Friday, January 13, 2017

AJ Styles Reunites With Bullet Club Members & The Addiction (Photo), Styles Comments On His First Year In WWE

Apparently it’s been a long day of travel for a lot of wrestlers, as we noted earlier today that the Young Bucks, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian ran into WWE Raw general manager Mick Foley at LAX.

Tonight it was WWE Champion AJ Styles who reunited with his Bullet Club brothers, as well as The Addiction, this time in Atlanta.

Speaking of AJ Styles, the “Phenomenal One” recently spoke with to promote the upcoming Smackdown Live event in Birmingham this weekend. Styles discussed how his faith as a Christian plays into his career in wrestling, how he looks back on 2016 and his first year with WWE, and more. Here’s a segment from the interview:

“Sometimes I feel like if I’m not getting people to boo me, then I’m not doing my job right. So that’s on me. I need to be better about being the bad guy. And sometimes they just refuse. These fans just refuse to accept me as the bad guy. That has a lot to do with how much time I spent outside the WWE and coming here and doing so well, they respect that, I guess you could say. But it’s up to me to make sure that these fans find a way to boo me. And I think that when you’re in the ring with guys like John Cena where people love to boo him but when you cut a promo the way he did last Tuesday night, you’ve got to love that. You’ve got to love the passion that he presents, and that ultimately makes me the bad guy when someone with that passion comes at you like that. It was a really great moment.”

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