Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two Possible Spoilers for The Royal Rumble PPV

As announced on Monday’s episode of RAW, Kevin Owens is scheduled to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns at the WWE Royal Rumble event.

In what could be a possible spoiler, WWE currently has no plans to have Reigns enter the 30-man Royal Rumble Battle Royal match. So for those who speculated that he could lose his match against Owens and enter The Rumble later, that scenario is not likely to happen.

As we reported yesterday, Reigns is expected to head into the WrestleMania 33 event as the Universal Champion, so one would assume that he actually wins the belt at The Rumble.

While we noted that Strowman is rumored to face Reigns for the WWE Universal Title at Mania’, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Strowman will win The Royal Rumble match. It’s very possible that a SmackDown Superstar (Undertaker or Cena) wins The Rumble to challenge the WWE World Champion at WrestleMania. It could go either way at this point.