Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Major Name Returns and Big Heel Turn at Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings * SPOILERS *

- Cody Rhodes made his TNA return at tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes came to the ring for a promo segment, and Cody talks about traveling the world, but now he’s back here. Cody mentions the Anthem owl logo andsays they need to name it, then says the crowd is too sweet. Cody says he wants to thank Moose for helping Brandi out with The Decay, and asks him to come to the ring. He says Moose is like family now and calls him a Rhodes, then Moose says he will always have their backs. Cody ends up getting mad about Brandi having Moose’s phone number, then asks if they intended o sleep together. Cody calls Moose a slut, then Brandi asks if this is a joke, so Cody says sure, then kicks Moose in the balls. Cody ends up beating Moose down, then he makes a Bullet Club hand gesture and grabs Brandi’s arm to leave.

The segment will likely air in the next few weeks; TNA had taped some content out of order, but it could be speculated that the segment will air at the end of this month or sometime in February. TNA has been taping several episodes of Impact Wrestling (in addition to Xplosion and TNA One Night Only pay-per-views) this week.

- During the Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards match, Davey Richards decided to turn heel on his friend and cost him his match for the TNA World Title.

When Eddie went for the pinfall to win the match, Davey decided to pull the ref out of the ring. Angelina was sitting next to Alexxis Neveah as this went down and decided to attack her. In of all of the commotion at ringside, Lashley defeated Edwards.

After the match ended, Davey and Angelina put the boots to Eddie and Alexxis.

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