WWE Elimination Chamber Results – Feb 12, 2017

WWE Elimination Chamber Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the Elimination Chamber match. The video does a great job of highlighting all participants in the match, at the expense of every other match on the card.

The pyro hits and Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show, hyping the Elimination Chamber right off the bat before Becky Lynch’s music hits, and the Lass Kicker makes her way down to the ring to a nice pop.

Mickie James is out next, and James gets a bit of a mixed reaction in her return to WWE PPV.

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and we get a lockup right away. Both women try to gain the advantage, wrestling around on the mat, and they roll to the outside. Mickie pushes Becky against the barricade, Becky pushes back to the ring apron. We get a clean break and both women make it back into the ring to avoid being counted out. Another lockup and Becky goes to work on Mickie’s arm, but Mickie flips out of the hold and hits an arm drag for a quick one count. Mickie goes to work on Becky’s arm, jamming her shoulder into Becky’s. Becky tries to work into the Disarmer, but Mickie is able to make it to the ropes. Becky is able to force Mickie through the ropes and out to the floor, taunting her by holding the ropes and inviting her back into the ring. When Mickie climbs to the apron, Becky slams her head into the turnbuckle, and sends her packing out to the floor. Becky dives through the ropes with a flying forearm to wipe out Mickie on the floor.

Becky brings things back into the ring right into a kick to the chest and a snap DDT from Mickie. Mickie tries to get the pin, but Becky will not kick out. Mickie rips away at Becky’s arm in the corner before kicking her, and wrapping her arm around the middle rope. Mickie drives Becky down to the mat and continues the assault on her arm, driving her knee into the bend of Becky’s elbow. Mickie tries for another cover but Becky will not stay down. Mickie wraps Becky’s arm around the rope and smashes her shoulder repeatedly while the ref counts up to four. Mickie breaks the hold and works right into a hammerlock, driving Lynch down into the mat.

Becky fights up and out of the hold with a big uppercut before knocking Mickie to the mat. Mickie comes right back with a straight kick to Becky’s face before sending her shoulder first into the ring post. Mickie hits a hurricanrana out of the corner before popping up and screaming at the top of her lungs. Becky fights back with a series of right hands to the stomach, but Mickie is quick to come right back, deploying a half nelson on a seated Becky in the middle of the ring.

Mickie works in a rear chin lock and wear Becky down to the mat, but Becky fights her way up and out of the hold. Becky and Mickie exchange forearms in the middle of the ring, and Becky blocks a kick, exploding with a big lariat, followed by a leg lariat. Becky hits the Bexploder and covers Mickie for a two count. Becky stands and tries for the forearm in the corner, but Mickie moves and hits a flapjack on Becky. Mickie heads up to the top rope, blowing a kiss to the fan before leaping off the top with a seated senton for another near fall.

Mickie picks Becky up to her feet and takes her to the corner. Becky hits a springboard back kick to knock Mickie away before she hits a missile dropkick to launch Mickie across the ring. Becky scrambles for the pin but only gets two. Becky tries for a pumphandle suplex, but Mickie counters out and hits the Mick kick. Becky is slightly under the ropes and Mickie has to drag her back. Mickie goes for the pin, but Becky is able to kick out and Mickie screams again. Mickie mounts Becky with a series of punches to the face. She goads Becky into getting up, trying for a DDT, but Becky counters with a back body drop. Becky tries for a Disarmer but Mickie rolls her up instead, Becky counters with a roll up of her own and she scores the three count.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky heads up the ramp quickly after the match, celebrating, while Mickie stands on the turnbuckle and stares daggers at Lynch.

– James Ellsworth and Carmella are watching the show from a skybox. They’re asked for their opinion on the show, Ellsworth just says, ‘what she says’.

2-on-1 Handicap Match
Kalisto and Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler

After a brief commercial break, Apollo Crews’ music hits in the arena, and he makes his way down the aisle to a pretty lukewarm reaction.

Kalisto makes his way out and is immediately jumped from behind by Dolph Ziggler who throws Kalisto into the LED screens behind the entryway. Refs are out immediately and Crews backs off Dolph, but it looks like Kalisto may be out of this one.

Apollo Crews stalks his way to the ring and begins beating down Ziggler immediately. The bell rings and Ziggler is able to score with a quick right but Crews shakes it off and continues the beat down. Crews hits a suplex in the first wrestling move of the match. Ziggler rolls to the apron and snaps Crews neck down across the top rope before hitting a neckbreaker through the middle and top rope while standing on the apron. Dolph heads back into the ring and stomps Crews’ midsection before ripping at his face. Ziggler hits another neckbreaker but Crews won’t stay down for a three count. Ziggler hits a leaping elbow drop to Crews’ back for another two count.

Ziggler clamps on a rear chin lock and grinds Crews into the mat. Crews fights his way up and out of the hold. Ziggler tries for a superkick, but Crews counters with a rollup. Ziggler kicks out at two and hits an immediate back elbow that drops Crews. Ziggler stands up Crews and hits him with a big right hand. Ziggler takes down Crews and works his way over into another rear chin lock.

Crews is able to work Ziggler into a rollup, but Ziggler counters out and keeps the hold the entire time. Crews stands up to his feet and fights out of the hold, scoring with a superkick to Ziggler’s gut. Ziggler comes back quickly, immediately dropping Crews. Kalisto is making his way out from the back with a ref trying to keep him from the ring. Ziggler is distracted by the whole scene and it allows Crews to score with a big enzugiri. Kalisto makes it to the apron and tags in, springboarding in with a seated senton to the back of Ziggler’s head. Kalisto scores with an impressive series of strikes and kicks. Crews makes the blind tag and hits the Apollo’s Chariot powerbomb for a three count.

Winners: Apollo Crews and Kalisto

Following the match, Ziggler takes out Kalisto on the ring apron, sending him crashing back first into the apron. Ziggler grabs a chair and is able to sneak attack Crews with a series of punches and kicks. Ziggler wraps the chair around Crews’ ankle and he stomps down, trying to snap the ankle of Crews. Crews screams in pain, grabbing at his ankle. Dolph grabs him and drags him back to the center of the ring, wrapping the chair around his ankle again. Ziggler pauses, and stomps down hard. Crews screams in pain while grabbing his ankle and refs try to back Ziggler away. Ziggler makes his way to the back while Kalisto crawls back into the ring to check on Crews.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Turmoil Match
The Ascension vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Vaudevillains vs. Breezango vs. The Usos vs. American Alpha

Heath Slater and Rhyno are the first two men out to the ring, to a nice little pop from the crowd.

Breezango are the second team set to kick this match off, and they enter wearing pretty ridiculous Marine outfits, which the crowd seem to enjoy.

Heath Slater and Fandango look to begin things in this one. We get a lockup and Fandango backs Slater into the corner. Fandango backs out and gyrates his hips before wrestling a bit with Slater, gyrating his hips a bit mor, and eating a hip toss. Slater hits Fandango with an atomic drop. Breeze tags in and gets an atomic drop as well. Rhyno tags in and goes to work with a couple of body shots to Breeze. Breeze kicks Rhyno in the gut, but Rhyno comes back with a big knockdown before sending Breeze into the corner and burying his shoulder in Breeze’s gut. Rhyno connects with a short arm clothesline before tagging in Slater for a bit of doubler team work. Breeze and Slater trade rights and Fandango makes the blind tag before tripping a running Slater from the outside. Fandango comes into the ring and hits a front suplex, hanging Slater on the top rope. Breeze tags in and Breezango hit stereo kicks to the side of Slater’s head. Fandango tags back in and continues the assault on Slater. Slater tries to roll up Fandango, but he’s unable to and Fandango dispenses tickets to Slater.

Things break down as Slater rolls up Fandango, things are broken up by Breeze, and Rhyno sends Breeze out of the ring. Rhyno makes the blind tag and hits the gore on Fandango for the three count.

Breezango have been eliminated

The Vaudvillains are out next and the throw Rhyno into the barricade right away but are wiped out by Slater flying out of the ring.

Slater rolls Rhyno back into the ring and makes the tag. Aiden English is quick to work over Slater with a series of rights before taking him into the corner for a series of kicks as well. Gotch tags in and continues working over Slater for a bit. English misses a swanton bomb and Slater connects with an Impaler DDT for three.

The Vaudvillains have been eliminated

The Uso’s are the next team down the aisle.

Slater goes right on the attack, but he’s dropped with a side kick from Jimmy. Jimmy sends Heath into the ropes, but Slater counters with a flying forearm. Slater makes the tag, but Jimmy comes right back, launching Rhyno into the corner hard. Jey tags in and hits a flying fist to Rhyno’s face in the corner, setting up a near fall. Jey sends Rhyno into the corner and Rhyno charges out with a clothesline. Slater tags in and takes on both Uso’s, knocking Jimmy from the apron and taking it to Jey with a series of rights before being dropped with a Samoan drop. Jimmy makes a blind tag and Slater rolls up Jey. Jimmy hits a superkick and pins Slater for three.

Heath Slater and Rhyno have been eliminated

American Alpha are the next team out to the ring.

The Uso’s charge up the ring apron the meet AA, but Gable and Jordan are waiting. They work their way back to the ring where AA hit dual German suplexes. Gable heads to the top rope and hits a diving cross body on Jey for two. The Uso’s use a distraction from Jordan to get in a cheap shot and stop Gable cold. Jey sends Gable into the corner and tags out to Jimmy who heads to the top and drops an elbow on Gable for another two count. Jimmy sends Gable into the corner hard, but it’s still not enough for a three count. Jimmy chokes Gable against the middle rope, and lets his brother get a cheap shot in when the ref back Jimmy away. Jey tags back into the match and hits a nasty chop to the chest. Jimmy is back in the match and he pins Gable for a quick near fall before clamping on a rear chin lock. Jimmy sends Gable out of the ring, but Gable is able to fight off both Uso’s on his way back into the ring. Gable is inches away from making the tag before being yanked back. Gable knocks Jey from the apron and hits a clothesline at the same time as being clotheslined by Jimmy. Gable is able to make the tag, as is Jimmy. Jordan comes in and immediately begins suplexing Jey everywhere. Gable makes the blind tag and rolls up Jey for the three count.

The Uso’s have been eliminated

Jey hits Gable with an immediate superkick, and Jimmy and Jey assault both members of American Alpha.

The Usos finally leave but the damage has been done to the champions. Gable gets thrown into the steel steps and Jordan takes a big Superfly splash. The Ascension are out next while the champions are still laid out.

They stand over Jason Jordan and hit the Fall of Man of Jordan immediately. Gable breaks up the pin. Konnor picks up Gable and launches him stomach first on the top rope. Viktor tags in and immediately begins stomping away at Jordan before standing on his chest. Viktor makes a quick tag, launching Konnor into the corner with a huge clothesline to Jordan, but it’s still only good enough for a three count.

Viktor tags back in and tattoo’s Jordan with a kick to the face. Jordan comes back with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex, launching Viktor across the ring. Jordan avoids a chargins Konnor, sidestepping him and sending him to the outside. Gable tags in and he’s pulled to the outside by Konnor, but he quickly makes his way back into the ring, and Jordan tosses Viktor up in the air, for Gable to drive him down with a huge suplex. Gable pins Viktor, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions: American Alpha

– Miz is shown backstage and Maryse shoos away an interviewer to allow her husband to focus.

– We get a video package that highlights the recent history between Nikki Bella and Natalya, with Natalya attacking Nikki backstage a few months ago, Natalya’s constant accusing of Nikki having her position due to her relationship with John Cena, and Nikki’s attempt to defend her name.

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

Nikki Bella is the first woman out for the next match, and she gets a pretty nice pop from the fans on her way down to the ring.

Natalya is out next, and she garners a bit of heat on her way to the ring.

The bell rings, and Natalya tells Nikki she can’t see her. Natalya blasts Nikki with a right and takes her over with a side headlock. Nikki is able to fight her way out with a grapevine of Natalya’s neck. Nikki tries to work into a cross armbreaker, but Natalya is able to fight it off. Nikki slaps Natalya, and Natalya takes down Nikki and hits a series of right hands to the face. Natalya kicks Nikki Bella square in the spine. Nikki is able to come up with a knee bar out of nowhere, but Natalya is able to struggle to the ropes. Nikki sends Natalya out of the ring, then she explodes off of the ring apron, wiping Natalya out on the floor. Nikki tries to bring things back into the ring, but Natalya heads back out of the ring and tries to call a time out. When Nikki gives chase, Natalya slams her face into the ring post.

Natalya brings things back into the ring, and Nikki pulls herself up in the corner, only to eat a series of boots to the chest. Natalya skips around the ring with a smile on her face before hitting a snap mare and a basement dropkick to Nikki’s neck. Natalya clamps on a rear chin lock. After a bit of a wait, Nikki is able to fight out of the hold, but she’s quickly taken back to the mat with a clothesline from Natalya.

Nikki is able to roll up Natalya for two, but Natalya isn’t too happy about it, slamming Nikki’s face into the mat, then slamming her knee into the mat for good measure. Natalya works over Nikki in a submission, but when she goads her a bit too much, Nikki turns it into the fearless lock. Nikki is able to rally with a flying shoulder block. Natalya comes back with a Mickinoku driver for another two count. Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter, but Nikki kicks her away and hits a massive forarm, but Nikki can’t keep Natalya down for three. Nikki tries for the rack attack, but she can’t connect, sending Natalya off the ropes and hitting a spinebuster instead. Nikki goes for another pin, but still can’t get three.

Nikki hits a springboard enzugiri, but Natalya still kicks out at two. Nikki goes to the apron and heads to the top, but she’s stopped by Natalya. Natalya heads up after Nikki and she connects with a superplex, and both women are down.

Natalya is the first woman up to her feet and she goes right for the Sharpshooter on Nikki. Nikki struggles to make her way to the ropes, but Natalya pulls Nikki back to the middle of the ring. Nikki counters out of the hold, clamping on a fearless lock. Natalya is able to make it to the bottom rope and she heads out of the ring. Nikki and Natalya fight on the outside with Nikki sending Natalya into the barricade. Both women get in good shots. Nikki tries to break the count, but Natalya stops her from getting in the ring and the ref counts both women out.

Double Count Out

Natalya brings things back into the ring and the ref explains that the match is over, she still insists on attacking Nikki. Natalya makes her way up the ramp and Nikki launches herself into Natalya with a spear on the ramp. Natalya pops up and scurries to the back.

– Carmella, in the sky box, says both of the women have major issues and are out of control. Ellsworth parrots Carmella.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton are backstage. They must separate tonight in order to become victorious but they will reunite. Wyatt welcomes us to the era of Wyatt. Randy Orton tells us to run.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Randy Orton is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and Orton gets a great reaction from the fans. It’s notable that Orton is by himself, and Bray Wyatt is not out with him.

Luke Harper is out next, and Harper doesn’t get a hugely vocal reaction, but he seems to have some fans in the crowd.

The bell rings and Harper stares down Orton from the corner, rocking back and forth. We get a lock up, and a break before Harper screams ‘YEEEEEEAAAAHH’. Another lockup and both men fight around the ring. Orton pushes off and Harper knocks him down with a running shoulder block for a near fall. Orton bails to the outside and walks around the ring. Harper makes his way out and hits Orton with a palm strike to the throat. Harper hits another strike to the throat, then sends Orton into the barricade. Harper breaks the count, then sends Orton head first into the announcer’s table before bringing things back into the ring. Harper sends Orton into the ropes and hits a single leg dropkick.

Harper heads to the top rope, but he’s stopped by Orton and knocked out to the floor. Orton poses for the fans while the ref counts Harper on the outside. Harper makes it back in before ten and Orton immediately launches him into the corner. Harper bails to the floor and Orton follows, hitting a belly to back suplex that plants Harper on the announcer’s table. Orton sends things back into the ring for a pin, but Harper is able to kick out at two. Orton works his way right into a rear chin lock to grind down Harper.

Harper is able to fight up to his feet, and Orton lets go of the hold to hit a front suplex, laying Harper out over the top rope. Orton poses for the fans again, to a bit of heat this time. Orton stomps away at Harper in the corner before dragging him into the middle of the ring for another rear chin lock. Harper is able to fight up to his feet once more, and he hits a couple of running forearms. Harper connects with a slingshot senton from the apron, and he hits a giant boot to Orton’s face that’s good for two. Orton sends Harper out to the floor, and when he gets back into the ring, Orton tries for the suspension DDT, Harper fights it off and hits a catapult on Orton, sending Orton throat first into the middle rope.

Harper sends Orton to the outside and connects with a giant suicide dive before picking Orton up and slamming him on top of the announcer’s table with a belly to back suplex. Orton is able to connect with a scoop powerslam on the fllor to even things up. Orton climbs back into the ring, and Harper climbs up to the top. Orton fights off a maneuver from Harper, and Orton connects with a superplex. Orton and Harper trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Orton tries for an RKO, but Harper avoids it. Orton connects with a full nelson slam for another near fall. Orton sends Harper out to the apron and brings him back into the ring with a suspension DDT, and he poses for the fans again before dropping down to the mat. Orton runs square into a superkick, then a second giant superkick from Harper, but it’s only good enough for a two count.

Harper picks up Orton and Orton tries for an RKO, Harper fights it off and kicks Orton in the gut, connecting with a seated powerbomb for another two count, and Harper can’t believe it. Harper and Orton trade right hands on their knees, then up on their feet. Harper gets the upper hand, but Orton blocks a discus clothesline and scores with a RKO. Orton pins Harper, and gets the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Orton stands tall as we go to replays. We come back to Orton standing with the WrestleMania 33 banner in the background.

– Renee Young interviews Nikki Bella, Nikki says things are far from over, she’s about to get into detail when she’s attacked from behind by Natalya. The two women fight a bit through the backstage area, before things are broken up by officials.

SmackDown Women’s Title
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Naomi

Back in the arena, Naomi is the first woman to make her way out for the next match, and the challenger for the Smackdown Women’s Championship gets a very warm welcome.

Alexa Bliss is out next, and she too gets a fairly warm welcome from the crowd.

After formal ring introductions, we’re ready to begin. The bell rings, and Alexa talks smack before being rolled up by Naomi immediately. Naomi slams Alexa’s head into the corner turnbuckle repeatedly before she tries for a springboard maneuver. Alexa pulls Naomi down to the mat and hits her with repeated right hands before taking her into the corner and choking Naomi with her boot. Alexa chokes Naomi against the middle rope. Naomi comes back and she takes Alexa into the corner, but Alexa tosses her into corner, causing Naomi to crash face first into the turnbuckle. Alexa goes for a cover, but Naomi won’t stay down. Alexa locks in a rear chin lock, but Naomi breaks it and hits a rear arm drag. Alexa and Naomi trade near falls, but Naomi lands a giant kick on Alexa.

Naomi takes it to Alexa with a series of strikes, a kick out of the corner, and a somersault clothesline. Naomi hits a beautiful blockbuster, but it’s only good for there. Alexa charges right into the rear view from Naomi, but Alexa is able to avoid the three. Alexa hits the double knee combination on Naomi, but Naomi won’t stay down for three. Alexa drags Naomi over into the corner and she climbs up to the top. Naomi stops Alexa cold, causing her to drop down to the floor. Naomi runs right into a forearm from Alexa Bliss who follows up with a snap DDT. Alexa Bliss is very frustrated, slamming her fists on the mat. Naomi is able to connect with a springboard split legged moonsault, but Alexa turns things over and tries to cheat with her feet on the ropes. The ref catches it and forces Alexa to break. Alexa tries for Twisted Bliss, but Naomi gets her knees up. Naomi connects with a springboard split legged moonsault and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Smackdown Live Women’s Champion: Naomi

Renee Young is in the ring after the match and she congratulates Naomi. Naomi says she feels amazing. The crowd chants ‘you deserve it’ and Naomi begins to cry. Naomi says Alexa has been a hell of a champion, but she snatched that title, and she’s taking it home to WrestleMania. Naomi asks the fans if they can feel the glow.

– We check in with Ellsworth and Carmella again. Carmella says she’s getting sick of being interrupted. Carmella gets Ellsworth to kick out the interviewer, much to Carmella’s delight.

– The Elimination Chamber begins lowering from the ceiling, and Tom Phillips throws it right to a video package highlighting how this match came to be, along with footage of past Chamber matches, and a look at how brutal the Chamber can be.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
John Cena vs. AJ Styles vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin

After a quick rundown of the rules of the match, Dean Ambrose is the first competitor to make his way to the ring, getting a huge pop before making his way into his pod.

Baron Corbin is the next man out of the ring, and Corbin gets a little to bit of heat.

Miz is the third man out to the ring, and he comes out wearing a pretty ridiculous robe, also getting a little bit of heat on his way into the Chamber, and into a pod.

Bray Wyatt is the last man to go into a pod, and there are a ton of fireflies in the audience tonight, lighting up the arena as Bray makes his way down the aisle. Wyatt stares down Miz before making his way into the pod.

AJ Styles is out next, and he’ll be starting the match with John Cena. Styles is very popular tonight, getting a large chant before his music even plays.

John Cena is the last man out to the ring, and the WWE Champion gets a very mixed reaction, with lots of fans singing ‘John Cena sucks’ along to Cena’s music.

The bell rings and both men are slow to start. We get a lockup and Cena clamps on a headlock. Styles pushes off, but Cena is ready and waiting, taunting all of his opponents, letting them know the’s ready. Styles clamps on a headlock, but Cena is able to push him off. Styles kicks Cena in the back of the leg. Cena fires back with a series of rights that sends Styles into the corner. Styles comes back with a backbreaker rack into a slam that’s good for a two count.

Styles teases the Styles clash, but Cena launches him with a backdrop instead. Cena connects with a sunset flip powerbomb that’s also good for two. Cena and Styles trade right hands in the middle of the ring, and Cena tries for the STF, but Styles kicks him away. Styles connects with the fireman’s carry/neckbreaker combo. Cena ducks a clothesline and connects with a couple of shoulder tackles, a belly to back suplex. Cena calls for a five knuckle shuffle, but the countdown is on, and Ambrose is out.

Ambrose with a clothesline and tosses Cena over the top rope. Ambrose sends Cena shoulder first into the chain walls. Ambrose also sends Styles into the chains as well. Ambrose with a release suplex forcing Styles to lands back first over the flooring on the outside. Ambrose with a shot on Cena and Ambrose crawls to the top of his pod. Ambrose catches Cena with a flying elbow off the top of the pod! Styles has the back of Ambrose. Cena is in and he pulls both back in a two man german suplex. Cena eats a kick from Styles. Ambrose with a clothesline to Styles. Time expires.

Bray Wyatt enters next.

Bray Wyatt immediately attacks everyone, sending AJ Styles into the Chamber wall countering a springboard from Styles. Cena catches Styles from behind and tries for the AA, but Styles fights out of it and begins climbing the Chamber wall. Cena climbs up after him. Styles and Cena trade right hands. Styles sends Cena crashing down to the outside of the ring. Styles goes to stand on one of the pods, and he’s met by Dean Ambrose. Styles is slammed face first into the lexan window before Ambrose leaps off the top of the pod into a giant right hand from Bray.

Bray seats AJ on the top rope, but Styles is quick to fight back. After much back and forth, we get a tower of doom spot with Bray launching Styles with a superplex, and Ambrose connecting with a powerbomb on Bray. The clock counts down again and this time it’s Corbin.

Ambrose runs right into a giant right hand from Corbin. Corbin is able to connect with Deep Six on Ambrose. Wyatt attacks Corbin from behind, but Corbin is able to send him face first into Miz’s pod and follow up with a boot to the face. Corbin connects with and STO to Wyatt. Styles is on the receiving end of the End of Days, but it’s broken up. Ambrose launches Corbin into the Chamber wall repeatedly. Corbin picks up Ambrose and launches him into the Chamber wall. Corbin picks up Ambrose and launches him into the pod as well. Corbin picks up Ambrose in the ring, but Ambrose fights out. Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds, but Corbin fights it off. Ambrose goes to the top rope, and Corbin shoves Ambrose off to the outside. The clock counts down, and it’s Miz’s turn.

Corbin waits for Miz in the ring, but he’s rolled up from behind by Ambrose for three.

Baron Corbin has been eliminated.

Corbin quickly attacks Ambrose and then launches him into an empty pod crashing the walls down. Corbin continues attacking Ambrose and then gives him End of Days. WWE officials enter the chamber and yell at Corbin to leave. The Miz is still inside his pod. When Corbin officially leaves, Miz finally sneaks out of his pod and covers Ambrose to get the pinfall.

Dean Ambrose is eliminated.

Miz mocks Daniel Bryan, kicking Cena and Wyatt in the chests. Miz hits the ropes and hits both men with a dropkick. Miz is able to connect with offense on everyone, including a corner clothesline on Cena. Miz heads to the top rope, but he’s pulled down by Wyatt. Miz connects with the SCF on Wyatt on the outside. Miz hits a diving cross body on Cena, but Cena rolls through, shoulders the Miz, and hits the AA.

The Miz is eliminated.

Styles and Wyatt double team Cena right away, stomping away at Cena. Wyatt picks up Cena and holds him in place for AJ. AJ poses for the fans, and turns around into a slap from Wyatt. Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks on Styles and a belly to back suplex, Cena hits a suplex on Wyatt as well. Cena hits the ropes and hits a double five knuckle shuffle on both men, Cena hits Bray with an AA, but Styles hits Cena with a Styles Clash out of nowhere. Styles goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Styles misses with the Phenomenal forearm and he runs into an AA, but Styles is able to kick out at two. Cena stands slowly, and he begins to climb the side of the cage. Cena stands on top of one of the pods and he launches himself off on both Wyatt and Styles, and all three men are down.

Cena shoulders Wyatt, but Wyatt fights out and connects with Sister Abigail for a three count.

John Cena has been eliminated.

Mauro points out that we’re guaranteed a new champion as Wyatt stares down Styles. Styles blasts Wyatt with a forearm, but Wyatt comes up with one of his own, along with forearms to the back of Styles’ head. Styles comes back with a couple of quick hits out of nowhere. Wyatt does a spider walk, then almost catches Styles in Sister Abigail. Styles goes for the Phenomenal blitz, but Wyatt stops him with a clothesline. Wyatt tries for the urunage, but Styles fights out of it and hits a Pele kick, and a busaiku knee.

Both men are slow to get up. Styles tries for the Phenomenal forearm, but Wyatt catches him and hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is given the title and he immediately begins laughing and rolling around with the title in hand. Wyatt points at the WM sign while holding the title high before laughing a bit at the gesture.

The show ends with the fireflies in the audience and Orton staring on from the top of the entryway. Wyatt drops down and laughs, holding the title high.


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