Ryback on Royalty Cheques, Shooting on Cena, Wellness Policy for Part Timers, More

The following in a recap of “Conversation with the Big Guy” Podcast:

Ryback starts today’s show by commenting on RAW’s recent backstage angle, where Anderson and Gallows ripped the head off of a Dusty Rhodes bear. Cody Rhodes tweeted out his displeasure of this segment shortly after it aired and Ryback agrees that it was a ‘shitty’ thing for WWE to do. He doesn’t believe there was any point to it, and it didn’t accomplish anything.

He says if you know the people there (at WWE), this kind of thing doesn’t surprise you whatsoever. It was an unnecessary thing for them to put on their programming and he’s happy that Cody Rhodes spoke out about it immediately after it aired.<br />
Ryback wonders when professional wrestling turned into gymnastics. He doesn’t believe that wrestlers need to take as many unnecessary risks as they’re taking as of late, and he feels that doing a bunch of flips and dives doesn’t make you a good wrestler, and it doesn’t make you tough. He urges those guys to try some of those flips the next time they’re in a real-life fight, and see how it works out for them.

He admits that there is a time and a place for everything. At certain large events such as Wrestlemania or WrestleKingdom, he can appreciate some guys going ‘over the top’ with one or two riskier moves. Unfortunately, it has become all too common for a lot of talents to rely solely on their ability to flip in order to get hired and that’s a sad thing.

Ryback says he has been working out his entire body since he began working out at the age of 12. He informs that he uses hand grips to work out his hands and forearms, and he recalls that training come in handy one night during a match with Kane. During the match, he actually broke his finger and was able to just pop it back in place in order to finish the match. It required a splint for weeks after, but he feels the damage could have been much worse if his hands and fingers weren’t as strong as they are.

He has also trained his neck for years, after hearing Mike Tyson say that a strong neck can help prevent concussions. He says if you have a strong neck, it can help absorb blows to the face and head. He believes it has worked out well for him over the years because he has yet to suffer a concussion.

Ryback offers his thoughts on the fan video from a WWE live event, where Roman Reigns was caught laughing at Kevin Owens while being trapped in a headlock. Owens is lecturing a fan during the video, saying he just received a $35,000 royalty cheque from WWE, and Ryback is stunned by that figure. He says when he was running hot in WWE, he was regularly receiving $140,000 royalty cheques.

He says Owens is WWE’s top guy right now. He’s their Universal Champion and he has a ton of merchandise available for purchase so it’s hard to believe that he’s only receiving $35,000 royalty cheques. Ryback assumes Reigns is earning much more than that, and Reigns probably laughed in the ring as a shoot when hearing that figure from Owens.

Ryback also thought it was nice to see Roman Reigns shoot back at John Cena on Twitter, after Cena brought attention to this event. Ryback says Cena was a ‘piece of shit’ to him since day one, and he blocked Cena on Twitter a long time ago. He mentions that Alex Riley had a run-in with Cena, and he insists that’s the reason Riley doesn’t have a job with WWE anymore.

He says Riley had the right look, the right attitude, and should have been a major star. Unfortunately, Cena got involved and Ryback hopes Riley comes forward with this story in the near future because it will show John Cena’s true colours and people will finally see him for what he really is. He calls Cena a ‘poison’ to the wrestling industry.

Ryback thinks that Vince McMahon would rather make $150 Million a year than $300 Million a year in order to prove to the fans that WWE is his company, and he’s going to run it how he wants to run it. That’s the reason why Ryback left.

Ryback comments on WWE’s Wellness Policy, which seems to be enforced differently to part-time talents. Jim Ross has given his opinion, that he has no issue with part-time talents like Brock Lesnar not being tested with regularity like the rest of the roster. Ryback calls that complete ‘horseshit’. It’s insulting to him that part-time talents aren’t treated the same way as the rest of the roster, and Vince McMahon needs to ‘take the stick out of his ass’ and get with the times.

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