Randy Orton On The Popularity of The RKO, Taking A Few Steps Back After Brock Lesnar Match, Heat Between Jim Cornette And WWE

IGN has a new interview with Randy Orton, who was promoting WrestleMania 33. Below are a couple of highlights:

Having a “rocky start” after returning last summer:

“I’ve been back since last July and it was a rocky start when I came back from my injury. I had Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and he’s a machine right there. I got a concussion, got split open, blood all over the place. It kind of put me back a few steps. It took a couple months to get my feet under me again. then I got to doing this thing with the Wyatt Family and I don’t remember having this much fun in the ring in a long time. Messing with them. The mind games. The promos. Tagging with Bray. Tagging with Luke. And being a part of the Wyatt Family threw me back into that heel element that I love so much and had missed for a very long time. It’s no secret that I would prefer to be a heel, night and day, over being a babyface. And it was nice to get that little taste of being a heel again. And now I’ve kind of switched back over, so to speak. I still want to walk that line and be as much of a bad guy that I can be while still doing my job well. To answer your question, we’re going into WrestleMania and it’s been two years for me and I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to bringing the kids, all five children, and their going to watch their father whip Bray Wyatt’s ass. Instead of going to it with them as a fan, I get to possibly main event it with them sitting in the front row. So personally, it’s a huge victory.”

Who he is most looking forward to seeing inducted at the WWE Hall of Fame:
“Well, I’d say until a few days ago, Kurt Angle was the guy who I was most curious to see get inducted this year. But a couple days ago, I heard that Jim Cornette is going to be given a live microphone and so I’m going to have a bag of popcorn, maybe a little flask of some good stuff in my breast pocket, and I’m going to sit back and listen to Jim Cornette and just cross my fingers that it’s as good as I think it can be. Because he is amazing on the mic, he doesn’t hold anything back, and I think it says a lot about WWE and whoever made that final decision — I’m sure it was Vince — to have Cornette induct the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Because there’s some bad blood there. I don’t know what it is. I know as far back as 17 years ago when I first signed there was some kind of weird backstage heat thing going on where Cornette never went up north and didn’t like interacting with the guys in the office. You never really knew what it was, though I’m sure if you did some digging you could find out. I’m not interested in that though, I just think it’s cool that he’s being allowed to come and induct these guys into the Hall of Fame. These guys who are both very deserving in their own right.”
The popularity of the RKO:

It’s funny you mention that because the kids and I just watched DX against me and Edge back at New Year’s Revolution 2007. And they wanted to watch it because it was a bloodbath. And they wanted to show my wife because she gets uneasy when anything like that happens, of course, but we’re watching it and I hit an RKO at the end of the match and it’s funny because I don’t even remember setting up for it in the manner than I did. It was a decade ago, you know. It was nothing like it is now. It’s a little smoother now, it’s got a bit more finesse. And of course I hit it from a number of various vantage points. As many as I can. But it was funny because I got to see, after three or four years of doing that finish, where I was at with it back in ’07. Now it’s completely taken on a life of its own. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m able to hit it, yes, out of nowhere, and then also the internet and social media. Whoever started those little memes of me sneaking in and taking someone out with it. Like the guy proposing to his wife and he falls off the deck of a boat or something and there I am. It doesn’t get old. It’s just funny. I think the resurgence that you speak of because of that internet memes and the fans putting me in those videos. So gratitude to whoever started that up.


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