Jim Ross on Strowman Impressing Him, Goldberg vs Owens Outcome, Hardy’s Leaving TNA, What’s Lacking in the WWE Cruiserweight Division

On the most recent episode of the ‘Ross Report’ podcast, Jim Ross opened up the show to discuss a few topics. His guest for this episode is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Teddy Long, and you can listen to the podcast in its entirety at this link. Below are a few highlights:

On Braun Strowman:

I really like the way WWE is booking Braun Strowman. I think they are positioning him to be a very believable monster. You can tell that he is really working on his body. I was looking down on some work, and as I was looking down I heard him talking to Mick Foley, and I swear to God his tone sounded almost eerily identical to Hulk Hogan. I’m a big Strowman fan and I think WWE is doing a good job on focusing him. He is very green. He needs to be protected for a good while, but by WrestleMania next year in the Super Dome in New Orleans he should be shined and ready to go, but good job with WWE thus far.

On Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens:

I like the little interaction with Goldberg and Owens. I don’t like Owens chances this Sunday—I think Goldberg wins the title this Sunday so he can defend it against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. It doesn’t hurt Kevin Owens a bit.

On the Cruiserweight Division on Raw:

Is it me or are the Cruiserweights on Raw not getting any vignettes? Could there be more vignettes or give those Cruiserweights some time to let me know who they are and why I should like them or not? I want to like the Cruiserweights but I don’t know who the hell they are and not sure I have the time to go and find out more about a random Cruiserweight, to be honest with you. So you have to kind of put it in front of my face in small increments. Another thing: The Cruiserweight tag match on Raw was a minute and 56 seconds. I don’t know how do you get four guys over in a 1minute and 56 seconds? You just don’t.

On Alexa Bliss Being the Best Heel in WWE:

Someone took exception on my blog where I said that Alexa Bliss is the best Female Heel in WWE. I got scolded by Charlotte fans, thinking that I forgot about Charlotte; I did not. Charlotte is the bigger star than Alexa Bliss, but Alexa Bliss is the best naturally-cast villainous in the female area, while Charlotte is a 6’2 star. Different ballgame. That’s like comparing Ronda Rousey during her prime to Miesha Tate. I like them both, but there is one major star and one star. No disrespect to anybody, it’s just life.

On Seth Rollins vs Triple H at WrestleMania:

I like the re-energizing between Seth Rollins and Triple H. Obviously they wouldn’t have that much TV time and good TV time if the match wasn’t going to happen at WrestleMania. You don’t challenge the babyface to show up and he just doesn’t show up. That’s never happened; maybe like having a birthday celebration on a wrestling show and not having the cake go through somebody’s face. Here’s the deal: Triple H and Seth Rollins match-up is arguably the most intense personal issue that WWE is currently running with storyline wise. Therefore I like it, because I really like personal issues, and I also believe, and I think this is one reason that Triple H is booking himself in six man tags in non-televised events is because he wants to tear the house down with Rollins. It’s imperative that Rollins comes out at WrestleMania in his match against Triple H looking like a million dollars, at least a million dollars, so no march for errors in that scenario. If I’m Rollins and I have to have one major match that I have to go out there and kick a** and make everyone forget about my injuries, or anything negative to look like a star, then I have to go out there and tear the house down with Triple H. I believe that is great booking for Seth Rollins. He is in good hands.

On the Hardy’s Leaving TNA:

Hardy’s felt disrespected, it was done very late. Let me tell you about this: Drew Galloway’s contract offer or paperwork was very late according to him from TNA Impact people, Hardy’s the same story. You are going to say, well they are going through this buyout and all these business things are going on and they’re busy and fell through the cracks and they couldn’t get to it. Here’s the deal: If it fell through the cracks, you should be embarrassed if you are Impact. If you didn’t get around to it because you are doing other things then you should be ashamed of yourself because there were no more important things to do than to make sure your incumbent stars were in place. If you are new management team, I don’t care what role you have, you have to make sure there was dialogue, I’m assuming there was dialogue with the Hardy’s. Based on what is printed and what I have read, these offers, two talents said they felt disrespected in how the contracts were handled. The issue is this, in wrestling companies, the two most important elements in professional wrestling are as follows; Talent and Television. Everybody can’t work on every project at the same time, but by God, make sure your talent is being protected from any departure, defections or anything. Protect your talent roster, and how in God’s name do you not protect the Hardy’s and Drew Galloway. I can tell you personally: I saw Drew Galloway in person for What Culture Pro Wrestling, that big bastard can go. He’s a keeper, so I would have figured something out there. So yes, the Hardy’s presentation is very unique, veery bizarre. It’s almost like they can have their own television show within the two hours of Impact on Thursday night on the Pop Network, but that is not to be apparently. These things are fluent. You never know how they will come together, but for God’s sake, if you are Anthem and Jeff Jarrett, and you have nothing more important to do, make sure that talent roster is in the best place when you get there. Those talents are a unique breed, they are independent contractors and want protection and security, but really they perceive it this way; if there is no communication and they are in a quiet period that is a negative. No communication to a wrestler is a negative.


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