WWE Talking Smack Recap (5/2): Kevin Owens Feels Disrespected, AJ Styles Talks US Title, More

Renee Young welcomes us to Talking Smack with returning SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon. Shane tells us that Chris Jericho is getting looked at in the ER where his neck is being evaluated. Renee asks if a message needs to be sent to Kevin Owens, and Shane says this is not ballet and KO was sending a message, no matter how much we might not agree with it.

We get highlights of the beatdown as Renee turns the subject to Shane taking the title back from Jinder Mahal. He says opportunities are earned and he will have to earn the title at Backlash.

We welcome our first guest AJ Styles, and Shane claps as he makes his way to the table. AJ says maybe if he wasn’t banned from ringside, he could have made sure that KO didn’t try to end Y2J’s career. Shane says he’ll have his opportunity for payback at Backlash. Renee asks if he had a preference on who he would face, and AJ says it doesn’t matter because he’s phenomenal. She follows up asking if AJ is upset with new talent like Owens and Jericho stepping on his toes. He says they could bring Braun Strowman out there and it wouldn’t matter.

AJ says what he wants right now is the United States Championship. Renee asks if he feels the pressure of carrying SmackDown Live and he says pressure makes diamonds. He says bet on him walking out United States Champion. Young warns AJ about Owens and AJ says he just won the WWE Title and is on track to win the US Title, just like Owens won the Universal Title and the US Title. But AJ says if Owens is the best right now, then he’s better than the best. He says if you want to prove yourself, come to SmackDown. Styles says “SmackDown makes ’em and Raw takes ’em.” Just like Jinder Mahal, superstars are made here and both Renee and Shane compliment him for his passion. AJ decides to leave on that note and heads off.

Renee brings up Jinder Mahal and Shane McMahon making sure he doesn’t just make his own rules with the title. Young questions whether or not using the Singh Brothers is the morally right way to earn an opportunity, and while Shane doesn’t agree, he says everyone takes their own path. Also, Sami should have known that the odds could have been stacked against him. Renee brings up Baron Corbin attacking Sami Zayn on Talking Smack last week, and they talk about how scary it was watching that beat down up close. Baron was suspended accordingly and Shane said he knew he shouldn’t have put his hands on a referee.

Shane asks Renee who took his drink as she welcomes Carmella, James Ellsworth, Natalya & Tamina. Carmella asks if she could get some water because she’s exhausted from pinning the champion Naomi earlier tonight. James asks if he should get the water and Carmella says that’s his job as he runs off. Natalya goes off on Charlotte saying that she has been handed all of her opportunities. Shane says that’s her opinion. Nattie says opportunities are earned around here, and Carmella reminds us again that she pinned the champ.

Renee asks why they took out Becky Lynch and James says that she made the wrong decision crossing them. Natalya calls Becky a snake who loves playing the victim, saying the cheap hair dye went to her head. Young asks who should be the new #1 Contender and Carmella and Natalya start going at it over who deserves the opportunity. Tamina chimes in and they talk about how they’re all generational superstars. Carmella says they all have to be on the same page taking out Charlotte, and she looked more like a peasant than a queen. Young reminds them all that Charlotte asked for her opportunity and went out and earned it, but Carmella thinks it’s unfair that she got bumped to the front of the line. Shane says he understands that they all want they opportunity and that’s why they banded together. Natalya tells him they stand for loyalty, integrity and respect, and Charlotte has none of those things. Shane and Renee thank the Welcoming Committee for coming on. Carmella compliments Renee’s bangs and Ellsworth says he still doesn’t like them.

We shift gears to Tye Dillinger and Renee congratulates Shane for bringing him to SmackDown. We see highlights of his match with Aiden English and his new finisher as both compliment the new SmackDown live star. They talk about Aiden being added to The List of Jericho for crying and Renee says there’s nothing wrong with a man having a good cry. She asks when was the last time Shane had a good cry and he says it was when he found out he had to do Talking Smack tonight. Renee asks about the Fashion Police’s segment and looking forward to seeing what they can do about the Usos, asking Shane if he thinks they can win the Tag Team Titles. Shane doesn’t seem so sure and says they’ll have to outsmart The Usos to win at Backlash.

Kevin Owens joins the table asking Renee what else is happening at Backlash. She tells him that KO will be facing AJ Styles for the US Title, and Owens says he’s going to do what Shane couldn’t do at WrestleMania 33 and beat The Phenomenal One. Shane says he’s looking forward to watching the match. Renee wants to know what drove Owens to assaulting Jericho so viciously tonight, and Owens wants to know why Renee let a blind person cut her hair. KO says that on Sunday, Chris Jericho let his inner US citizen sneak in and stole the title by almost breaking his hand. Renee says Jericho might not be able to walk right now. Owens says he doesn’t know if Western Canadians are just being sympathetic for one another, but he’s from Montreal and simply won back what was his.

Shane asks if KO went too far and Owens wants to know if Shane thinks he went to far. Renee said he already won and didn’t have to beat down Jericho after winning the title. Owens says Jericho disrespected him by calling SmackDown his show, when every show Owens is on is The Kevin Owens Show. He asks if they ever watched Raw, and reminds them that Jericho won the US Title because he was there to help him beat Roman Reigns in the first place. If Y2J knows what’s good for him he won’t come back to the Kevin Owens Show. McMahon brings Owens back to the match with AJ Styles at Backlash and want to know how Owens thinks it will end. He says it will end with himself hoisting the title over AJ, and that Shane will give him the respect he deserves.

Kevin says he feels a weird hostility and that Shane should view him as a prized piece of the show. He’s the best thing to happen to SmackDown Live since the Shakeup, and Shane doesn’t treat him like it. Shane says we can’t always be happy, and he’s looking forward to seeing what happens in the match.

Owens walks off without another word and Renee reminds us about the US Title Backlash match. Shane says the hostility is uncomfortable and can’t believe KO’s audacity. Renee thanks us for joining as we sign of for this week!


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