WWE Talking Smack Recap (4/25): Baron Corbin Attacks Sami Zayn, Breezango Talk Big Win, JBL, More

Renee Young welcomes us with her new co-host JBL! He says he’s ready to talk some smack as we bring out new Smackdown Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Breezango. They say they would hand out violations but they’re in a good mood, going so far as to approve of JBL and Renee’s hair. Tyler refers to JBL as “Daniel” before Breezango call The Usos “The Ugos.” JBL asks if they believe they’ll become the next tag team champions, and they say that they talked about it and they will win the titles. Breezango say their opinion is that they’re the best tag team, and JBL compares them to The Loveboat before Fandango decides to get up and rip off the shirt. Tyler asks, “who’s weird now?” They talk about Breeze’s selfie stick before JBL says he was the first to say they could be contenders, and Breezango have had enough. JBL gets a ticket from the #1 Contenders and Renee thanks them for joining before they leave. Breeze asks them to have them back on when they win the titles.

We move on to talk about Shinsuke Nakamura and JBL says that he could be one of the biggest stars that the WWE has ever signed. He compares his style to The Undertaker in the sense that you couldn’t draw the gimmick for anyone else and expect it to work, but Shinsuke is so impressive that he makes it happen. JBL says he’s looking forward to seeing Ziggler and Nakamura finally face off.

Renee welcomes our next guest Becky Lynch to the show to talk about what Becky calls the “New Wench Order” of Tamina, Natalya, Carmella & James Ellsworth interfering in the main event. Becky says she believes bad behavior is awarded on SmackDown, and that she won’t break the rules despite JBL’s encouragement. JBL tells Becky that if she “ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’,” and tells kids to cheat on their math tests. Becky says it’s not her style and we move back to the closing moments of SmackDown. She says that the reason she didn’t come out was because it’s not her fight, and that she’s learned more by getting beat down and fighting her own battles. Renee asks how Becky feels about Sasha Banks being on SmackkDown, and Lynch references their rivalry and friendship. JBL says the best part of having friends is stabbing them in the back and Becky asks how he sleeps at night. Becky and JBL talk some rugby before she sings her way off.

Renee Young turns us to the House of Horrors match and what we should expect. JBL compares it to the Boiler Room Brawls and Parking Lot matches of the past, and Renee says it’s no holds-barred but will end up in the ring. He reminds us that only Triple H, John Cena and Ric Flair have held the belt longer than Randy Orton, and that he’s ready for any challenge.

We introduce our final guest Sami Zayn and JBL makes some more dated references. Renee formally welcomes Zayn to SmackDown Live and he says that his fans were asking for the move from Raw to the “land of opportunities.” He says that while it’s the land of opportunities, there are still obstacles and stiff competition. Young asks who he sees as his biggest competition and he says that after what happened in the Six Pack Challenge, he’s still pretty emotionally charged from yet another stolen opportunity. Zayn says if you follow his career, he’s always fought adversity and will continue to do the same here on SmackDown. Renee then asks about what happened tonight with Baron Corbin and Zayn says that he wasn’t likable on NXT, and he isn’t likable now.

Baron Corbin storms in and wipes out Sami Zayn! He’s beating him senseless all over the set and calls him a nobody. Referees try to break things up as JBL and Renee look on. Sami is left recovering on the floor as Corbin walks off to end the show.


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