Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests "CarmEllsworth," Baron Corbin, and The Miz

- Renee Young and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the show. They bring up their ratings win and compare it to the Monday Night Wars.

- Renee talks about getting slapped by Maryse. She said she had to get a makeup touch up before the show. Bryan says they are fining Maryse $5,000 for striking a non-wrestler.

- Bryan brings up the greatness of the contract signing, but liked the fact that IC Title was in the main event tonight. He hopes the tag title will be the main event next week.

- Baron Corbin joins the show and reaffirms his intentions that he made earlier in the evening about his entrance in the Royal Rumble. Corbin says he's part of the reason SD Live won the ratings last week since he was in the main event. He says he's looking through John Cena and ahead to the Rumble. Corbin piggy-backs off Styles' promo as Cena being a part-timer. Corbin says Cena can't beat him with only half his eggs in the WWE basket. Corbin says he will make the kid Cena fans cry next week. He says he's the number one superstar on the show and he plans to make a point in his Cena match next week. He says Styles' time will come to an end soon, but Cena's time ends now.

- Bryan puts over Corbin's performance as of late and likes the confidence he carries himself with.

- They talk about how everyone complains about Cena's schedule. Bryan cites the live event schedule and how some talents feel slighted come WrestleMania season as the part timers come in and take some of the best spots. They seem to get rushed as they bring on their next guests.

- Carmella and James Ellsworth join the show. Renee calls BS on the situation but Carmella calls Ellsworth cute and funny. Ellsworth apologizes for his interference in Carmella's match earlier. Carmella says it's fine, but Bryan says him interfering in a women's match is a bad look. Carmella says they do "fun" things together and that Ellsworth is gentlemanly. Carmella calls Ellsworth "Jimmy" as the pet names make an appearance. Renee wishes them "the best" and Carmella calls out Renee on her sarcasm of the relationship.

- Bryan hilariously puts Ellsworth over and we get some innuendo humor.

- Seamless transition to the Nikki/Natalya feud. They even seem confused on how to attack the feud.

- They look ahead to next week's SD Live. Matches include Natalya/Nikki, Cena/Corbin, and American Alpha defending their tag team titles against the Wyatt Family.

- A disgruntled Miz grabs a mic and joins the crew. Renee throws shade at Miz as he blames her and Bryan for his loss. He says Maryse slapping Ambrose should have been DQ'd to have him retain the championship. Bryan says Miz doesn't want to give anyone opportunities because he's not as good as them. Miz goes on a tirade saying he's the best. Miz says he doesn't know why the company and those in charge are against him and that he's tired of the company. A couple audio cut-outs suggest some language during his emotional outpouring. Miz throws the mic down, storms off, and Young/Bryan wish us goodnight.

Thanks to Chris Callicutt for the recap.

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