WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests The Wyatt Family, Carmella, Heath Slater And Rhyno

– The Wyatt Family sounder opens the show, and they appear in a darkened setting. Spotlights are focused on Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Luke Harper. Bray says that the Smackdown Tag Team Championships have made them immortal. The family is stronger thanks to Randy Orton. They now run the yard. Bray says that it is better to rule in hell than it is to serve in heaven.

Randy takes the mic. He says that he used to be The Legend Killer and The Apex Predator but now, as a Wyatt, he is more dangerous than he has ever been.<br />
Luke Harper says that the last time he was on Talking Smack he warned everyone to pay attention to them. He says to send anyone, just don’t send anyone you want back. RUN!

– The Talking Smack theme plays and Renee Young and Daniel Bryan are now on set. Bryan says that they have been “Wyatted”. Bryan goes on to state, that this has been a very difficult day for him. How his world title main event fell apart due to AJ Styles injury. The conversation shifts to the conclusion of The Smackdown Live main event between Ambrose and Miz. Bryan and Renee talk about James Ellsworth’s interference in that match, and how it cost Dean the IC title. Daniel doesn’t know what to think of James. Calls Ellsworth incompetent and delusional. Ridicules him for thinking that he was actually going to help Dean tonight.

– Renee says that Daniel Bryan may be partially responsible for Ellsworth being delusional. She explains that Daniel gave him confidence by encouraging him. Daniel takes exception to this. He is surprised that Renee is blaming him for something, just like everyone else does. Bryan says that Ellsworth is responsible for his own actions. Bryan talks about how the IC title match was a replacement for The WWE World Title match originally scheduled. Renee asks Daniel if he wanted to see Miz lose the IC title. Bryan says that he doesn’t care if Miz loses or not. He wants the fans to enjoy the show. Daniel says that the IC title has been elevated on Smackdown, as opposed to The US title on Raw. He goes on to give Miz some credit for that.

– Renee and Daniel continue to discuss The Miz and mostly his complaints towards Daniel Bryan. Daniel says that before Smackdown Live and Talking Smack. The Miz was not being given opportunities to shine. Daniel criticizes Miz for relying on his wife Maryse to win matches. Renee jokingly asks Daniel if Brie would ever play the same role, that Maryse has for Miz. Somehow, Daniel brings up his heroism against an intruder into his home a couple of years ago. Talks about how he was calm during the situation and how Brie was riled up and wanted to attack the intruder.

– Carmella joins the show. Carmells teases Bryan for not being supportive towards her…. The conversation then shifts to what transpired between Natalya and Niki Bella tonight. Carmella says that she is about to “spill the tea” on that situation. Carmella says that after the Survivor Series. Natalya told her about her attack on Nikki Bella. How Nikki left her hat in catering before their survivor series match, and Natalya knew about it. She followed Nikki and took advantage of the opportunity, and attacked her.

– Carmella says that she isn’t making this up. That she’s taken credit in the past for attacking Nikki. So if she did, She would have bragged about it. Renee asks Carmella, Why Natty attacked Nikki. Carmella says that Natalya is jealous of Nikki. That the Bellas are bigger stars than her. Renee asks Bryan if he ever suspected Natalya of being jealous. Bryan says Yes….. Although, He’s unsure if Carmella is telling the truth. Daniel says that he doesn’t believe that Carmella attacked Nikki, but that it is possible that Carmella is making it up about Nikki. Bryan admits that Natty looked guilty when confronted by Nikki Bella tonight. Bryan concludes that he is confused. Not sure of any of it. Carmella leaves the show.

– The next topic is Alexa Bliss. Bryan talks about how proud he is of her. Talks about when she was drafted to SD Live. How Alexa was an unknown commodity. Bryan puts over the table match that Becky and Alexa had at TLC….. The next topic of conversation is AJ Styles. Renee brings up AJ’s butt showing. She kind of blushes after mentioning it. Daniel takes issue with AJ’s butt being the focus, rather than his incredible performance. Like his springboard 450 through a table. A screenshot is shown of AJ’s butt through his torn tights. Renee says that she was watching the match very intently. Bryan responds with “I bet you were”.

– Renee stutters while Bryan interrogates her about focusing on Styles wardrobe malfunction. Bryan tells Renee how does she want him to respond to it. By saying “sweet butt”. Renee laughs….. Bryan jokes that he thought of patting AJ on the butt after his TLC match. Renee continues to try some damage control for focusing on AJ’s wardrobe malfunction. Bryan says that he is tired of talking about it, and introduces Heath Slater and Rhyno to the show.

Slater and Rhyno look very depressed. They say that they have seen better days. Heath talks about their disappointment losing twice to Orton and Wyatt. Renee asks Heath, what is next for their team. Rhyno says that he didn’t know that, he was going to be the only one taking on The Wyatts by himself tonight. Rhyno faces Heath, as he is saying this. A bummed out Slater says to Rhyno, “Seriously, You are doing this right now”. Bryan asks Rhyno if he is blaming the loss on Heath. Rhyno tells Bryan to not butt in. Heath says that he didn’t know that they were keeping score. That he won the titles for them. Rhyno says that if Heath recalls, That he gored their opponents before Slater had the pinfalls. Rhyno gets quiet while Heath pleads with him. Rhyno walks off the set. Heath apologizes to Bryan and Renee. Says that he is going to go talk with Rhyno, and find out what is going on. Slater leaves…. Renee and Daniel close this week’s show.

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