Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests Dolph Ziggler, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss And Mojo Rawley

- Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week's show. Joining Renee as her co-host is Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon. The first topic they discuss is the WrestleMania 34 announcement in New Orleans. Renee says that the last WrestleMania experience in New Orleans was her favorite of all time. Renee then brings up The Undertaker entering The Royal Rumble. Shane talks about all the huge stars that are currently named for The Royal Rumble match. States that he and Bryan are discussing other potential big names as entrants.

- The conversation shifts to Maryse's accidental slap of The Miz tonight. Renee talks about how much she enjoyed that moment. Renee then promotes next week's Women's title cage match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. Alexa and Becky join the show as guests. With both seated on opposite ends of the table.

- Shane addresses both women. He sounds very subdued during this whole show... He hopes that the best woman wins next week, and is happy that there will be no "luchas" involved in the match. Alexa rips on Becky for begging Daniel Bryan for another title match. That she knew that Becky would be in Bryan's office and that's why she showed up. Alexa puts Becky over as the first smackdown women's champ, but states that she is better and smarter than her. They then discuss the identity of "La Luchadora". Becky calls it her brainchild originally. Says that Alexa had to go and copy her. She then states that Alexa Bliss also copied her look from Harley Quinn. Alexa is then asked who La Luchadora is, and she claims that she doesn't know. Alexa says that no one is questioning Becky for dislocating her elbow during their most recent match.

- The focus shifts to their cage match next week. Becky calls herself the best women's wrestler in the company. She promises that she is going to dislocate Alexa's arm over the cage next week. Becky also says that Alexa has never beaten her clean and that she has made her tap more than Michael Flatley. Alexa responds by saying that there is no such thing as being fair when it comes to fighting and promises to remain champ next week. Tells Becky to use the upcoming week to come up with an excuse for why she is going to lose.

- Becky and Alexa leave the set. Renee and Shane next talk about the fallout of the Smackdown tag title match. How The Wyatt's are experiencing issues. Shane then puts over American Alpha. Shane calls their match tonight awesome... The next guest on the show is Mojo Rawley.

- Renee talks about Mojo's star power when he first arrived on the scene in NXT. His injury, return and then pairing with Zack Ryder. Renee then asks Mojo about Ryder's recent injury and Mojo's feelings on it. Rawley calls it unfortunate and heartbreaking. He felt that the Hype Bros were starting to build up momentum when Zack got hurt. Rawley says that Zack dislocated his knee in Mojo's hometown of Washington in front of his friends and family. He also talks about how the Hype Bros lost their spot and had to watch as American Alpha took it, and ended up winning The Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Renee then asks Mojo about Zack's current status. She jokes about Ryder shaving his beard. Which Renee believes that Ryder dyed... Mojo says that Zack is doing well. That he is not supposed to be training for another month, but has been sneaking into the gym to work out. Rawley says that Zack has a new home and he helped him move into it. Rawley then states that Zack gave him words of encouragement to move forward and make a name for himself. Shane says to Mojo that he is no stranger to inuries. That Rawley experienced it when he was in The NFL. Mojo brings up a serious injury he had when he was with The Arizona Cardinals. How he tore his calf muscle and how it rolled up to the back of his knee. Doctors told him that it was career ending. Rawley says that he overcame it. Mojo talks about having to plan for his future after football. How he was going to fall back on his financial background. Shane brings up the fact that Rawley actually has an MBA. Which surprises Renee. Shane asks Mojo how he made his way from The NFL to The WWE. Rawley says that he had offers to go back to The NFL. Mentions his connection to Rob Gronkowski and The Gronkowski family. Calls Rob's father a second dad. Says that Rob Gronkowski's dad was college roommates with Mike Rotunda. That connection helped lead Mojo on a path to The WWE. Rawley says that he has always been a huge fan of The WWE but he couldn't go to them straight out of grade school. When the WWE reached out to him after he recovered from his injury, He gave up his NFL career to be here. Shane asks what is next for Mojo. Rawley says that the fun and games are over. Mojo says that it is time to be more like his true self. Says that he has to say goodbye to his look and the zoobas. Renee asks Mojo if she can keep his hat. Shane puts it on and Mojo approves of Shane's look.

- Mojo leaves the show... Shane makes fun of Mojo's head size and keeps his "Mojo" hat on. Shane and Renee now discuss the Smackdown Live main event between John Cena and Baron Corbin. They talk about how Cena is on a mission to shut up all his critics. Renee predicts that Cena will, by beating AJ Styles at The Royal Rumble. Shane McMahon refuses to go that far. He says that AJ is great and has beaten John Cena in the past... Renee now brings up The Carmellsworth connection. Renee doesn't believe that Carmella's affection towards James Ellsworth is genuine. Dolph Ziggler now joins the show.

- Renee asks Dolph about his recent actions. Dolph starts off talking very low key and sounding humble. Ziggler says that he has dealt with changing his direction for years. He says that he wants to standout and that he's been frustrated. Shane talks about how great Dolph is and has been. Shane says that Dolph's recent actions have put a target on his back. Ziggler says that something has been missing from him for a long time. Dolph says that the thing he loves the most is this business. Shane asks Dolph how he felt about striking Kalisto and Apollo with a chair. Shane talks about the audience's reaction towards Ziggler on Smackdown. How Dolph felt about it. Ziggler says that he would always come out with a smile on his face, while he was sad on the inside. How half the crowd would boo him for smiling. Dolph says that swinging the chair tonight was a sigh of relief. He compares it to the night he won the World Title after cashing in Money In The Bank. Dolph says that tonight felt like a rebirth for him. Dolph wants to change the business and not just be a cog in the wheel. Renee asks Dolph if this is a last ditch effort to revive his career. Dolph says that he is tired of losing and that's why he snapped tonight. He thought that he was going to restart his career when he put it on the line vs The Miz, but it wasn't to be. Dolph says that he contemplated going away for a year. He is happy now, that he is taking this current direction instead. Before leaving Dolph Ziggler announces that he is officially entering The Royal Rumble match. Shane says it is accepted and that Dolph is in. Renee wraps up the show and thanks Shane for joining her.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap

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