Sunday, January 8, 2017

Samoa Joe Debuting In The Royal Rumble? Gallows & Anderson Talk Reforming The Original Bullet Club With Finn Balor

- Samoa Joe has been a hot topic as a potential main roster call up this month within WWE. The idea right now is that he will possibly be a surprise entrant in The Rumble, but that could always change.

Joe was said to be recently banged up last month, but it now appears that he is all healed up as he worked last Thursday’s NXT tapings in a dark match. It’s also worth noting that Joe hasn’t been a regular on NXT television and really doesn’t have a storyline on that brand. This is another indication that he will be called up soon.

- It’s been rumored for the past several months now that once Joe ends his feud with Nakamura, that he would be headed to the main roster. It’s also said that when he does make his debut, he will most-likely be on the SmackDown brand.

- While speaking to Sam Roberts, Karl Anderson stated that he can’t wait for Balor’s return from injury and is afraid that Balor is kayfabing him about when he’ll return to in-ring action. Anderson noted that he named his second son after Balor (his middle name). He said that he would be hot at him if Balor returned before Anderson thought he would.

Karl also added that Balor comes back WWE should allow them to reform the original Bullet Club. “We’ll just tear everything apart. That’s one of those pitches we’ve thrown.”

As of this writing, there are no plans for The Bullet Club to reform when Balor returns, however those plans can always change.

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