WWE NXT Results, Jan 4, 2017

– Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show and run down tonight’s card.

The Revival vs. Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

The Top Guys against the Blue Chippers. Series of arm drags, with last one reversed into a roll-up by Moss for a short cover. Dawson works over Moss’ arm, Moss able to reverse the pressure and make the tag to Tino. Quick shoulder toss but toward Dawson’s side of the ring and he makes the tag to Wilder. They trade ab poses, get into a whip exchange, and Sabbatelli hits a nice leaping cross body. Tag made to Moss and they execute some tandem offense. Doesn’t last long, tag made to Dawson, and chops rain down in Melbourne. Moss fights back and shows off his power with a pair of shoulder blocks and fall-away slam. Tino comes in without a tag to hit a double team, which is executed poorly at best. Back in the ring, Wilder hangs on to Dawson to cause a distraction. Dawson takes advantage and rakes the eyes of Moss much to the crowd’s delight.<br />
Rebound suplex from Dawson to Moss, cover for a two. Tag made to Dash and he wrings the neck of Moss. The crowd tries to get the young prospect in the match and is able to create some space with a throw to the corner that ends up crotching Dash. Dawson ducks an enzigure, Moss slips an elbow drop, and hot tag is made to Tino. Sabatelli cleans house with some impressive offense. Tag to Moss and goes for their finisher, but Dash trips up Tino. Teamwork is the word of the day as the former champ find ways to stay in it. Blind tag made off an atomic drop, ducks a clothesline, and hits the Shatter Machine for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: The Revival

– After a quick break, we head straight back to the ring for more tag team action.

Elias Samson & Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger & Buddy Murphy

Before the match, Samson enters to nuclear heat and hilarious and non-PG crowd chants. His partner Bobby Roode comes in with the biggest pop of the night so far as Graves joins in to his theme. Nice hometown pop for Buddy Murphy and another great pop for “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger. I like that they showed the long entrances to showcase four unique reactions.

Definitely a house show feel as the performers interact with the crowd. We get an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chant with “Ten, Ten, Ten.” Roode showboating after a take down. Hair flip from Murphy into Roode’s eyes stops the attack momentarily. Murphy able to wrench the arm of Roode, make the tag to Dillinger, but Roode slips out and makes the tag. Samson met with “drift away” chants but unfortunately doesn’t oblige. Samson and Dillinger tie up and The Drifter takes early advantage. Dillinger sent to the outside, but trips up Samson, and jumps into a splash over the ropes. Murphy tagged back in, throws in some offense, and quick tag made back to Dillinger. He sets Samson up in the corner for ten punches until Samson counters a whip with a knee strike. Roode tags in to continue on the wounded Dillinger. Beautiful spine buster from the Glorious One and another quick tag made.

Samson continues to work over Dillinger and tag made. Roode sets up Dillinger in the corner for punches as the crowd chants “one!” each time. They anticipate another one, but Roode pulls short. Super kick out of nowhere from Dillinger to Roode and he’s able to crawl to Murphy for the hot tag. Flurry of forearms and clotheslines from the Aussie superstar. Sweet double knees from the top. Rana from Murphy on Roode, but that’s not enough as a blind tag is made. Murphy heads to the outside for a dive to take Roode out of the equation. Legal men in the ring and Dillinger sets up the Tye Breaker, which he executes for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Tye Dillinger & Buddy Murphy

– As they celebrate with the crowd, we take a look at the triple threat women’s match, which is up next.

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

Billie Kay with a nice Aussie pop but comes out without her cohort Peyton Royce. Solid pop for Moon. Ember and Liv look to form an alliance, but Kay slaps their hands away. Moon and Morgan with some singles action as Kay looks on from the outside. Morgan showing some athleticism with a leaping head scissor take down and we go rolling around the ring. Nice double bull dog from Morgan that leads to quite the pinning sequence. Leaping Thesz Press type maneuver but Morgan gets sent outside. Lost in the Woods from Kay leads to a cover and a two. Billie Kay working the crowd well as she works over Moon in the corner. She turns on the crowd quickly and the crowd goes into a song and dance routine. Morgan back in and is sent quickly back out with a Moon kick. Billie Kay able to meet Moon with a roaring elbow. Hook the leg and near fall. Moon sends Kay to the rope and hits a mean right hand, but sent directly to the outside. Morgan tries to capitalize, but Kay sends her out as well and takes a bad bump on the apron on the way down. Kay sends Morgan sends her competitors back in and trades pins on her downed opponents.

Double chops on both Morgan and Moon, but they turn it around with a double chop on Kay. Cross body from Moon to Morgan and suplex to Kay with a kip-up. Moon heads to the top to set up her finisher, but Morgan puts a stop to it. Kay goes to the bottom of the pile, teases a tower of doom, but only gets Morgan with a power bomb. Kay turns around and lands straight into Moon’s stunner finisher. Great sell leads to the pin and win for Moon.

Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon

We go right back to the squared circle for the NXT Tag Team Championship bout.

#DIY (c) vs. TM61 (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Great reaction for both teams and mutual respect with a handshake before the bell. Thorne and Ciampa start us off with fast paced action and a standoff. Another show of respect and they tag in their partners for another showcase. Miller able to wrench the arm of Gargano and makes the tag back to Thorne. Uppercuts abroad from Thorne. Miller shows off some power with a stalling suplex. Gargano back on top with a roll-through kick. DIY cutting the ring in half and working Miller with a target on the left shoulder. Tag made, shots to both opponents, and double team move to DIY. Miller goes flying to the outside taking out both Gargano and Ciampa as we head to break.

Back from break and Thorne goes for a handspring, but flight is delayed due to a basement kick from Ciampa. Tag made to Gargano and locks in several submissions. Ciampa back in with some vicious strikes as the crowd tries to get their hometown boys back in it. Ciampa heads for a corner attack, but met by Thorne’s boot on two occasions on top of a drop kick. Tag made to Miller and he cleans house. Diving forearm for the cover and nearfall. Miller goes for the dead lift suplex, but Ciampa elbows his way out. Blind tag made to Gargano, Ciampa leads him toward the ropes where Gargano spears his way into the ring. Miller going for the tag, no dice, Gargano for the tag, nobody home, so he hits a kick/DDT combo. Miller able to counter double team offense with an exploder and he takes Ciampa to the top. Ciampa blocks a superplex and we get into a striking contest on the ropes. Thorne tags in, sacrifices his own self for the tower of doom spot. Miller drags him over for the cover, but pin is broken up.

Big exchange from all 4 men. Power bomb back breaker from Ciampa to Thorne, cover, and Miller makes the desperation break up. Legal men down in the ring as their partners recover in the corner. Tags made, but both slow to enter. Slugfest in the middle of the ring. Miller ducks the roll-through kick and hits a dead lift sit out power bomb. Gargano out at two and a half. Gargano makes the tag, sets up for a Ciampa boot on the top rope. DIY sets up their meeting in the middle for their finisher and title retention.

Winners via Pinfall: #DIY

– After the match, the Aussie crowd shows their appreciation for their hometown team. The champs come back to the ring for a handshake and raise each other’s hands as we preview the NXT Championship match up next.

Asuka returns to action next week. The Revival gets their much anticipated rematch with #DIY next week for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

– We take a look at the Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura rivalry as the steel cage is lowered.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe (Steel Cage Match for NXT Championship)

They get the spotlight treatment as they’re introduced to give it the big match feel. They size each other up early on. Nakamura with a single leg take down, but Joe able to block and regains a base. They stay locked up on the ropes since there are no 5-count break ups in a cage match. Nakamura showboats a bit and is feeling some good vibrations. Joe picks up the champ and tosses him back first into the cage. Joe then pins Nakamura to the cage with a big splash. Joe opts to not escape with the champ down. Nakamura fights back with a flurry of strikes via elbow and knee. Joe able to block multiple submissions, but not the big German Suplex from Nakamura. Shinsuke lines up for a Kinshasa, but is met by a power slam from the challenger. Both men duking it out in the middle of the ring with the boo/yay strike spots. Joe locks in a Coquina Clutch from a standing position. Nakamura slips out and uses his knees to his advantage once again. Nakamura turns over into a cover but Joe out at two.

Nakamura looking to escape the cage, but Joe joins him on the top and preps for a Muscle Buster from the second rope, but Nakamura able to block and hit a power bomb although not cleanly. Shinsuke balances himself on the middle of the top rope and hits a springboard Kinshasa, but unable to make a cover. Joe looks to be busted open as the official reaches for the gloves. Nakamura has an option to head out of the cage, but says no. He opts to close the cage and nails another Kinshasa. Joe back up, and Nakamura seals the deal with a third and definitive Kinshasa. One, two, three, and the champ retains.

Winner via Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

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