Saturday, January 14, 2017

More on Why Undertaker vs. Cena Will Not Take Place, More on Roman Reigns Winning PWI “Most Hated”, WWE Top 10

Here is the latest WWE Top 10 video featuring incredible tests of strengths. You can watch the video below:

- As noted, John Cena vs. The Undertaker is no longer scheduled for WrestleMania 33 as Vince McMahon changed his mind on the match idea. Meltzer noted on Twitter that the change was made because of Vince looking at the long-term picture and not just the short-term:

- As we noted earlier this week, WWE star Roman Reigns was voted the “Most Hated” wrestler of the year in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 2016 awards.

The publication noted this is the first time in the magazine’s history that a babyface was voted “Most Hated” wrestler of the year. Below is an excerpt from the publication’s blurb on Reigns:
Here’s a guy who fights honorably and abides by the rules. He has proven loyal and dedicated to family and friends. He always conducts himself as a gentleman, never ducks a challenge, and has managed to overcome the odds every time they seem stacked against him.And the fans boo the crap out of him.

More than a quarter of our respondents cast their vote for Roman Reigns as the Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, marking the first time in the history of the PWI Achievement Awards that a so-called “fan favorite” has won this distinction.

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