WWE Talking Smack Recap (3/28): Bryan Responds To Miz-Cena, Guests AJ Styles, Baron Corbin & Naomi

Renee Young welcomes the audience and her co-host Daniel Bryan to this week’s show. They hype it as being the last Talking Smack before WrestleMania. Before Bryan and Renee continue the discussion.

Daniel pauses the show to send out his deepest condolences to Jim Ross and his entire family, due to the tragic loss of his wife Jan, Bryan gives condolences on behalf of the entire WWE. Bryan talks about what a great woman Jan was, and how everyone is deeply saddened by Jim’s loss.

– The discussion then shifts back to WrestleMania this Sunday. Daniel brings up how different things feel for him now as an outsider looking in, rather than as an individual performer. How as a performer, He would only be focused on what he was doing, but now he has more attention on everything that is going on.

AJ Styles joins the show as it’s first guest. Styles says that he is feeling really good about what he is going to do to Shane McMahon at WrestleMania. Bryan asks AJ why he didn’t shake Shane’s hand tonight, “like in the good old days of Ring of Honor”.

– AJ calls the handshake idea by Bryan a bad idea. Daniel agrees that his timing wasn’t very good, because AJ and Shane were about to go at it physically. Daniel admits that the crowd booed him for suggesting the handshake. Renee concurs that Bryan’s handshake idea was awkwardly timed… Styles then goes on to talk the type of match that he is going to have with Shane sunday. How Shane won’t be able to go to his usual bag of tricks of doing high risk leaps or using foreign objects. How Shane is going to be forced to out wrestle him. Renee and Bryan come to Shane’s defense. They put over his history and toughness. Bryan mentions Shane’s MMA training and how he bloodied up Jericho at The Survivor Series. Bryan thinks that Shane has a punchers chance against AJ. Styles admits that Shane can throw down but AJ feels that he can go there, if he has to. Daniel asks AJ if he feels like he has to prove a point at WrestleMania. Styles says that Shane McMahon shouldn’t even be in the ring with him at WrestleMania. That he should be in the main event instead. Styles says that he is going to mow right through Shane sunday, and prove that he deserves to be in the main event. AJ brings up how he still hasn’t gotten his 1 on 1 rematch for The WWE World Championship. He tells Daniel to make a note of that and then instructs him to write it down. Daniel obliges and AJ leaves the show.

– After AJ leaves, Daniel Bryan comes to Styles defense to an extent. He admits that he understands AJ’s frustration. Bryan notes that Styles worked over 200 shows on top, while Shane has wrestled only two matches in the last year. Daniel admits that he can understand where AJ’s line of thinking is. How Styles can think that Shane won’t be able to hang with him. However, Bryan says that Shane has a history of stepping up when he has been in the ring, in the past against many of the WWE’s great performers like Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. Daniel states that this is a match that he is most interested in at Mania, because he is anxious to see if Shane can raise his game to face Styles.

– Before getting to the next topic, Daniel makes a crack about how much Renee’s hair has grown over the last week. Renee admits to having fake extensions put in….

– The next hot topic is The explosive John Cena-Miz segment on Smackdown Live. Renee says that she felt the audience turn after John’s passionate speech in the ring during Miz TV. Bryan says that this is not an easy topic for him to be unbiased on. Daniel and Renee joke about Miz’s portrayal of him during his Total Bellas skit. Bryan pretty much no sells the portrayal of him…. Bryan then puts over The Miz as being very strong verbally. How he is very good at riling people up including himself. Daniel says that Miz was in the ring tonight with someone who can give back stronger than Miz can, in John Cena. Bryan makes note of how John Cena gave Miz an opening to punch him right in the face, and that The Miz didn’t take it. Renee tries to defend The Miz for not punching Cena. Bryan says that it was very telling that Miz didn’t punch Cena. Bryan says that John Cena laid into Maryse the hardest tonight verbally, and that if Bryan was in Miz’s position. Daniel would have punched Cena, solely because he insulted his wife. Daniel says that if Cena had said the things he said to Maryse, to his wife, Brie instead. That he wouldn’t have needed an invite to punch John. That he would have punched him before the sentences were even completed….. Bryan says that even if Brock Lesnar insulted his wife. That he would have punched him in the face. Even if he knew that Lesnar would kill him. Renee ends up agreeing with Bryan, and states how a man’s stock would go down if he didn’t defend his woman’s honor. Renee ends up talking about how the mixed tag match sunday is going to be the most intense match on the show. She believes that it will be the case when Maryse and Nikki are in the ring especially.

– Naomi joins the show. She talks about how happy she is to be back, and talks about how tough it was for her to relinquish the women’s championship last month. A clip is shown of her doing that on Smackdown Live in February. Naomi is excited to be back and to be in her hometown at WrestleMania this Sunday. How it’s all a dream come true for her. Naomi feels that she is mentally and physically stronger now and is ready to glow again. Before Naomi leaves the show. Bryan clowns around with her and tries to do Naomi’s dance moves.

– Bryan and Renee talk about the women’s title match this sunday. Of course, Bryan takes the opportunity to talk about James Ellsworth and his potential involvement in the match. Bryan refers to The Big Hog again and makes another joke about how “The Big Hog” couldn’t be contained in his gear tonight. Renee laughs at Bryan’s on-going sexual reference about Ellsworth….

– Renee intros a video interview from earlier today with Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose. Tom Phillips conducts the interview. Corbin cuts off Tom. Baron ridicules Dean for trying to always be a funny guy. Baron says that Dean wasn’t so funny when he was beating him up. Dean no-sells everything Baron Corbin says. Ambrose then says that at WrestleMania. He is going to take everything that Baron throws at him. Dean then mocks Baron for looking and acting like a bully. Dean promises to reverse their roles at Mania. Baron tells Dean that he is going to finish the job he started at Elimination Chamber by taking The IC title away from Ambrose at Mania. After telling one another to shut up. Dean pretends that he is going to go find Baron. He instead finds a remote control and ends up shutting off Baron’s feed.

– Baron Corbin now joins Talking Smack live. Baron says that Dean thinks that everything is a joke. That there won’t be any remote controls to save him at WrestleMania. That Dean won’t be able to shut him off. Baron calls himself the future of this business. He says that Dean Ambrose is holding his Intercontinental Championship and that he is going to pay for it at WrestleMania. Baron then compares himself to Ambrose. He mocks Dean’s past in hardcore wrestling. How he used to staple other wrestlers in front of 12 rednecks for the simple pay of a hot dog. Baron says that after WrestleMania, that Dean is going to go back to living that lifestyle again. Baron says that he is an elite athlete. That he is the type of person that you can build a brand like Smackdown around. Corbin says that we will see who is laughing after WresleMania.

Renee and Bryan wrap up the show by hyping WrestleMania one last time.

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