WWE Talking Smack Recap (3.14) – Guest: Mickie James, Carmella, Natalya and Becky Lynch

– Renee Young welcomes the audience and her co-host Daniel Bryan to this week’s show. Renee and Bryan talk about tonight’s host city of Smackdown Live, Pittsburgh. They both put the city over as being underrated. Renee talks about going to Jimmy John’s. Which Bryan doesn’t endorse….. They then discuss a sit down interview that Daniel Bryan and Renee Young did with Kurt Angle earlier today. Where they did a 360 degree feature that will be on WWE’s various social media platforms in the coming weeks. Bryan and Angle talked about their careers with the premise being a fantasy dream match between the two. Daniel says that this is the first time that he has met Kurt and he puts him over as being a great guy.

– The first topic of discussion about tonight’s Smackdown Live is an obvious one. AJ Styles attack on Shane McMahon. Which led to Daniel Bryan firing Styles and kicking him out of the building. Only for the show to end with a beaten and battered Shane McMahon implying that he will be AJ’s opponent at WrestleMania. After footage is re-played of what transpired between Styles and Shane. Renee asks Daniel his feelings on what took place. Bryan says that he is angry and that he has lost all respect for AJ after what he did tonight. Bryan says that Shane was an advocate for Styles and that it doesn’t make sense for him to attack Shane. Renee and Bryan then go over the injuries that Shane suffered as a result of the Styles attack. Where Shane not only suffered a laceration on his head but came away with a black eye as well.

– After footage is played of Shane announcing that Styles will now have an opponent for WrestleMania. With the implication being that it would be him. Daniel Bryan says that he needs to talk to Shane because he’s not convinced that he was in the right state of mind at the end of Smackdown Live. Bryan mentions Shane’s slurred speech at the end of Smackdown. Bryan mentions that even though he thinks that AJ is the best wrestler in the company. Bryan still believes that Styles should remain fired based on his actions tonight. Bryan admits that fans are going to be upset with the fact that he has fired Styles. Renee asks Bryan if AJ vs. Shane is a match that everyone wants to see… Bryan states that Shane is not a great wrestler but that he is very tough and has a huge heart. He makes mention of Shane’s historic match with Kurt Angle in 2001. How despite the fact that Shane is not on AJ’s level as a wrestler. That he will go to great lengths to fight him and put out a great effort.

– Mickie James joins the show as it’s first official guest. She is asked about her victory over current Smackdown women’s champion Alexa Bliss. Mickie says that she is happy that she won but that she is disappointed that Alexa Bliss didn’t live up to her promise to her. Mickie states that when she came back to the WWE. Alexa promised her that if she helped her retain the women’s title. That James would get a shot at the title at WrestleMania…. Renee asks Mickie if she is hurt by not having any allies. James says that she learned a long time ago that you don’t have any real friends in the business. That everyone is out for themselves in the end… Mickie is then asked about her opportunity at WrestleMania. Mickie points out that April 2nd is a lucky day for her. That she won her first women’s championship at WrestleMania 22 on that very same date against Trish Stratus.

– Carmella joins the show and interrupts Mickie James. She calls Mickie’s April 2nd story a cute one. She then proclaims that Mickie wasn’t even the most impressive woman on Smackdown tonight. That she was when she laid out Natalya and Becky Lynch. Carmella then points out the gold on her hat and around her neck, and that at WrestleMania. She is going to put gold around her waist. Natalya then joins the show. She rips into Carmella and calls her fake. She then tells Mickie James that she ran her out of the WWE years ago. Nattie calls herself the leader of the locker room now. Becky Lynch is on now. She says that Nattie is leading a locker room filled with snakes and says that Natalya is not her leader. Becky says that she beat Natalya tonight and has done it before in the past. Nattie blames her loss on food poisoning. Lynch then tells James that she has come into the WWE to ride on the back of the other women’s success. Becky lays down a challenge to all the women on Smackdown. Alexa Bliss is up last. She blames Daniel for all the chaos now in the women’s division. Alexa calls all the women “animals”. Becky and Alexa go at it verbally for awhile. Becky makes the women on the set laugh when she implies that Alexa should be getting ready for Christmas. Insinuating that she is a little elf. Alexa brags about being a 2 time champ and says that she is better than everyone woman in the company. Natalya says that Alexa can’t lace her boots. After a couple more minutes of bickering between the women. Alexa walks off the set and the other women soon follow.

– Renee tries to transition to the next topic of The Cena-Nikki Bella match against Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania. Bryan tells Renee that he is still trying to recover from all the women who were just on the set. How he grew up in a household filled with women and how he is now always surrounded by them with The Bellas. Bryan talks about how verbal women can get and how there’s always drama. Renee teases Bryan about his future with a baby girl on the way….. Renee asks Bryan if the drama with the women’s division on Smackdown Live is a good thing. Bryan thinks that it is a good thing for the fans. Renee then asks Bryan who he thinks will win the women’s title match at WrestleMania. Bryan says that he is not sure but that he is looking forward to Carmella’s entrance. Only because he is looking forward to the “Big Hog” James Ellsworth’s entrance. Bryan imagines a scenario where Ellsworth comes out to the ring with Bayley like Balloons. Only the balloons are not exactly balloons. Renee and Bryan both crack up at Bryan’s sexual reference…. Daniel also suggests flesh colored tights for Ellsworth. He says that Giant Gonzalez also had the same attire.

– Bryan and Renee finally get back to the topic of the current Cena-Miz feud. More specifically Maryse’s comments on Smackdown Live about The Bellas and how they betrayed her. Which was featured on the last season of Total Divas…. Daniel says that he is aware of what Maryse was referring to tonight. That she was under the impression that the Bellas somehow blocked her contract and return to the WWE several years ago. Bryan says that he was never aware of any type of political play by The Bellas toward Maryse… Bryan admits that his opinion is not objective on this issue because he is obviously biased towards his wife and sister. He also admits that he hates the Miz and that clouds his judgment on the issue. Renee and Bryan then talk about how “hateable” The Miz actually is. In how he acts and talks. Bryan then compares The Miz’s style of talking to Donald Trump. Bryan says that Miz has a “Donald Trump style of arguing”….. That being louder makes someone right… Bryan then makes a crack about Trump’s perceived views on climate change. Bryan says that Trump would say something like “Climate change is just a hoax by the Chinese”…

– Bryan continues to rant about how much, The Miz gets under his skin……. Bryan admits that the fans are going to be looking forward to the mixed tag match with Cena and Nikki against Maryse and Miz. Renee says that there is legit hatred between Nikki and Maryse and that they are going to go after each other real hard. She calls it a must see match. Bryan hypes the match as a face punching extravaganza. The show ends on this note.


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