Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WWE 205 Live Results - May 9, 2017

We start off with a look at Neville convincing TJ Perkins to show that he is entitled to a title match.

We are in London, United Kingdom and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Jack Gallagher makes his way to the ring.

Jack reminds everyone that he was jumped last night on Raw by TJ Perkins and he was put in a knee bar until he was helped by the man who he is going to bring out. Jack brings out Austin Aries.

Austin comes to the ring with his banana.

Jack says hello to Jack and to the people of London.

Jack says he wants to express his gratitude for Austin's gentlemanly deed last night. He says he wants to toast Austin.

Austin thanks him and he says he could have said thank you or given him some mince pie, vegan of course.

Jack says he will make sure that Austin makes it to his title match at Extreme Rules.

Austin thanks Jack and says that is gentlemanly.

Jack says he is here to toast Austin and Austin is shocked that there is more.

Jack brings two pints into the ring.

Austin says he is more of a red wine guy himself and he says it is full of anti-oxidants and is good for the heart.

Jack says he will remember that for next time. Jack leads everyone in a round of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow but he is interrupted by Neville's pyro.

Neville comes out and he is dressed for a fight.

Neville says this is truly pathetic. He always had Jack pegged as a parody of an Englishman. After listening to these cretins in London, he is a symptom of a much larger problem. England, you have become a parody of yourself and it is disgusting. Have you lost your dignity?

Austin says Neville should not be questioning people about dignity because you got yourself intentionally disqualified to keep your title. Austin says he likes England.

Neville says nobody asked for your opinion. He tells Austin he has had two opportunities at his crown, but Neville is the King of the Cruiserweights. Neville toats Austin Aries and his last appearance on 205 Live.

TJ Perkins attacks Aries from behind and then he goes after Gallagher. Perkins punches Aries while Gallagher hits a drop kick on Neville. Neville goes to the floor with Gallagher and Neville runs Gallagher into the ringside barrier. Perkins joins in and they double team Gallagher until Aries comes off the apron with a double sledge. Aries sends Neville and Perkins into the ringside barrier and then he sends Neville over the announce table. Aries leaps over the announce table.

Gallagehr spits beer in Perkins' face and then he hits a head butt. Neville with a back heel kick to Gallagher but Aries with a discus five arm to Neville.

Aries and Gallagher finish their toast and drink.

Noam Dar and Alicia Fox are in the back and Rich Swann says that Noam is thinking with the wrong part of his body if he is still with Alicia.

Noam says Swann's plan did not work. Alicia says she never left Noam and she threw Swann to the curb, just like Cedric Alexander.

Swann says he is happy for them and they deserve each other.

Dar says they deserve each other and he says Swann will be getting what he deserves.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Tony Nese versus Mustafa Ali

Nese poses and he asks Ali if he is jealous. They lock up and Nese with a clean break and he poses but Ali pushes him away. Nese with a side head lock take down. Ali with a head scissors but Nese escapes and returns to the side head lock. Nese with a shoulder tackle. Ali with a cartwheel and flip followed by arm drags. Ali wtih an octopus into a sunset flip for a near fall. Nese with a kick. Ali floats over and hits a drop kick.

Nese goes to the floor and Ali with a flip dive onto Nese.

We see Drew Gulak watching in the back and he is not happy with what he has seen.

They return to the ring and Nese rolls to the other side. Nese sends Ali into the ringside barrier. Ali goes onto the barrier but Nese trips Ali and then Nese kicks Ali and Ali lands on Nese's shoulders. Nese with a hot shot onto the announce table and then he gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Nese sets for a suplex but Ali counters into an inside cradle for a near fall. Nese with a clothesline. Nese goes for a deadlift suplex and he drops Ali on the top rope and Nese gets a near fall.

Nese wtih a torture rack but Ali with punches to the head to escape. Ali with forearms but Nese trips Ali as he goes to the floor. Nese with a double jump moonsault for a near fall. Nese with a cross face and he punches Ali. Nese goes to the turnbuckles but Ali with a drop kick that staggers Nese on the turnbuckles. Ali goes for a Frankensteiner but Nese blocks it. Ali counters with a rana and both men are down.

Ali with forearms and a kick followed by a clothesline. Nese with an Irish whip but Ali goes to the apron and kicks Nese and then he hits the rolling neck breaker. Nese goes to the floor and Ali hits a rana off the apron. Ali goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Nese sends Ali into the turnbuckles and he chops Ali. Ali chops back and then Nese with a chop and Ali with a forearm. Ali with a rollup for a near fall.

Ali with a kick but Nese with a matrix and a thrust kick followed by a leg sweep and double stomp for a near fall. Nese slaps Ali but Ali with forearms. Nese with a pump handle but Ali escapes. Ali with a tornado DDT and then Ali pulls Nese into position for the inward 450 splash and Ali goes up top and hits the move for the three count.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Ariya Daivari is in the back and he yells at someone about the poor job shining his boots.

Daivari bumps into Akira Tozawa in the hall and Daivari talks about how his shirt is worth $1,500. Tozawa screams and Daivari leaves.

We go to commercial with a Cedric Alexander video package.

Match Number Two: Brian Kendrick versus Akira Tozawa

Kendrick kicks Tozawa but Tozawa chops Kendrick. Tozawa forces Kendrick to cover up on a chop attempt and Tozawa with a jab. Kendrick with a shoulder from the apron and he slingshots in. Tozawa with a kick and back senton for a near fall. Tozawa sets for the suicide dive head butt, but Kendrick moves. Tozawa sends Kendrick into the ringside barrier and then they return to the ring. Kendrick goes back to the floor and Tozawa follows. Tozawa with a forearm to the back followed by a chop. Kendrick sends Tozawa into the announce table.

Kendrick stops the count and he hits Sliced Bread #2 off the ring steps. Kendrick has trouble picking up Tozawa so Kendrick goes back into the ring. Tozawa gets back into the ring at the last moment. Kendrick with a kick followed by a butterfly suplex and he gets a near fall. Kendrick with cross faces to Tozawa. Kendrick with an arm bar and he has his leg over Tozawa's neck but Tozawa gets to the ropes.

Kendrick with kicks to Tozawa. Kendrick with a chin lock. Kendrick with a Cobra Stretch but Tozawa gets to his feet for a moment before Kendrick takes Tozawa back to the mat. Tozwa with elbows but Kendrick with an elbow to the back. Kendrick with kicks and punches but it appears to anger Tozawa more than hurt him. Kendrick and Tozawa exchange forearms until Tozawa gains an advantage. Tozawa with a rana and then he knocks Kendrick off the apron with a forearm. Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt. They return to the ring.

Tozawa goes up top and he leaps over Kendrick but Tozawa with a flying boot and a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Tozawa picks up Kendrick for the Saito suplex but Kendrick with elbows. Tozawa with a forearm. Kendrick with a heel kick. Kendrick with a Dragon suplex for a near fall. Kendrick into the Captain's Hook but Tozawa is able to avoid having it fully applied. Tozawa runs into an elbow but Tozawa with a kick and Saito suplex for a near fall.

Tozawa goes up top but he misses a back senton. Kendrick applies the Captain's Hook but Tozawa is able to get to his feet. Tozawa rolls through but Kendrick gets a near fall on a rollup. Tozawa blocks Sliced Bread #2 and gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

After the match, Kendrick attacks Tozawa and sends him to the floor and into the announce table. Kendrick with a side Russian leg sweep into the ring steps. Kendrick does it a second time. Kendrick does it a third time. Kendrick puts Tozawa between the ring steps and Kendrick stands on the top part of the steps and stomps on them.

Kendrick says that he is done with Tozawa.

We go to credits.



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