Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gallows and Anderson Feel Cheeted, Video of Roman Reigns Recovering After RAW

- In this Fallout video, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson react to their championship victory over Cesaro & Sheamus on RAW tonight being overturned into a disqualification win.

Gallows noted that they were cheated and robbed by two nerds who they would have stolen their lunch money from if they were in grade school. Anderson added that they weren't mad or disappointed.
"When we signed the big huge contracts and left New Japan Pro Wrestling and came to WWE, we came here with one thing on our mind - taking the entire thing over. It shows that without a shadow of a doubt, we can beat you [Cesaro & Sheamus]. And we'll do it again. Too sweet."

- As seen on RAW tonight, the show ended after WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens put Roman Reigns through the announce table with a powerbomb.

WWE posted the footage above after RAW went off the air of Reigns recovering after the attack. Reigns slowly made his way to his feet before heading to the back on his own.

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