Friday, January 20, 2017

Update On WWE Pulling UK Talent From Indie Shows

It was revealed yesterday that there have been a number of talents from the European wrestling scene who are no longer able to appear on the certain independent events that are streaming online on streaming platforms competing with the WWE Network. This is due to them signing WWE deals to appear in the UK Championship tournament.

More talents continued to be pulled from events continued today as WWE UK Tournament talents Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews and Trent Seven were set to appear at a live “Working a Resthold” podcast Q&A ahead of a WXW show in London next week. Organizers announced today that they needed to be removed due to their WWE deals. is reporting that talents cannot appear on events that would be posted online on services such as Vemeo. In some cases they are being moved to dark matches for promotions or finishing up altogether as some promoters don’t want to have their hands tied in how they can use talents with WWE restrictions.

Mike Johnson of PWI further reports that the ripple effects of the new WWE deals are going to be felt. There are some in the UK scene upset about the situation. At the end of the day talents were given a chance to work for WWE and very few are going to turn that opportunity down. This opportunity like with all contracts came with certain restrictions. The fallout of those restrictions are certainly going to drive independent promoters nuts especially when they have no grace period and previous plans had been made with advertising put in place.

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