Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Daniel Bryan Talks Talent Frustration with Part Time Wrestlers Taking WrestleMania Spots

During last night’s edition of WWE Talking Smack, General Manager Daniel Bryan addressed wrestler frustration with part time schedules in WWE.

AJ Styles and Baron Corbin both took shots at Cena being a “part timer” on Smackdown and on Talking Smack, and Daniel Bryan offered the following thoughts:

“I had this issue when I was a full time wrestler, and I still kind of have this issue today.”

Bryan went on to note how guys like Dean Ambrose work 99% of the live events in the year, and then when WrestleMania time comes they are brushed aside so that part timers can come in and take the top WrestleMania spots.

“Around WrestleMania time, all these people who are part-timers come in and they take the best spots at WrestleMania,” Bryan said.

Bryan did change his tune a bit, however, when talking about John Cena. Bryan said he feels different about Cena, and that he doesn’t deserve the criticism over his schedule because Cena has “worked harder than anybody else.” Bryan went on to say that he has more of an understanding of the part time schedule since he is on the managerial side of things in WWE now, and that he wants to put on big events with special attraction. But he did say he wants to see more of a mix, and utilize the full-time guys better.

A full recap of Talking Smack is at This Link.

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