WWE RAW Results – May 15, 2017

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with a look at Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns from last week. We go to the RAW opening video.

– We’re live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ as the pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. They hype The Miz vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose for later tonight.

– We go right to the ring and out comes RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer had last week off as the show was taped in the UK. Fans chant “you suck” as Angle heads to the ring while JoJo does the introduction.

Kurt welcomes everyone to Raw. Kurt mentions what Roman Reigns did to Braun Strowman last week. Kurt says Braun suffered a shattered elbow and could be out of action for up to six months. Kurt mentions that Braun had set his sights on the Universal Title. Kurt asks who will face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title. It has to be earned so there will be a Fatal Five Way Match at Extreme Rules with the winner facing Brock Lesnar.

Kurt says the competitors are Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, or Roman Reigns. Kurt says it will be historical and extreme.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman stares at Angle and he tells Kurt they don’t need a Fatal Five Way Match because he is the number one contender. This is his yard. He beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania and he put Strowman in that ambulance. He is the only one who can beat Brock for the Universal Title.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring.

Finn tells Roman exactly what he told Seth Rollins two weeks ago. He was the first Universal Champion and he never lost his title. If you want a piece of the beast, the line starts behind him.

Roman says that Finn has heart but he does not have the killer instinct to beat Brock.

Finn says that Roman should know what he is about because he beat Roman on his first night on Raw.

Samoa Joe’s music plays and he comes to the ring.

Joe says they have it all wrong. It is not about hearts or anybody’s yard. It is not about anybody’s club. It is about actions and results. Action, he locked in the Kokina Clutch on Seth Rollins so he was unresponsive on the ground and his body goes limp. Action, he enters the Fatal Five Way and the result is that he wins. Action, he goes on to face Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt’s introduction interrupts Samoa Joe and Bray is in the ring. He says the beast approaches and you put on your brave faces. He feels you trembling. You will cower and you will fall. You will run. Bray…

is interrupted by Seth Rollins. He says Extreme Rules is a few weeks away and New Jersey did not come here for talking. Seth says he came to fight Samoa Joe.

Rollins and Joe fight in the aisle while Wyatt attacks Balor. Reigns punches Wyatt and they fight to the floor.

Rollins with a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes.

Wyatt hits Rollins from behind and Reigns with a Superman punch to Wyatt. Balor with a running drop kick to Rollins and Wyatt. Reigns misses a Superman punch and Balor hits Slingblade.

Balor with a plancha to the floor and he returns to the ring.

– Matt and Jeff Hardy walk in the back as we go to commercial.


We are back and Finn, Seth, and Roman argue until Kurt Angle stops them. He says if you have aggression, Seth will face Bray Wyatt tonight. Kurt says Roman and Finn are itching to get into the ring. They will have a match tonight, against each other.

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

We go to the ring and out come RAW Tag Team Champions The Hardys. #1 contenders Sheamus and Cesaro are out next.

The bell rings and Hardy unloads, taking it to the corner. Hardy ducks a Brogue Kick and rolls Sheamus up for 2. They end up on the floor as Sheamus launches Jeff into the barrier. Sheamus and Cesaro celebrate the move as we go to commercial.

Back live, Sheamus drops a big knee on Jeff off the corner. Some loud “DELETE” chants in New Jersey tonight. Sheamus catches Jeff with a quick scoop slam. Jeff with a quick kick away dropkick to Sheamus. Jeff with an atomic drop and jumping low blow combo. Sheamus catches Jeff with a big knee to the face for a close two count. Sheamus catches Jeff with double boots in the corner and pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle. Jeff catches Sheamus with a modified Twist of Fate/Stunner off the corner for another close two count. Cesaro jumps up on the ring apron to distract Jeff. Matt pulls him off. Sheamus catches Matt with a big boot. Jeff with a Twist of Fate to Sheamus. Jeff goes up top and connects with a nasty looking Swantom Bomb over Sheamus. Jeff gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– Still to come, Miz vs. Ambrose. Back to commercial.

– We are back and we see footage from last week’s match is shown. The replay shows Fox got her shoulder up as Banks got the pinfall on her.

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

Banks with a shoulder block early on Fox. Banks catches Fox with a kick to the face. Fox fires back with a kick of her own from the corner. Fox with a northern lights suplex on Banks for a two count. Banks with repeated clothesline takedowns and a dropkick to Fox. Banks with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Fox. Fox with a roll up on Banks from the corner and Banks kicks out. Fox holds on to the ropes to avoid a backcracker. Fox tosses Banks out and Banks grabs her knee. Banks with a small package for another two count on Fox. Fox catches Banks with a big scissors kick to get the pinfall.

Winner: Alicia Fox

– Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz is next.

AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton vs. Baron Corbin is announced for tomorrow night’s Smackdown Live in Manchester, New Hampshire. We go to commercial.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

Back from the break and The Miz is out with Maryse. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is also out. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

Back and forth to start. Miz with an early Skull Crushing Finale attempt. Miz with a roll up for 2. Ambrose counters and hits a swinging neck breaker as fans chant for Ambrose. Ambrose goes to the top but Miz rolls to the floor. Ambrose steps down to the mat as we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and he goes up top and hits a double sledge for a near fall. We see footage of Miz sending Ambrose into the ring steps during the commercial break. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Miz gets on Ambrose’s back and Dean backs Miz into the turnbuckles. Miz with Reality Check for a near fall. Miz with kicks of yes to Ambrose but he misses the round kick and Ambrose with a rollup for a near fall. Dean with forearms but Miz with a knee to the midsection. Dean drops down and Miz goes over the top rope to the floor.

Dean with a suicide dive and both men are down. Ambrose sends Miz back into the ring and Ambrose with a running forearm or two. Dean with a clothesline and he hits a running forearm and bulldog. Dean with a La Magistral for a near fall. Dean puts Miz on the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex but Miz with punches and head butts. Ambrose with a kick and he sets for a double underhook DDT. Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Dean drops down and gets a near fall with a rollup. Miz misses a drop kick into the turnbuckles and Dean hits the elbow to the chest from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Dean sets for a power bomb but Miz counters for a figure four and Dean kicks Miz away. Miz send Dean into the ropes but when Dean rebounds he is met with a Skull Crushing Finale but Dean kicks out. Dean with a rollup but Miz escapes. Dean with a rollup for another near fall. Dean clotheslines Miz over the top rope and then Ambrose goes up top. Maryse gets in front of Miz and Dean does not care. Maryse moves and Dean hits the elbow to Miz.

Dean rolls MIz back into the ring and Maryse gets on the apron. Miz goes for a low blow and Dean blocks it. Dean kicks Miz in the ding ding and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Miz (by disqualification)


Finn Balor is asked about his special on the WWE Network as well as his chance to face Brock Lesnar if he can win at Extreme Rules. Finn says it is not about the size of the dog in the fight, it is about the size of the fight in the dog. Finn says it might be Roman’s yard, but it is his universe.

– Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial…

In the Arena:

We are back and Alexa is in the ring. She says Newark is the City where Dreams… Newark, the City that Never… that isn’t it. Newark, the Sweat Glands of America. You are only booing because you know it is true. You are the poster children for failure. Tonight, you are going to experience the opposite of failure. The first Superstar to win both the Smackdown and Raw women’s titles. The Goddess of WWE, Alexa Bliss.

You are thinking what must it be like to be a winner. When you are smarter and more dominant than everyone, you are a winner. She said she would beat the top three women on Raw in a Fatal Four Way, she won. When she wrestled for the Raw Women’s Title, she won the title. She says if she was in the Miss USA pageant, she would have won, not Miss DC. Alexa tells Miss USA, you’re welcome.

Bayley interrupts and goes to the ring.

She tells Alexa we get it. You did everything you said you would. Bayley does not agree with the title of Goddess, but she knows that Alexa does not care what she thinks. Bayley says she is thinking about Alexa’s title. Bayley says she is invoking her rematch clause at Extreme Rules.

Alexa asks Bayley if she is jet lagged or if the pony tail is cutting off oxygen to the brain. She says that Bayley might not know what Extreme Rules is. It means you do whatever you need to win the match. Nobody will save you and they will not stop the match if you get scared or hurt. Alexa tells Bayley she will never get extreme. You and your legion of huggers had your moment in the sun and it is over. She tells Bayley to be a good little girl and sit at the kiddie table and leave the championships to the adults.

Bayley pushes Alexa and drop kicks her. Alexa pulls Bayley into the ropes. Alexa goes under the ring and gets a kendo stick. Alexa hits Bayley in the back and Bayley goes to the floor in pain.

– Still to come, Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries vs. TJP and Neville. Back to commercial.


We are back and The Miz is upset at what Dean Ambrose did to him earlier tonight. Miz says he should be champion right now. Angle books a rematch between Ambrose and Miz at Extreme Rules. Miz says that isn’t good enough and wants a rule where the title can change hands on a DQ. Angle says consider it done, but wants Miz to change his tone. Maryse starts yelling at Angle in French. Maryse yells back. Elias Samson walks up playing his guitar. Angle asks if he can help him. Samson walks off continuing to play his guitar.

– Neville vs. Austin Aries for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is set for Extreme Rules.

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher vs. Neville and TJP

Aries and Neville start things off and Neville tags in Perkins before anything happens. Aries with a chop and kick. He sends Perkins into the turnbuckles and Gallagher is tagged in. Neville pulls Perkins to the floor and Gallagher helps Aries to the floor with a back body drop and Aries lands on Neville and Perkins.

We go to commercial.

Back from the break and TJP is in control of Aries. Neville tags in and stomps away. Neville sends Aries to the floor and distracts the referee while TJP attacks Aries on the floor. TJP tags in and keeps Aries down on the mat while Gallagher waits for the tag.

TJP keeps control of Aries and taunts Gallagher. Neville with another cheap shot on Aries. Aries counters TJP and finally gets the tag to Gallagher. Gallagher unloads on TJP and throws him. Gallagher with another big slam for a 2 count. Everyone gets involved now. Gallagher ends up dropkicking Neville to the floor. Aries leaps from the top and takes Neville out on the floor.

Gallagher and TJP tangle now. Gallagher with a big headbutt. Neville grabs Gallagher’s leg from the floor. Aries drops Neville with a discus five-arm on the floor. TJP takes advantage of the distraction and hits a Detonation Kick on Gallagher for the pin.

Winners: Neville and TJP

After the match, TJP and Neville head to the ramp as we go to replays with Gallagher and Aries recovering. Neville raises the title on the ramp and taunts Aries.

– The announcers plug the WWE Network – tonight’s WWE 24 special on Finn Balor, the WWE UK special airing this Friday, WWE NXT “Takeover: Chicago” on Saturday, Backlash on Sunday and Extreme Rules on June 4th.

– Still to come, Rollins vs. Wyatt and Reigns vs. Balor. Back to commercial.


We are back and Bayley is getting ice on her shoulder. Kurt Angle stops by to see how Bayley is doing. Kurt says the match at Extreme Rules will be a straight up wrestling match. Bayley does not like the idea that Alexa got to do what she did to her. Kurt says Alexa will get a taste of her own medicine in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match.


Goldust and R Truth are in the locker room. Truth says he feels bad about last week and how much it meant to Goldust to be tag team champions again. Truth says he let them down. Goldust says that they are a team. They will dig and crawl to get back to the top. He wants Truth to get excited to face Gallows and Anderson.

Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor

Finn Balor heads to the ring for his match with Roman Reigns. Back to commercial.

Back to the ring and out comes Roman Reigns as Cole talks about Braun being out of action for up to 6 months.

The bell rings and it’s time for the match. We get some stalling after the bell. Balor blocks a big right hand and takes it to the corner. Reigns turns it around to boos. Reigns launches Balor across the ring again. Reigns stomps away in the corner as the referee backs him off. Reigns keeps control until he runs into a boot. Balor fights back with strikes but Reigns catches him in a big Samoan Drop that also takes some out of Reigns. Both are down as we get a replay.

They tangle on the apron and Balor kicks Reigns in the head. Balor comes back in and unloads on Reigns. Balor with a kick to the face. Balor with a big chop in the corner but Reigns no-sells it and shakes his head. Reigns rocks Balor with a right. Reigns charges but Balor moves and Reigns hits the ring post with his bad shoulder. Reigns ends up on the floor. Balor with a big kick to the face from the apron. Balor nails a double stomp from the apron to take Reigns down. Balor circles the ringside area while Reigns is down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Balor sends Reigns through the ropes and kicks him when he comes back to the apron. Reigns falls back to the floor. Reigns turns it around on the floor after ramming Balor into the post. Both are down. Reigns stops the count and sends Balor into the barrier. Reigns positions Balor on the apron and nails a Drive By into the post. Reigns drags Balor into the middle of the ring and covers for a close 2 count.

Reigns hooks the leg and gets a two count. Reigns with repeated clotheslines to Balor in the corner. Reigns drops Balor with a nasty looking powerbomb for another two count. Balor fights off a Superman attempt. Reigns with a kick, but Balor trips him up and stomps over his chest. Reigns with a Superman. Balor gets a shoulder up. Balor cuts off a spear attempt. Balor with a Slinge Blade takedown. Balor dropkicks Reigns back to the corner. Reigns bounces off. Reigns trips up Balor. Reigns with a spear to Balor. Reigns hooks the leg for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears. He says there is an evil that lurks in the shadows of Raw. Some call him a man. Some call him a conqueror. He sees him as a beast. This might be Angle’s show and Roman’s yard, but this is his world. He will take the spear of fate and deliver it into the heart of the beast. You will chant his name as he stands triumphant as the Universal Champion.

He will be tasked with saving another soul tonight. You claim to be the man Seth Rollins. You claim to be the architect and KingSlayer. Are you able to look evil right in the eye or will you submit to your gutless instincts and RUN.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Seth Rollins is asked about his match against Bray Wyatt. Seth says that Bray called him gutless. Seth after everything he had to deal with over the last year, Bray will not be the guy who stands in the way of him winning the Universal Title. He does not have to announce to the world that he is here. His actions speak loud and clear. If anyone is going to slay the beast, it will be the man who slayed the King.

In the Arena:

Before Gallows and Anderson make their way to the ring, Goldust attacks R Truth during their entrance. Goldust kicks Truth and then he sends Goldust to the floor. Goldust sends Truth into the ringside barrier and he punches Truth. Goldust sends Truth into the ring and he punches Truth.

Officials are outside the ring waving their hands to tell Goldust to stop. Goldust kicks and punches Truth and tells him That’s What’s Up. He drops the mic as some fans pop and do the “yes!” chant. Goldust poses again. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Enzo Amore and Big Cass walk out to a big reaction in New Jersey. Enzo is from Hackensack. Loud “HOW YOU DOIN” chants in Newark.

Here comes Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews to interrupt. Titus mocks Enzo and Cass. He tells everyone to get up and clap for the Titus Brand. Big Cass informs Titus that he is facing him tonight and not Apollo Crews vs. Enzo Amore. Titus says he isn’t about to wrestle in his expensive suit and shoes. Cass says the match will happen leading a “SAWFT” chant.

Big Cass vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus charges at Cass in the corner. Titus removes his suit jacket and tries to throw it at Cass. The referee stops him. Titus with rights and more charges to Cass in the corner. Titus removes his belt when Enzo jumps up on the ring apron. Cass with a big boot and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Big Cass

After the match, Enzo celebrates with Cass while Crews checks on Titus. Enzo tries to take a selfie with Crews in the background but Crews takes him down with a kick. Crews’ music hits as Titus recovers and Enzo joins Cass on the ramp.

– Still to come, Rollins vs. Wyatt. Back to commercial.

– Austin Aries vs. TJP is announced for 205 Live tomorrow night.


Neville tells TJP he did good. TJP hints he still hasn’t received his title shot. Neville says the title shot is coming, but they still haven’t resolved the Austin Aries problem. He says “we will end this” tomorrow night on 205 Live.

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out comes Bray Wyatt for tonight’s main event as the fireflies light up the arena. Seth Rollins is out next.

They go at it to start and Wyatt gets the upperhand with a headbutt. Wyatt yells out and poses. They lock up again and Rollins applies a headlock. Rollins takes Wyatt down and kicks him in the back. Rollins with a chop in the corner now. They run the ropes and Wyatt misses, landing on the outside. Rollins leaps out and nails Wyatt, sending him into the barrier. Rollins sends Wyatt into the apron and then into the barrier. Rollins jumps up on the barrier and comes down but Wyatt catches him in mid-air. Wyatt launches Rollins into the barrier and stands tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins goes to the top but Wyatt brings him down for a 2 count. Wyatt ends up hitting a superplex for a close 2 count. Wyatt keeps Rollins down as we get a replay of the superplex. Wyatt keeps Rollins grounded now. Rollins blocks the Uranage. Wyatt ends up on the floor as Rollins goes for a dive. Wyatt blocks it. Wyatt comes back in but runs into a boot. Rollins with a Blockbuster for a 2 count. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Rollins with a Slingblade.

Rollins keeps control and nails a dive to the floor. Rollins brings it back into the ring and springboards in with a big shot for another pin attempt. More back and forth. Wyatt rocks Rollins with a big clothesline for another 2 count. Wyatt hits the Uranage for a 2 count. Rollins blocks Sister Abigail. More back and forth and pin attempts. Rollins goes to the top but Wyatt rolls to the floor. Rollins jumps to the floor and sends Wyatt into the barrier.

Samoa Joe comes from the crowd and runs over Rollins as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

After the bell, Joe brings Rollins into the ring and unloads on him. Joe plants Rollins into the mat as JoJo announces the winner. Joe keeps up the assault but stops to look at Wyatt, who has returned to the ring. Joe and Wyatt come face to face in the middle of the ring but stop to double team Rollins. Wyatt drops Joe with Sister Abigail out of nowhere. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Rollins as well. Wyatt poses over Joe and Rollins as RAW goes off the air.


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