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Impact Wrestling Results - May 11, 2017

The show opens with a video that chronicles the buildup to tonight's main event between Alberto El Patron and Magnus.

Dezmond Xavier vs Andrew Everett vs Matt Sydal vs Caleb Conley

Sydal takes Conley over with a hurricanrana. Everett takes Sydal over with a hurricanrana. Conley runs in and hurricanrana Everett. Xavier tries a hurricanrana on Conley but Conley tosses Xavier off his shoulders. Multiple roll-up attempts by everyone. Sydal puts Xavier in a modified Indian death lock. Conley puts Everett int a clover leaf. Both manage to get to the ropes. Sydal hits his standing leg drop on Everett and a Franchiser on Xavier at the same time. Sydal goes up top but Xavier cuts him off with a head kick. Conley grabs Sydal off the top rope and dumps him on Xavier. Xavier and Sydal trade kicks. Everett takes them both out with a top rope dropkick.

Everett dives over the top rope with a topé con hilo. Xavier hits a cartwheel splash over the top rope. Sydal catches Everett with a top rope double knee strike. Conley breaks up the fall. Xavier flies out of nowhere and frog splashes Conley. Sydal tries to toss Xavier off the top but Xavier lands on his feet. Everett surprises Xavier with the frankendriver for the win!

Winner- Andrew Everett

Backstage EC3 says he promises he is going to give the crowd a “Cowboy”.

“Cowboy” James Storm’s music plays throughout the arena. EC3 comes out dressed like Stan Hansen. ECowboy3 says this county has a new sheriff (in Elvis’ southern accent). ECowboy3 says he is here to pay homage to the coward James Storm. The world isn’t big enough for the both of them. ECowboy3 says he wrote Storm a song. ECowboy3 sings a song about costing James’ match for the Impact Title. James Storm’s music hits again and Storm appears behind ECowboy3. Storm beats the crap out of ECowboy3. ECowboy3 hits Storm in the head with his cowboy boot. ECowboy3 handcuffs Storm to the middle rope. ECowboy3 EC3 takes off his belt and whips Storm with it.

Jeremy Borash is harassing Josh Matthews from the crowd.

Hakim Zane and Idris Abraham vs Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. 

Kid hurricanranas Zane. Kid picks up Zane in an electric chair. Jr. dropkicks Zane off kids shoulders. Abraham and Zane are about to attack Jr., but Jr. puts his hands up so he can strip. Zane tries to attack but Jr. sends Zane into Abraham. Jr. Finally gets to strip (yay?). Jr. powerbombs Abraham onto Zane. Kid hits a 450 as Jr dives to the outside for the win.

Winners-  Laredo Kid and Garza Jr

Ava Storie vs Laurel Van Ness w/Kongo Kong

Van Ness gets a quick win after a boot to the back of Storie’s head.

Winner- Laurel Van Ness

LAX is shown driving a lowrider through the streets. Konnan says he knows this is a hard day for all of them but they have to go in the arena and make this happen. Santana is holding an Urn

In Ring Segment: LAX- Funeral for Decay

LAX enters the ring to a version of the funeral march with gunshots playing over the track. Konnan says they have to show their respect for their fallen locker room mates Decay. Konnan says who is he kidding and tells Santana and Ortiz to dump out the ashes. Rosemary is shown in the rafters watching. She is seething. Konnan says they are entering the GFW tag title tourney. Konnan says this is all about Latino empowerment. There is a fan waving the flag and Konnan threatens to take the flag and stick it up the fans you know what. Konnan is about to attack but VOW comes out and beats down LAX.

Impact Grand Championship Match: Moose (c) vs Marshe Rockett

Round One 
Moose floors Rockett with a shoulder block. Rockett catches Moose with a Harlem sidekick. Moose boot Rockett in the face. Moose tries to splash Rockett in the corner but Rockett gets a boot-up. Rockett mounts the top rope. Moose leaps up and dropkicks Rockett off the top. Rockett is almost counted out. Moose headbutts Rockett.

Round One Winner- Moose

Round Two

Rockett attacks Moose but Moose tosses him up in the air and hits a pop-up powerbomb. Moose grabs Rockett and drops him with the go to hell for the win.

Winner- Moose

After the match, Tyrus walks out to the ring. Eli Drake attacks Moose from behind. Tyrus heart punches Moose. Chris Adonis runs down to the ring and locks in the Adonis lock on Moose. Adonis lets Moose go so Drake can hit him with a chair.

Dutch Mantell says next week there will be an Ultimate X match.

Angelina Love w/Davey Richards vs Alisha Edwards w/Eddie Edwards

Alisha jumps on Love as soon as the bell rings. Love and Alisha roll out of the ring as they pound on each other. Alisha slams Love’s head into the apron, barricade and anything else she can find. Alisha rolls Love back into the ring. Love surprises Alisha with a clothesline. Multiple inverted curb stomps by Love. Love misses a bicycle kick. Alisha hits the future shock DDT. Richards gets on the apron to distract the referee. Love hits Alisha with a chain. The referee sees the chain and disqualifies Love.

Winner- Alisha Edwards.

After the match, Love beats down Alisha. Edwards gets in the ring to try to get her to stop. Richards hits Edwards int he knee with his own crutch. Richards yells at Edwards to stay down.

GFW Global Title Match: Magnus (c) vs Alberto El Patron

Magnus and El Patron trade punches. Magnus forces El Patron into the corner. El Patron wraps Magnus up with the hanging cross arm breaker. Corner ten punches by El Patron. Basement dropkick by El Patron for a near fall. Magnus manages to catch El Patron with a suplex. Back suplex by Magnus for a two count. Magnus locks in a side headlock. El Patron reverses that into a back suplex of his own. Top rope double ax handle by El Patron. El Patron locks in a rear chin lock.Magnus takes control after a chin breaker. Magnus tries to climb up top but El Patron cuts him off. El Patron and Magnus both fall to the outside.

After a short break, El Patron and Magnus trade strikes. El Patron gets the advantage and caps off his barrage with a step up enziguri in the corner. El Patron misses the basement head kick. Magnus drops El Patron with a Michinoku driver. Magnus hits the top rope elbow but Patron kicks out! Magnus attempts to lock int the cloverleaf but El Patron fights out of it. Magnus takes El Patron and back suplexes him on the ring ramp. El Patron is almost counted out. Magus swings wildly and El Patron hits the backstabber. El Patron locks in the cross arm-breaker. Magnus manages to get to the ropes. Magnus rolls to the outside and attempts to get himself counted out. El Patron goes outside and tosses Magnus back into the ring. El Patron dives off the top by Magnus kicks him in the gut. Magnus slaps on the cloverleaf but El Patron crawls to the bottom rope. El Patron hits the arm breaker then a head kick for a near fall. El Parton tries to lock in the arm-breaker again but Magnus chop blocks him. Magnus sets up a superplex. El Patron drops Magnus in a tree of woe. El Patron misses the double foot stomp. Magnus power bombs El Patron. Magnus picks up El Patron in a fireman’s carry. El Patron reverses it into the cross arm-breaker! Magnus has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and NEW Global Force Wrestling Global Champion, Alberto El Patron!

The show closes with Alberto celebrating his victory with the fans. Below is an exclusive video after Impact. Alberto goes through the crowd and then returns to the ring. He gets on the mic and thanks the fans.



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