka in the midsection. Everyone’s favorite, a table, is introduced. Cross sets up the ladder as Asuka struggles to her feet near the table. Cross slams Asuka’s head on the table to prepare her for her title demise. Cross climbing the ladder, but there’s no briefcase in sight. Asuka scales the ladder alongside her adversary. Asuka hits a suplex aimed for the announce table, but Cross has a bad landing that was slightly off the mark. Asuka hops up at the count of nine while Cross lays motionless through the ten count. The champion retains.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka

Right before the big spot, the announcers hightail out of the way and we get a nice emotional finish without commentary. As the replays begin to play, Ranallo picks the headset back up to run down the highlights.

Thanks to Chris Callicutt for the results.


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