Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lance Storm Defends Randy Orton’s Outburst at the Gym

Lance Storm has caught wind of the story of Randy Orton getting in a fan altercation Monday at the gym (read more HERE and HERE) and decided to share his insight on the matter.
Saw a thing on Twitter tonight where Randy Orton told a fan off at the gym who had asked for an autograph and another fan complaining and calling Randy out for it with the logic that we (the fans) pay your salary you owe the fans an autograph, this is what you signed up for, don’t be a dick. Twitter is not a place for a wordy response so I’m going to talk about it here.

Firstly the dude who asked for the autograph didn’t wait until Randy was done his work out he asked him during his workout between sets, which is ignorant gym etiquette and straight up rude.

Secondly the We pay your salary bullshit is exactly that bullshit. If you buy a ticket to see someone wrestle, sing in a concert, dance on a stage etc. All you are owed is for whomever you bought a ticket to see to go out and perform for you that night to the best of their ability, you aren’t buying a piece of their life.

I spend a lot of money at Tim Hortons, do the people who work at Tims owe me a piece of their free time? Am I entitled to interrupt them on their personal time whenever I see fit simply because the money I spend where they work pays their salary?

I know Randy Orton and I’ve been in his shoes, and the gym is part of his job and people who train really hard concentrate and focus at the gym. You won’t get an autograph from Randy Orton because you are entitled to one. You’ll get an autograph from Randy Orton by being a respectful polite human being.

Wait for Randy at the front of the gym, with your pen and paper ready and Ask him politely when he is finished and leaving the club. And please don’t tell me you were in a Hurry and didn’t have time to wait, because then you are saying that your time is more valuable than his and you’d rather inconvenience him than yourself. You are the one asking for a favour not the other way around.

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