WWE Fastlane Results – Mar 5, 2017

WWE Fastlane Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight. The video package is very focused on tonight’s show as a stop on the Road to WrestleMania. Bayley vs. Charlotte and Reigns vs. Strowman get a bit of time, and of course a good deal of time is spent on Owens vs. Goldberg for the Universal Championship.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The crowd is hot right off the bat, and we get right down to business as Sami Zayn’s music hits and the Canadian makes his way down to the ring to a good bit of love from the crowd.

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

We get a recap of the events leading up to this match, including Joe snubbing Sami in a promo, then attacking Sami when Zayn attempts to respond to the comment. Samoa Joe makes his way down the aisle when we cut back to the arena, and there is a contingent of Joe fans in the crowd for sure.

The bell rings and both men circle each other before Joe kicks wildly at Sami. The crowd is solidly behind Zayn singing the Ole chant. Joe is able to connect with a stiff kick to the back of Sami’s leg. Sami shakes it off, then goes right for a headlock. Joe pushes him off, then levels Sami with a nasty kick to the chest. Joe wraps up Sami’s leg in a knee bar before breaking and allowing Sami to stand. Joe chases Sami around the ring with a series of jabs to the face. Sami leap frogs over Joe and takes him over with a headscissors. Sami pounds on Joe in the corner, but Joe is able to turn things around. The ref gets between the two men and Joe drops Sami with a straight right. Joe continues to pepper Sami with jabs to the face while he gets back to his feet. Joe takes Sami into the corner and hits a quick splash and enzugiri that drops Sami again.

Joe rears back and punches Sami square in the jaw. Joe takes Sami to the mat and buries his knee in Zayn’s spine, pulling him back and stretching him in a modified bow and arrow. Sami fights out of the hold and even pins Joe for a second, but Joe comes right back with a nasty knife edge chop. Joe jabs and chops Sami a couple more times, but Sami won’t die, responding with a series of forearms. Joe rolls through, kicking Sami’s legs out from under him, taking him out again for a two count. Joe pulls Sami’s arms behind his back, but Sami is able to flip out of it, and he takes Joe to the mat with a big clothesline. Sami tries for the Blue Thunder Bomb, Joe fights it off with elbows to the back of the head, and then Sami pulls Joe back in, connecting with the BTB this time around.

Sami heads to the top rope, but he’s stopped with a jab from Joe. Sami fights Joe off and leaps over him, but Joe catches Sami with an inverted atomic drop followed by an immediate senton. Joe goes for the quick pin, but Sami won’t stay down. Joe sends Sami into the corner and follows up with a snap powerslam for another near fall. Joe hits Sami with another series of jabs, and Sami collapses to the mat in exhaustion. Joe approaches, and Sami catches him in a small package for two. Sami stuns Joe and heads to the top rope, but Joe is up to stop him again. Joe seats Sami with an enzugiri, and he heads up to the middle rope. Sami is able to fight off Joe’s superplex, and he tries for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Joe hangs on. Sami is able to pull Joe down chin first into the turnbuckle, but when he tries for the Helluva kick, Joe catches him and slams him to the mat. Joe locks in the coquina clutch, and Zayn fades, leading to the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe


After a couple of commercials Bayley is interviewed backstage. She’s asked about defending her Championship on PPV against Charlotte Flair. Bayley says she’s feeling tons of nerves. Charlotte’s got the advantage. She’s undefeated in one on one PPV matches, and she’ll probably bring Dana Brooke out there, but she’s up for the challenge. But Bayley says if Charlotte’s the Champion that she says she is, she’ll leave Dana Brooke in the locker room and we’ll see who the better woman is.

Nia Jax shows up and lets Bayley know that if by some miracle Charlotte doesn’t take the belt from her, Nia will.

– Back in the arena, Enzo and Big Cass make their way down the aisle. Enzo introduces himself and Cass, going through his normal spiel, before asking the crowd how they’re doing. Enzo says Big Gal and Andy talk about being mean and making green, but Cass says they’re all about their Bucks, like Milwaukee. Enzo says they came out swinging like a Milwaukee Brewer. Enzo says from behind, they look like two thumbs up, but Enzo didn’t come to Fastlane to pick up hitchikers, and they’ll drop them where they stand. Enzo says they claim they’re Too Sweet, but soon it’ll be bada boom, realest champs in the room. And they let them know there’s only one word to describe the champs, S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT.

Anderson and Gallows are out next, and they don’t get much of a reaction at all out of the crowd.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Enzo and Big Cass

Anderson and Cass look to kick things off and Cass catches Anderson with a quick knee to the gut before taking him into the corner and continuing the assault with punches to the gut. Cass tags out to Enzo who comes in and lets Cass throw him into Anderson in the corner. Gallows tries to intervene and Cass clotheslines Gallows over the top rope before pressing Enzo and tossing him to the outside on top of Gallows. Enzo brings Anderson back into the ring and catches him with a back elbow, but Anderson catches Enzo with a bicycle kick and takes him to the mat where he grinds him forearm in Enzo’s face.

Anderson makes the tag to Gallows who comes in and hits a clubbing blow to the top of Enzo’s head. Gallows connects with a quick uppercut that levels Enzo. Gallows picks up Enzo easily and slams him down to the mat hard. Gallows clamps on a headlock, trying to wear Enzo down. Enzo is able to fight up to his feet, but Gallows stops him with a knee to the gut. Anderson tags back in and he immediately slams Enzo to the mat before dropping a series of knees to Enzo’s forehead. Anderson goes for the pin after four knees, but he doesn’t get three. Anderson goes right back into the chin lock, continuing to keep himself between Enzo and Cass.

Anderson breaks the hold and clubs him on the back of the neck. Anderson charges Enzo, and Enzo sidesteps him, sending him outside of the ring. Anderson is able to pull Enzo out of the ring, but Enzo takes him out with an enzugiri. Gallows tries to take out Enzo, but eats the ring post instead. Enzo crawls back into the ring, and he leaps for the tag, but Anderson is in from the other side and he takes out Enzo with a nasty kick. Anderson takes Enzo into the corner and tags in Gallows who immediately goes to work with some huge body shots and a big right hand to the jaw that puts Enzo down for a two count.

Gallows misses an elbow drop, and he tags out to Anderson. Enzo drags himself to his feet, and when Anderson charges him in the corner, Enzo moves and Anderson launches himself into the turnbuckles. Enzo makes the tag and Cass comes in hot, taking Anderson out with a couple of fall away slams, splashes, and a big side slam. Cass hits the ropes and connects with the Empire Elbow before sending Gallows to the floor with a big boot. Anderson rolls up Cass for two, but Cass responds with a big boot, tags in Enzo, and Enzo heads to the top. Enzo leaps off the top in an assisted splash on Anderson, but Gallows pulls Enzo out of the ring. Things break down into a brawl on the outside. Enzo wipes out Gallows on the floor with a dive from the apron. Enzo heads back into the ring and eats a knee to the jaw from Anderson. Anderson pins Enzo, and Enzo gets his foot on the ropes, but Gallows is right there to throw it off. Anderson gets the three count, and this one is over.

Winners and STILL RAW Tag Team Champions: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


Mick Foley is shown backstage talking to Stephanie McMahon on the phone. Stephanie’s plane is stuck and she doesn’t think she’s going to be able to make it to the show. Stephanie says she needs Mick to make sure that both the Raw Women’s Championship and the Universal Championship matches go off without a hitch. When Mick tells Stephanie to relax, she says she’s going to stay on the line with Mick throughout the rest of the show. Stephanie says she wants to talk about Samoa Joe, before asking if she’s on speaker phone. Mick picks up the phone and talks to her briefly about Joe before seeming to get yelled at, and hanging up the phone.

– We get a recap of the history between Nia Jax and Sasha Banks that really is just Nia Jax completely dominating Banks time after time.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Back in the arena, Nia Jax is the first woman to make her way to the ring, and the crowd seems very apathetic.

After introducing some of the foreign announce teams, Sasha Banks makes her way out, and the crowd is much more excited to see the Boss than Nia.

The bell rings and Sasha goes right in with a series of back elbows. She ducks a clothesline and goes in with a series of forearms to Nia’s face. Sasha continues the assault, working over Nia in the corner. Nia shoves her away and Sasha takes her out with a dropkick to the knee. Nia is quick to come back taking Sasha out with a nasty backbreaker, stretching Sasha over her knee. Sasha breaks out of the submission with a series of knees to Nia’s face.

Sasha tries to roll up Nia, but Nia fights it off and shoves Sasha off before knocking her right to the mat. Nia goes for the pin, but Sasha kicks out at two. Nia wraps Sasha up in the ropes and pulls back, using the ropes for leverage. Nia takes Sasha into the corner and hip checks her head into the middle turnbuckle. Nia takes Sasha into the middle of the ring and buries her knee in Sasha’s back, pulling back on both of her arms.

Sasha fights off Nia with a series of kicks to the face, but Nia comes right back by launching Sasha across the ring. Nia plants her foot in the middle of Sasha back and grabs her arms, pulling them back before stomping her down into the mat. Nia continues to work over Banks’ back and arms, putting her knee in Sasha’s back and pulling back on her arms. Sasha fights to get up to her feet and she’s pulled right back down to the mat by Nia. Nia tries to whip Sasha out of the corner, but Sasha hangs on. Nia comes back by slamming Sasha’s face into the turnbuckle and ripping her out of the corner.

Nia gets Sasha in a torture rack and does squats with Sasha on her back. Sasha doesn’t quit, and she’s able to work it over into a guillotine hold. Nia tries to counter out with a suplex, but Sasha flips over and clamps on a sleeper. Nia backs into the corner, but Sasha only drops the hold momentarily, leaping off the middle rope and locking in another sleeper. Nia whips Sasha over and off her back. Nia beats on Sasha in the corner, but Sasha is able to flip things around, taking Nia to the mat and locking in a nasty rear chin lock. Nia breaks the hold and lifts Sasha up, planting her down on the mat. Nia hits the ropes and drops and leg on Sasha’s back.

Nia asks Sasha who she thinks she is before grabbing her by the sides of her head and whipping her around. Nia shoulders Sasha, but Sasha comes back by rolling up Nia and she bridges over, holding Nia down for the three count

Winner: Sasha Banks

Sasha immediately bails from the ring, and Nia looks at her in the ring, seething with disappointment.

– We get a recap of earlier tonight where Mick Foley was asked by Jinder Mahal for a singles match, and Rusev wanted one as well. Both men were granted matches, but they have to go to the ring at the same time to decide who goes first.

– Jinder Mahal makes his way out to the ring first and he’s followed very shortly by Rusev.

Both men argue with eachother over who will have the first match, and instead, they end up pushing and brawling. Rusev throws Mahal out of the ring and he goes out after. When Rusev goes to the floor, Mahal throws him into the ring post and hits a boot to the face, sending Rusev into the timekeeper’s area. Cesaro’s music hits, and it looks like he’ll be coming out for the first match, and Sheamus makes his way out as well to accompany Cesaro.

Jinder Mahal vs. Cesaro

The bell rings and we get a lockup right away. Cesaro goes behind Mahal and the two chain wrestle for a bit before Mahal bails into the ropes. Jinder catches Cesaro with a couple of big right hands to the side of the head before sending him into the corner. Jinder pushes Cesaro into the ropes and hits him with a couple of stiff forearms to the spine. Cesaro comes back and takes Jinder down with an elbow before kicking him in the back. Cesaro connects with a gutwrench suplex, then takes Mahal over with a backbreaker. Mahal rolls out to the apron, and Cesaro heads to the middle rope, trying for a suplex, but Jinder fights it off, and seats Cesaro in the corner. Jinder heads into the ring and hits Cesaro with a dropkick to the spine before grinding his boot into Cesaro’s face.

Jinder hits Cesaro with a couple of back elbows to the face and a short arm clothesline. Jinder clamps on a rear chin lock, but Cesaro is able to fight out of it. Jinder hits the ropes and connects with a running knee to put Cesaro down for another near fall. Jinder continues the assault with a quick dropkick to a seated Cesaro. Jinder rips at Cesaro’s face, and stops an attempted comeback with an Irishi whip into the corner, and a series of knees to Cesaro’s chest. Jinder tries for a suplex, but Cesaro blocks it and delivers a beautiful suplex of his own. Jinder is up first and he hits Cesaro with a couple of stiff rights, but Cesaro comes right back with a series of European uppercuts. Cesaro whips Mahal across the ring and hits a running uppercut, then does the same on the other side of the ring. Cesaro hits a drop toe hold that puts Jinder in position. Cesaro connects with the Swiss One Nine, then heads to the top for a giant cross body that’s good for a two count.

Cesaro tries for the swing, but Jinder makes it to the ropes and connects with a straight kick to Cesaro’s chest. Jinder sees Rusev, who’s made it back to his feet. When Jinder turns around, he walks right into a pop-up European uppercut, and Cesaro gets the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

Rusev makes his way into the ring right after the match, taking Jinder and tossing him shoulder first into the ring post. Rusev dismantles Mahal with a series of right hands before he buries his shoulder in Mahal’s gut repeatedly. Rusev backs up and hits a huge kick to Jinder, but he’s interrupted by the Big Show’s music.

Rusev vs. The Big Show

Show comes down to the ring and hits an immediate big boot on Rusev before taking Rusev corner to corner, battering him with right hands and some disgusting overhand chops to the chest. Rusev bails out to the floor, and Show follows, shoving Rusev into the barricade before tossing him back into the ring. Show knocks Rusev to the mat before standing on his back and choking him against the bottom rope. Show connects with a nasty head butt that knocks Rusev right to the mat. Rusev tries to crawl out of the ring, but Show pulls him back in and tosses him in the corner, following with an immediate splash. Show is moving with incredible agility, continuing the assault by choking Rusev against the middle rope. Show connects with a brutal reverse DDT, but it’s not enough for three.

Rusev tries to fight back with a couple of big clotheslines, but Show shakes the off and comes back with a couple of huge clotheslines of his own. Show splashes Rusev in the corner, and Rusev comes back with a chop block to Show’s knee. Rusev takes the advantage, kicking and stomping at Show, scoring a two count. Rusev grabs Show’s leg and stretches it, causing Show to scream in pain. The crowd gets behind Show with a USA chant, and Show breaks the hold by slamming his forearm down across Rusev’s face. Show takes Rusev down with a side slam, but it’s only enough for two. Rusev rolls out to the floor, and Show grabs him, bringing him back up to the apron. Rusev drops Show’s throat across the top rope. When he makes it back into the ring, Show catches Rusev around the throat. Rusev avoids the chokeslam, and kicks Show in the back of the leg, bringing him to his knees. Rusev kicks Show in the side of the head three times in a row, but Big Show doesn’t stay down for a three count.

Rusev stomps Show’s back three times and he tries for the Accolade, but Show fights it off and shoves Rusev out of the ring. When Rusev heads back in, Show catches him with an immediate chokeslam. Show isn’t done, pulling down his strap and connecting with a second chokeslam. The crowd is asking for one more, and Show is happy to oblige, putting Rusev back down to the mat with a third chokeslam. Show drags Rusev into the corner, seating him against the bottom turnbuckle. Show hits the knockout punch on Rusev, drags him back toward the middle of the ring, and pins him for three.

Winner: The Big Show


Kevin Owens is interviewed and asked about tonight being his biggest match to date. He asks why it’s his biggest match. Is it because Goldberg beat Lesnar? Who else has Goldberg beat in the last few months, five years, ten years? Goldberg has beaten one man, once. It doesn’t impress Owens. Owens has beaten them all, Ambrose, Rollins, Cena. He’s not going to let anyone take this title from him tonight. He’s outsmart Goldberg, outwrestle him, and beat him, just like he’ll do with anyone else. Whether it’s Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar, or the Rock. Owens is the best, and not even the mighty Goldberg can change that. It’s the Kevin Owens show, tonight, tomorrow night, and as long as he wants it to be.

– Austin Aries is in the house for commentary, and he talks about what an outpouring of love there was for his package, so they’re going to show it again. Aries talks about how his package was so massive it had to be edited down heavily. After the innuendo that Vince McMahon must be loving, Jack Gallagher makes his way out to the ring for the next match. Neville is next!

Cruiserweight Title
Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher

Gallagher offers his hand before the match, but Neville sneers. The bell rings and Neville pushes Jack away quickly. Gallagher is able to trap Neville’s leg before dropping it and talking a bit of smack. Jack works over Neville’s arm for a bit before doing a headstand in the corner. Neville pulls Jack down, but Gallagher heads right back up into another headstand. When Neville charges in, Gallagher hits a dropkick out of the corner. Both men get in a couple of good shots and Jack connects with a dropkick that sends Neville out of the ring. Neville pulls Jack out of the ring and throws him hard into the barricade. Neville throws Jack back into the ring and he heads to the top rope. Neville leaps off with a missile dropkick, but Gallagher kicks out at two.

Neville stomps away at the back of Jack’s head before grinding his boot in for good measure. Neville takes Gallagher into the corner and stomps away repeatedly at Jack’s head and chest. Jack comes back with a head butt to the gut and a couple of uppercuts, but Neville is quick to respond with a suplex. Neville takes Jack to the mat again for another two count. Jack backs away, and Neville gloats to the crowd before grinding his boot down on the back of Jack’s neck. Neville traps Gallagher in a rear chin lock, pulling back hard.

Gallagher fights out of the hold and takes Neville out with a couple of dropkicks. Neville rolls out of the ring and Gallagher flies through the ropes with an awesome plancha that wipes out Neville. Jack brings things back into the ring and walks right into a rear elbow from Neville in the corner. Jack shrugs it off and seats Neville on the top turnbuckle. Jack stands on the top rope with Neville and hits a belly to back superplex, taking Neville down for a two count. Jack charges Neville, but Neville picks him up and drops him ribs first on the top rope. Neville drives Gallagher down into the mat, then he tries for a German suplex, but Gallagher counters with a rollup. Neville pushes Jack into the ropes and hits a nasty German suplex. Neville hits a phoenix splash from the middle rope, and Jack Gallagher kicks out at two somehow.

Neville kicks Gallagher back down to the mat, then kicks him in the gut and face when he stands back up. Jack continues to stand up time after time. Neville hits the ropes and Jack avoids a kick, hitting a head butt to Neville’s neck. Neville connects with a kick, and Gallagher hits the ropes, bouncing off and hitting another big head butt to the neck. Gallagher falls on top of Neville for a pin, but Neville kicks out at two. Gallagher tries for the dropkick in the corner, but Neville moves and connects with a big kick to send Jack to the apron. Neville pulls Jack up to the top rope in the corner. Jack fights Neville off and he seats Neville on the top rope, connecting with a vicious head butt that sends Neville reeling on the top rope. Jack tries for a superplex, but Neville pushes him off and connects with the Red Arrow. Neville goes right for the pin, and he gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Neville

Neville grabs his title and quickly makes his way to the back while Gallagher holds his head in his hands on the outside.


Paul Heyman shows up for a surprise interview. He’s asked whether this means Brock Lesnar may be close behind. Heyman says Lesnar has that right. Whether he chooses to exercise that right is up to his client. Whoever wins tonight, Lesnar is the winner. If Goldberg wins tonight, Lesnar will win the Universal title at WrestleMania. And if Owens wins, he may expose a weakness of Goldberg that Lesnar may not have recognized, and then Goldberg goes into Mania with a weakness exposed, and then Lesnar wins and goes looking for the Universal Champion. The ultimate winner of tonight is his client Brock Lesnar.

In the Arena:

New Day make their way out to the arena, and they’ve got an ice cream cart, which gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Xavier Woods says when they first had the idea for Booty-O’s, the only thing they had was a t-shirt and a dream, but all the fans made sure their voices were heard. Big E begins singing Randy Orton’s theme song. Woods shakes it off and says they made a dream turn into reality. Kofi says they stand in front of them with a t-shirt and a dream. Big E begins to rap about reading Word Up Magazine. Kofi says someone has an opportunity, and he asks who? The WWE Universe baby! They have an opportunity to make their voices heard. Woods says they want this to happen, that’s why they’ve brought out this New Day bike (the ice cream cart), with stickers all over it, and they’re gonna ride it all the way to being the hosts at this year’s WrestleMania. Because New Day Rocks.

– The announcers throw it right to a video package for Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns which highlights the absolute dominance of Strowman as of late, and his recent issues with Roman Reigns.

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the first man out for the next match, and Reigns gets a ton of heat on his way down the ramp.

Braun Strowman is out next, and Strowman gets a pretty good reaction on his way to the ring.

We get a lockup and Braun backs Roman into the corner before whipping him across the ring. Roman tries to go behind Braun, but Braun catches Roman with an elbow and throws him out of the ring. Roman gets up to the apron, and Braun knocks him right back down with a big right hand. Roman heads up to the apron and drops Strowman throat first on the top rope. Roman begins to fight back with a big boot in the corner, a series of right hands, and he sends Braun out of the ring. Roman follows to the outside, and Strowman launches him sending him toward the ring steps. Reigns is able to leap over the steps to avoid a collision. He goes back to Braun and ends up backed into the ring post. Back in the ring and Roman continues to assault Braun, hitting him with repeated right hands. Braun breaks Roman’s momentum with a spinebuster. Strowman sends Reigns into the corner before hitting a Beale toss to send Reigns across the ring. Braun picks up Roman and Beale’s him out of the corner again before clamping on a nerve hold.

Reigns powers out of the holds and shoulders Braun, but Braun fights out and shoulders Roman, dropping him with a Samoan drop. Strowman launches himself with a splash on Roman, going for the pin, but he only gets two. Braun works right into a rear chin lock, wrenching back on Roman’s neck. Roman tries to fight out, but Braun connects with a bunch of clubbing blows to the chest, and Braun transitions into another rear chin lock. Roman grabs Strowman by the beard and fights up to his feet. Reigns is out of the hold and he hits Strowman with a big clothesline, then a second, but Strowman doesn’t go down. Strowman grabs Roman by the back of the neck and slams him face first to the mat. Braun goes for the pin, but only gets two. Braun tosses Roman out of the ring, and he’s quick to follow.

Roman tries to fight back, but Braun puts him right back down and takes apart the Spanish announcer’s table. Strowman shoulders Roman, but Roman fights out of it, and he pushes Braun into the ring post. Roman tries for the drive by, but Strowman catches him by the throat, and tosses him into the ring post instead. Strowman charges Roman in the corner, but he misses and hits shoulder first with the ring post. Roman takes advantage, hitting a series of right hands before taking him across the ring for a series of clotheslines in the corner. Braun tries for a chokeslam, but Roman fights out of it and connects with a Samoan drop.

Roman sets up for a Superman punch, but Braun avoids it and picks up Reigns, shouldering him and dropping him to the mat hard. Braun pounds on Roman in the corner, but when he charges in with a big boot, Roman moves and Braun flies over the top rope and out to the floor. Roman heads out to the floor and hits the drive-by, connecting this time. Roman goes for a spear on the floor, but Strowman stops him immediately and shoulders him. Braun charges and hits a running powerslam through the Spanish announcer’s table.

Strowman tosses Reigns back into the ring and he follows. Reigns hits an immediate spear, but Braun is able to kick out at two. Reigns sets himself up in the corner, but he’s stopped and backed into the corner by his throat. Braun goes for a splash, but Roman moves. Roman connects with a Superman punch, and Braun is still up. A second, and he’s supported by the ropes, but still standing. Reigns hits the ropes, and Strowman stops him with a huge shove. Strowman heads up to the top rope and he stands, leaping off with a giant splash. Roman is able to move and Braun crashes to the mat. Roman connects with a spear when Strowman stands, and Roman is able to get the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, we get replays as both recover. Reigns gets to his knees in the ring while Braun is down on the outside. Reigns gets up as we see the WrestleMania 33 banner in the background. Reigns climbs the corner and poses to a mixed reaction.


Mick Foley is backstage chasing down Samoa Joe. Foley says Stephanie is not here tonight. He knows if she was, she wouldn’t want Joe getting involved in Kevin Owens’ match tonight. And neither would Owens, he wouldn’t want a tainted victory. Foley says he wants this to be the last time he sees Joe’s face tonight, otherwise there will be hell to pay. He tells Joe to have a nice day and walks off.

– Cole throws it to a video package that highlights Bayley’s journey to the Raw Women’s Championship, and Charlotte’s confidence about regaining the title and continuing her undefeated PPV streak.

RAW Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte

Charlotte makes her way out for the next match, and she’s accompanied by her protege Dana Brooke. Charlotte tells Dana to get off the stage, and Dana looks shocked, but she does head toward the back.

Bayley is out next, and there seem to be a good bit of Bayley fans in the auidience, as the crowd goes nuts when the Bayley buddies inflate.

Jojo does formal ring introductions for both women, and we’re ready to begin.

The bell rings and we get a lock up after a bit of posturing. Charlotte backs Bayley into the corner and breaks clean, smiling on her way back. Charlotte takes Bayley down to the mat, but Bayley is able to escape. Both women continue trading holds, and Charlotte connects with a couple of shoulder tackles that send Bayley into the corner to recover. Bayley takes Charlotte to the ground and rolls her up a few times in a row with no success. Bayley is able send Charlotte to the apron and knock her off to the floor by slamming her head into the turnbuckle.

Bayley wipes out Charlotte on the floor, then brings her back into the ring and hits a cross body from the top rope for two. Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly, but Charlotte hangs on to the top rope and bails to the floor. Bayley follows and runs right into a clothesline from Charlotte. Charlotte brings things back into the ring and hits Bayley with a series of forearms to the face. Charlotte grabs Bayley in a sleeper hold and yanks her back and forth. Bayley breaks the hold with an arm drag, but Charlotte is able to drive Bayley to the mat with a knee to the side of the head, and she follows up with a series of knees to the head, but Bayley won’t stay down for the pin.

Charlotte traps Bayley’s head with her legs and slams her head into the ring repeatedly before flipping her over a couple of times. Charlotte breaks the hold and kips up, strutting to a load of heat. Charlotte asks Bayley where her partner is, and she chops her repeatedly. Charlotte tells Bayley she’s a cheater. Bayley fights back for a bit, but she’s stopped cold by a neckbreaker. Charlotte puts the boots to Bayley in the corner before trying for a couple of pins. Charlotte drops Bayley down neck first across her knee a couple of times before holding her in a modified dragon sleeper. Bayley tries to fight out, but Charlotte drops a leg across Bayley’s midsection to put her down for a two count.

Charlotte heads to the top rope, stepping on Bayley on her way across the ring. Charlotte connects with a moonsault and follows up with a front flip senton, but Bayley will not stay down for three. Charlotte keeps telling Bayley that she’s just a fan. Charlotte chops Bayley a couple of times, knocking her down to the mat. Charlotte sends Bayley into the corner and Bayley pops right out with a clothesline. Bayley connects with knees to Charlotte’s stomach and a series of back elbows. Bayley takes Charlotte down and hits a series of right hands. Charlottes heads to the apron, and Bayley brings her back into the ring through the ropes, dropping her to the mat hard. Bayley connects with a belly to back suplex, but it’s not enough to keep Charlotte down for three.

Bayley is able to hang Charlotte up in the corner in a tree of woe, and she hits a sloppy springboard leg drop before knocking Charlotte out of the corner and dropping an elbow. Bayley heads to the top, and Charlotte drops out to the apron. Bayley and Charlotte fight on either side of the corner, and Charlotte ends up seated on the top turnbuckle. Bayley hits a hurricanrana from the top rope, then she heads back up and leaps off with an elbow drop. Bayley pins Charlotte and gets two. Charlotte is able to dump Bayley to the outside, and when she makes her way back into the ring, she runs into a big boot. Charlotte connects with Natural Selection, but Bayley is still able to kick out at two! Bayley rolls up Charlotte for two. Bayley kicks Charlotte out of the ring when she tries for the Figure Four.

Bayley heads to the apron and Charlotte body slams her to the floor. Charlotte heads to the top rope, and Sasha Banks runs down the apron, distracting Charlotte. Charlotte takes out Sasha, sending her into the ring apron and allowing Bayley to hit the Bayley to belly on the outside. Charlotte rolls up Bayley and grabs the tights and Sasha points it out, so the ref breaks it up. Bayley connects with the Bayley to belly and she pins Charlotte for the three count, retaining, and breaking Charlotte’s streak.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Bayley gets her title as we go to replays. Bayley celebrates with her title and thanks Sasha as we go to break.

– The announcers hype Raw Talk after Fastlane, and they also talk about whether or not Seth Rollins will be able to compete at Mania, recapping Graves asking Rollins outright on Monday Night Raw, and the showdown with Triple H where Rollins vowed to be at Mania to face Hunter.

– We get the last video package of the night, which highlights the return of Goldberg since Survivor Series, and Kevin Owens’ resentment of Goldberg, and his belief that he has beat everyone of note, and belief that he will win tonight.

WWE Universal Title
Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens (c)

Goldberg is the first man to make his way out to the ring, flanked by security on his way to the ring, he gets a big pop when he steps out into the arena and through his pyro.

Kevin Owens is out next, and the Champion makes his way slowly to the ring. When Owens does get to the ring, he holds his title up and talks smack to Goldberg.

Jojo does formal ring introductions for both men, and we’re ready for the main event.

Kevin Owens bails from the ring, and Goldberg grins before telling Owens to come into the ring. Owens slowly makes his way back up to the apron, then goes back out to the floor.

Owens slowly makes his way up to the apron, gets into the ring, and hits the mat, rolling right back to the outside. Owens paces around the outside of the ring, then finally gets in. Owens calls for the bell to ring. Chris Jericho’s music hits, and Owens is distracted. Goldberg hits the spear. Goldberg connects with the Jackhammer, and he gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Goldberg

The fans are loving it as Jericho smirks and makes his way to the back and Goldberg poses with the belt.

The show ends with Goldberg walking over and hugging his wife and son, and what look to be other family members, before holding his title up in front of the Mania sign.


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