Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Triple H Confirms Plans For WWE Women's Tournament

Triple H appeared on the FOX Sports Wrestling Compadres Slamcast this week and confirmed that WWE still has plans for a women's tournament this year.

The full interview will be released later this week but here is the exchange with host Dale Rutledge:

DALE RUTLEDGE: Last time on the show, [Stephanie McMahon] mentioned an idea for the women's talent that you were working on. Has there been any further development on that?

TRIPLE H: So, that's another one of my big, big kind of passions, is to go do that, a women's tournament. And we're down the road a bit of — the harder thing now, in a changing landscape, I feel like sometimes in WWE, like, you know, Tuesday, I'm like, "Okay, so this is where we're going, right? No changing it? Yes!" On Wednesday morning, you have to call, it's like, "We're not doing that anymore."
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