Friday, January 6, 2017

Jim Ross Comments On Jeff Jarrett’s New TNA Role, Praises Braun Strowman, Calling Wrestle Kingdom 11 For AXS TV

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his blog on his JR’s Bar-B-Q website; you can read a few highlights below:

Jim Ross comments on calling Wrestle Kingdom 11 for AXS TV’s broadcast:
Some busy and exciting days on the horizon including joining Josh Barnett next week to voiceover the Wrestle Kingdom 11 card that will begin airing on AXSTV Friday night January 13 at 8/7 CT with the main event kicking off our 4 Fridays of WK11 action on Mark Cuban’s network. I’m told that the bouts that will be airing on AXSTV will be airing essentially in their entirely which means that important match elements will not be edited due to time issues. That’s good news for us all thanks to AXSTV.

I am refraining from watching the show broadcast live by my friends Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino who I am told did a stellar job which comes as no surprise. I want to see the show for the first time from start to finish when we voice it over. It;s alike a sporting event to me and I will call what I see as it relates to the video but will certainly prepare adequately in advance of these much anticipated VO’s.
JR praises Braun Strowman, more RAW notes:
Watched Monday’s RAW via DVR as I was at the Sugar Bowl (Big, OU Win!) when RAW aired live. Takeaways include the return of Bill Goldberg who made a noticeable impact and the continued build of Braun Strowman who is seemingly in route to becoming a major player in WWE. Hopefully Strowman’s evolution with continue to conceal his inexperience especially his ‘selling’ skill set. WWE has done a good job in separating the big man from the pack and now we will see how he adds to the company’s faith in him by getting better each day in some area of his profession.
Ross comments on what Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA could mean for the company:
Jeff Jarrett to the new ownership group of Impact Wrestling is good news IMO. Jeff has many viable projects at play and he knows that he has my support. The pro wrestling business needs every viable company that it can muster to be successful and provide each other with much needed competition and crucial, talent development. This arrangement could eventually wind up being a part of something even bigger. Stay tuned. It sounds like the new ownership group, Anthem, has made some wise decisions early in their tenure. Jeff was brought back to be a consultant.

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