Sunday, January 8, 2017

TNA One Night Only "Joker’s Wild" Taping Results * SPOILERS *

Thanks to Edward Tomas for sending in the following:

JB & Mackenzie were on the stage with a tumbler & wrestlers names in it & announced it’s the return of Jokers Wild. There will be 7 tag matches with random partners with the winners advancing to a gauntlet battle royal with the winner “receiving” a $100,000 check from Anthem. (It said Anthem’s name on the giant cheque.)

1. Davey Richards & Moose defeated Broken Matt & Trevor Lee
2. Aron Rex & Spud defeated Bad Bones & Jesse Godderz.
3. The DCC-Kingston & Bram-beat Robbie E & Shera.
4. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett & Braxton Sutter beat Tyrus & Crazy Steve.
5. DJZ & Jeff Hardy defeat Eli Drake & newcomer Paradox.
6. Sienna & Jade beat Laurel Van Ness & Allie.
7. Kaleb Conolley & Eddie Edwards defeated Andrew Everett & Marshae Rocket.

My phone died during this time when the gauntlet battle royal began. Two people start & new opponents come in every two minutes after. When the final 2 remain, there has to be a winner by pin or submission. Moose wins with his clothesline finisher on Bram to earn the $100,000 Anthem “cheque”-which says in cash on it-whatever that means! lol Pretty good show & it will air on PPV next month.

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