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WWE 205 Live Results - Dec. 27, 2016

We start off with a video package of Neville's return to television.

We are in Rosemont, Illinois and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, and Austin Aries.

Cedric Alexander (with Alicia Fox) vs. Tony Nese (with Drew Gulak)

They lock up and Nese with a waist lock but Alexander with a wrist lock.  Nese with a reversal.  Alexander with a reversal and a single leg take down.  Nese with a bear hug but Alexander with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Alexander with a head scissors take down and a drop kick for a near fall.  Nese runs Alexander into the corner and Alexander with a forearm.  Nese pushes Alexander off the turnbuckles and Alexander hits the apron as he goes to the floor.  Nese kicks Alexander and punches him against the ringside barrier.  Nese sends Alexander back into the ring and then Nese goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Nese with punches but Alexander punches back and connects with a European uppercut.  Alexander lands on his feet when Nese goes for a suplex and then Nese with a matrix to avoid Alexander.  Nese with a near fall.  Nese with a body scissors.  Alexander with a jaw breaker and uppercuts.  Alexander kicks Nese away and hits a back elbow and forearms.  Alexander with a handspring round kick and then Alexander with a springboard clothesline for a near fall.

Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check but Nese blocks it.  Nese misses a double stomp but he does not miss with the clothesline and Nese gets a near fall.

Alicia and Gulak argue on the floor and Gulak tells the referee that Alicia hit her.  Alicia is sent to the back.

Nese with a palm strike for the three count.

Winner:  Tony Nese

We see Alicia Fox in the back and Noam Dar stops to talk to her.  Dar says he got her a present and it is some mistletoe.  Alicia slaps Dar.  Dar says to try it again and she slaps him a second time.  Alicia leaves and Dar says Merry Christmas to me.

We go to an interview from earlier today when Renee Young talked to Neville.  Neville enters the room and Renee thanks him for joining her.  She asks why did Neville choose to join 205 Live now.  Neville asks when is Renee going to ask a real question.  WWE scoured the globe for the best talent and he is under their nose.  He says that is insane.  They did it because he is too good.  If he was in the Cruiserweight Classic, there would be no competition.  It was discrimination.

Neville says it is not just the WWE, it is the people of the United States.  People look at him because of the way he speaks and the way he looks.  He says he will use the cruelty to motivate him to be the best.

Renee asks if that is why he is called the King of the Cruiserweights.  Neville says he is the king.  In Japan, Rich Swann was his young boy.  He would cook his food, clean his laundry, and wash his back.  Swann idolized him in Japan.  Swann may be the champion, but Swann is not on his level.  Neville says he is used to facing people who weigh twice as much as him so the Cruiserweight Division will be a dawdle.

Renee asks Neville to explain what he said and Neville tells Renee the interview is over.

We go to commercial.

Mustafa Ali vs. John Yurnet

Yurnet punches Ali and applies a side head lock.  Yurnet with a shoulder tackle.  Ali with a rollup and a crucifix for a near fall.  Yurnet with a leg sweep and he gets a near fall.  Yurnet favors his leg but he continues.  Yurnet wtih a sunset flip and Ali rolls through.  The referee checks on Yurnet to see if he can continue.  Ali with a reverse DDT and Ali goes up top for an inward 450 splash for the three count.

Winner:  Mustafa Ali

After the match, Ali is interviewed and asked about his victory.  Ali says that Chicago made him.  Throughout his entire life, people make assumptions about him because of his name.  When he came to 205 Live, he had to prove the WWE Universe wrong.  You proved him wrong.  It is not a perfect world, but he will let his victories speak for himself.

We take a look at Ariya Daivari.  He says he is the best cruiserweight and he can adapt to any style.  He says he can do it all.  He has already wrestled on Raw.  He has already wrestled on pay per view.  He says he brings experience to the game.  He mentions that his brother was in the WWE.  He says he feels he has outshined his brother and he will carry the Daivari name further than his brother.  The loss to Jack Gallagher was a fluke.  He says he is a mainstay.  That will not happen again.  He says he is the best cruiserweight in WWE.  205 Live is just the beginning for Ariya Daivari.

Ariya Daivari and Jack Gallagher make their way to the ring for the Gentlemen's Duel.

Jack says that Mr. Daivari has besmirched his name so they will settle this in a Gentlemen's Duel.

Daivari says if you want to fight, they can fight.  He says he does not know what a duel is.

Jack says they pick their weapons first.  You can pick a frying pan, rope, a lead pipe, an umbrella, a wrench, a candlestick, or a teapot.  Jack says he will let Daivari choose his weapon first.  Daivari chooses the lead pipe and Gallagher chooses the umbrella.

Daivari questions Gallagher's choice of weapons.

Jack advises Daivari of the rules.  They stand back to back and then take five paces and then continue until one man quits.

Daivari tries to cheat and Gallagher ducks and then he hits Daivari in the head and midsection with the umbrella and then he trips Daivari.  Daivari hits Gallagher with the table and then he clotheslines and punches Gallagher.  Daivari kicks Gallagher.  Daivari grabs the wrench but Gallagher with head butts to stop Daivari.  Gallagher with a running drop kick to Daivari in the corner.

Corey Graves mentions that we will see someone return to a WWE ring next week.  We see a video package for Tajiri.

Neville vs. Rich Swann in a Non Title Match

Swann gets in a few shots but Neville with kicks. Swann punches Neville in the corner and Neville goes to the floor.  Swann with a punch but Neville stops Swann as he comes back into the ring.  Neville misses a punch.  Neville with a side head lock.  Swann flips over Neville and hits a drop kick.  Neville goes to the floor.  Swann goes for a dive but Neville gets back into the ring and Neville with a running forearm.

Neville sends Swann into the ringside barrier.  Neville sends Swann into the ringside barrier head first and Neville stops the referee's count.  Neville takes Swann and sends him into the ring apron's matrix board and Neville returns to the ring while Swann is still down on the floor.  The referee makes his count and Swann gets back to his feet.  Neville with a corkscrew plancha and he catches Swann a little.  Neville gets a near fall.  Neville with a rear chin lock and he gets a near fall.

Neville with a forearm into the corner and he gets a near fall.  Neville with a reverse chin lock and elbows.  Neville gets a near fall.  Neville returns to the reverse chin lock. Neville with a back breaker and a standing shooting star press for a near fall.  Neville goes to the apron and then he goes up top.  Neville with a missile drop kick and he gets a near fall.  Neville kicks Swann in the head.  Neville returns to the reverse chin lock.

Swann with punches and Swann runs into an elbow.  Swann with a jumping rana to get Neville off the turnbuckles.  Neville goes to the floor.  Swann goes to the apron and he hits a back heel kick and then he hits a Phoenix splash off the turnbuckles onto Neville.  Swann sends Neville back into the ring and he blocks a kick and hits a back heel kick to Neville.  Swann with a Gibson Bomb for a near fall.  Swann continues to hold his back.  Neville sends Swann to the floor and then Neville with an enzuigiri and Swann is down on the apron.  Swann goes to the floor.  Neville sets for a dive to the floor and Neville runs into a thrust kick and Swann hits Fantastic Voyage for a near fall.

Neville with a forearm but Neville staggers to stay on his feet.  Swann moves into a boot in the head.  Neville pulls Swann into position.  Neville goes up top and misses a corkscrew moonsault.  Swann with a back heel kick but Neville kicks out.  Swann goes up top but Neville with a forearm when Swann takes too long.  Neville sets for a superplex.  Swann punches Neville and Neville goes down.  Swann looks around and Swann goes for a 450 splash but Neville drop kicks Swann on the turnbuckles to crotch him.  Neville with an enzuigiri and Neville goes for a superplex for the three count.

Winner:  Neville

After the match, Neville waits for Swann to get up and he hits a back heel kick and a front kick.  Neville with an enzuigiri and then Neville with a German suplex.  Neville with a thrust kick to the top of the head and then he hits a second one as officials come to the ring to point at Neville and ask him to stop.

We go to credits.

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