Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary PPV Results: Adam Cole vs Christopher Daniels, 3-Way Tag Team Street Fight, Broken Hardyz, Young Bucks & More

Ian Riccaboni welcomes us to Las Vegas as our lead commentator for the night, joined by Kevin Kelly and Colt Cabana. We are starting things off with a previously unadvertised match…

King takes the advantage early on and stays in control, as Caprice Coleman taunts White from ringside. White is in a bad way for several minutes, but comes out of nowhere with a Kokeshi headbutt in honor of Honma. The match goes back and forth but King controls the majority of the action. White hit a burst of momentum and hit a tope suicide to the floor, but Coleman pulled his partner out of the way and took the hit himself. They start throwing rights and lefts at each other until White charges up, but runs into a huge spinebuster. They brawl up to the top rope and jockey for position, but neither man can take advantage. King rolls him up, but White counters with a roll-up of his own and sneaks the victory. Winner: Jay White 

ROH TV Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Guys start flying to the outside as soon as the match begins. Sabin hit a shooting star press off the apron to the floor, and Martinez ended the chaos by flying over the ropes and taking everyone down. Kaz and Page teamed up and beat down Cheeseburger as Colt put over how he’s never going to take anyone down; on queue he started throwing headscissors takedowns and cleared the ring. Silas attacked him from behind, and Page looked to kill Burger on the ring apron with a Fade to Black, but Martinez of all people stopped him. Punishment took out Page with a Side Effect on the apron, and in a rare moment celebrated with some fans, but turned around into a tope from Sabin. Burger hits a big lariat and tries to sneak a pinfall, but it’s broken up by Kazarian, but levels him with the Ace of Spades for the win. Kaz will now get a shot at the ROH TV title. Winner: Kazarian

Top Contender’s Match
They started things slow, feeling each other out, until Fish just straight up kicks Lethal in the chest and knocks him out of the ring. Lethal took a minute to reevaluate before locking up again and whipped Fish out of the ring with an arm drag, then mockingly held down the ropes to let him back in. He tried for a tope suicida but crashed and burned into the barricade. From there Fish took control of the action and dominated the match, slowing things down and working him over. Eventually Lethal fought his way back and went for the tope suicida again, this time connecting. Both guys rolled into the ring right before the ten count and started throwing big rights and lefts back and forth. Fish lit him up with kicks and rushed him into the corner. He looked for the ankle lock, twirled him around but Lethal countered beautifully into a cutter out of nowhere. He went up top looking for Hail to the King, but Fish countered into an armbar and transitioned right into the ankle lock! Lethal looked like he was going to tap out, but pulled himself into the ropes. He went back up and this time connected with Hail to the King for a nearfall. He hit a superkick, but Fish responded with an enzuigiri, but turned around into a second rope cutter. He set up for the Lethal Injection, but Fish countered, started kicking him down, but Lethal dropped him with the Lethal Injection for the win. Winner: Jay Lethal

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championship
The Boys had their own harem of Boys for their entrance, and even more Boys came out carrying Dalton Castle. Vinny and TK brawled to the floor with the Boys as Castle hit Matt Taven with a big German suplex. The trio posed in the ring and hyped up the crowd as the champions took a breather. Commentary argued on how to tell the Boys apart as Colt Cabana trashed them, stemming back to his last feud with them in ROH. The champs took control until the Boys started switching in and out with some Twin Magic, which made Colt go insane; he started yelling at the referee, trying to tell him what they were up to. Castle tried for the Bangarang but TKO countered with a roll-up for a nearfall. He then flew off the apron with a springboard moonsault taking out the Boys, but his legs landed hard on the barricade. Taven called an audible and ended the match immediately with a two-man Supernova on one of the Boys to retain. A flock of trainers and officials came out to help RKO to the back. Winners and Still Champions: The Kingdom

ROH World TV Championship
Scurll caught Rush in the apron duster at the start of the match and killed him with a superkick. He started targeting his arm and fingers, stomping away at him and working the match at his own pace. Rush came out of nowhere with stiff elbows, chopping down the champion. He came up empty on a top rope dive and went right to the corner with chops, but Scurll dumped him hard into the turnbuckles. They went back and forth, counter after counter every time Scurll hit an elbow or uppercut, or looked for the chicken wing, Rush dropped him with enzuigiris. Both guys start leveling each other with rights and lefts, going crazy. Rush hits the ropes looking for Rush Hour 2, but Scurll caught him with the chicken wing! Rush escaped the hold, Scurll hit him with a piledriver, but the challenger kicked out a two-and-a-half. He set up for it again, but Rush took it over and looked for a piledriver of his own; Scurll countered it but ran right into Rush Hour! 1…2…champion kicks out. Lio showed his frustration and grabbed the title belt, but settled for a roundhouse kick instead. He hit a splash off the top rope, but we have yet another kickout. Rush snapped and was beyond upset at this point that he couldn’t put away the champion, and began setting up chairs on the floor. He tried to hit Rush Hour off the top rope to the floor, but got caught with the Tower of London! 1…2…challenger kicked out! Scurll trapped him in the chicken wing, removed the medical tape on Rush’s shoulder, and pounded away on the limb until Rush finally tapped out. Winner and Still Champion: Marty Scurll

Bully Ray started the match with a short promo saying “do you know who we are?” Davey Boy suplexed both of the Briscoes, and the responded by doing the Wazzup spot with a second rope elbow drop instead of a headbutt. War Machine completely had their way with Mark Briscoe for the first few minutes of the match, with Smith occasionally tagging in to hit a few big power moves of his own. He locked him in a Liontamer, but Jay broke it up only to get thrown hard into the barricade on the outside. Hanson knocked Bully Ray off the apron and they continued to isolate Mark from his team as the match continued. Eventually Mark threw the big Hanson with a suplex and made the hot tag to his brother, who fired up on Rowe and cleaned house. There was a bit of dissension between the opposing team, as Davey Boy kept blind tagging himself in and arguing with War Machine. This opened the door for the Bully Ray hot tag. Davey tried to solo the entire enemy team but his ego got the best of him. The Briscoes took down Hanson, but Rowe killed Mark with a huge suplex. Jay responded with a tope suicide to the floor, and the match completely devolved into chaos. Jay hit the Jay Driller on Rowe, followed by a Froggy Boy from Mark. Hanson walked into a triple team 3D for the pinfall. Winners: Bully Ray & The Briscoes

Davey Boy Smith Jr. and War Machine got into after the match, and started brawling until security had to come out and separate them.

Vegas Street Fight for the ROH Tag Team Titles
Let’s see how much of the match we can keep up with… RPG crushed everyone with trash cans immediately. The Bucks hit Rocky with a springboard X-Factor, but he dodged the Meltzer Driver and took them both out. Trent took out Matt Jackson with a trash can lid to the face, but the Hardyz hit the ring and dumped him to the outside. We got a stare down between the Broken ones and the Bucks, but RPG kept trying to get back into the match, so they powerbombed Trent into the ramp. The Bucks hit stereo superkicks to Matt and Jeff, but came up empty on their attempts at the Jeff Hardy second rope leg drop. Jeff introduced a ladder into the match but Rocky dropkicked it into his face. Trent returned to the ring but Jeff promptly smashed him in the face with another trash can. Matt Jackson with a superkick to Jeff, Matt Hardy with a sit-down powerbomb, but Nick caught him with a superkick to break up the pin. Trent got absolutely destroyed, tossed into the ladder, and all the guys ended up kicking each other to the floor. Nick Jackson climbed a ladder, and used it to springboard off the ropes to take down the entire pile of humanity. The Bucks then went to work on Trent again, with Nick hitting a 450 splash through a trash can. Matt Hardy started literally biting on Nick’s face, until Matt Jackson caught him with another superkick. RPG takes superkicks, Matt hits the Side Effect on Nick, but one of the Bucks got his knees up to counter a Swanton Bomb from Jeff. Rocky brings a bag into the ring and takes out… a sleeve covered in thumb tacks. He hits clotheslines on everyone in the corners, before RPG hits Strong Zero on one of the Bucks for a very close nearfall. Trent now has another bag and dumps out a bunch of thumbtacks, and the crowd loses their minds. The Bucks caught him with superkicks and plant him with a facebuster into the tacks! Matt Jackson gets a handful of thumbtacks, puts them in Trent’s mouth, and Nick superkicks him! HOLY ***! They pick up Rocky and kill him with the Meltzer Driver into the tacks! Matt Hardy recovers and the brothers hit Twist of Fates on the Bucks, but everyone lands on the tacks and they’re all dead. Eventually Jeff grabs a ladder as Matt gets a table and they’re set up in the ring; the table is missing a leg, so it gets set up on the ropes. Trent gets put on the table, and Jeff hits him with a Swanton Bomb off the top of the ladder, into the thumbtacks. 1…2…3. Winners and Still Champions: The Broken Hardyz! 

The Hardyz celebrated their victory as a sea of bodies and hardware littered the ring. They stole the Young Bucks’ Superkick Championships and left with them!

ROH World Championship Match
The crowd breaks into a massive duel chant of “Fallen Angel, Adam Cole”. They start things out with some chain grappling, but Cole isn’t taking the challenger seriously and is mocking him throughout. He keeps doing the “Adam Cole Baybay” taunt, and eventually Daniels gets sick of it and just punches him square in the face. Cole regains control and continues his taunt, yelling that nobody cares about Daniels, but Daniels responds by dumping him to the floor and hitting a springboard moonsault to the outside to take him down. Cole throws him into the ring post, then superkicks his head into the metal, busting him open hard. The champ reacts like a shark in the water, slamming his head into the post again and staying on top of him. Cole chokes him in the ropes, and in a sick move takes a pool of his opponent’s blood and smears it over his chest. Now in complete control, he continues to mock the challenger, and puts him in a side headlock while blood pours from his face. The crowd has turned mostly in favor of Daniels as commentator puts over that he now has to worry about the champion, his own blood, and the threat of a referee stoppage. Cole continues to kick him in the face, over and over again, yelling at him to stay down. He once again taunts with the “Adam Cole Baybay!”, but Daniels pops up and catches him with an STO into the Koji Clutch! Cole gets to the ropes, breaking the hold, and levels him yet again with a kick to the head. He yells at Daniels that he has “never in his life been on his level”, and that he will “never in his life be ROH champion”, completely turning the crowd. He then crosses the line, saying that after he wrecks him, he’ll go to his home and wreck his wife; Daniels gets back up and has a demonic look in his eyes, and goes face to face with the champion as a bloody mess. They go at it with rights and lefts, and Daniels hits a weak Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He hits a straight-jacket suplex from the top rope, drops him with an STO and sets up for the Best Moonsault Ever, but is caught with a superkick. Cole with an enzuigiri and the Shining Wizard, then connects with the Last Shot for two-and-a-half. He looks for the Canadian Destroy but Daniels counters and hits a top rope hurricanrana for a close count. The challenger looks to put it away with the Angels Wings, but Cole breaks free and hits a superkick, as both men go down. Slowly they fight up to the top rope yet again, and Daniels looks for a Super Angels Wings, but Cole fights out of it with right hands. Cole with the Destroyer, Daniels counters, Cole hits the Angels Wings! 1…2…challenger kicks out! Cole can’t believe he didn’t win, and nails him with another Shining Wizard. He pulls down his knee pad and motions for the end, but Daniels rolls out of the way and hits the Last Shot! 1…2…champion kicks out! Another series of devastating superkicks from Cole, but Daniels catches him off a springboard…with the Styles Clash! 1…2…kick-out at two-and-three-quarters! Cole accidentally superkicks the referee, who rolls out of the ring. Out comes Frankie Kazarian who throws Daniels back into the ring as Cole grabs his title belt. They mock the challenger in the ring, and Frankie wants to hit his former friend with the title belt! He stops short, and takes off his Bullet Club shirt…HES WEARING AN ADDICTION SHIRT! Cole turns around and is nailed by Daniels. Best Moonsault Ever! Another Best Moonsault Ever! A third Best Moonsault Ever! 1…2…3! NEW CHAMPION! Winner and New ROH World Champion: Christopher Daniels!

Daniels and Kazarian celebrate together after the match. Daniels has the original ROH World Championship, and holds it up with the current ROH World Championship in celebration of 15 years of pursuit. All the babyfaces on the roster come out and hoist up Daniels as he raises the titles.


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