Thursday, December 15, 2016

Triple H Explains How UK Championship Will Work, Talks Lesnar/Goldberg Finish Criticism, Chyna in the HOF, More

Triple H recently spoke with to hype the new UK Title Tournament, and below are some interview highlights:

How will the U.K. championship work? Will it be defended within Britain at partner shows like Revolution Pro, or will it become part of WWE’s television output like the other championships?

We’re seeing what this will become. It’s not a science yet. The hope is it becomes its own weekly show, based out of the U.K., with U.K. talent. Those talents will still be able to perform within the [independent companies] RevPros, ICWs and Progress’s. As those talents are working [in the U.K.] and moving up [in the industry], we’re helping RevPro, ICW and Progress to grow and help cultivate their talent pool as well. Before it was a pipedream that you’d make it beyond the U.K. or the indie scene to the WWE. Now there’s a clear path to do it.

The end of Survivor Series in November was controversial: the unstoppable Brock Lesnar, who has brutalized some of the biggest stars in WWE, losing to a returning Goldberg in under two minutes. Again, that result has received some criticism.

People never saw it coming. When you shock them, they’re angry that you shocked them. When you don’t shock them, they say it’s too predictable.

Is that the right direction to take with him?

I guess we’ll see. Would you watch him again…? I don’t think we’ve caused any damage. I’ve seen Brock Lesnar get beat in the UFC, too. It didn’t hurt his value when he [returned] to WWE. You make the best creative decisions [based on] where you want to get to.

A pioneering WWE woman, Chyna, died this year. Her mother and fans have campaigned for her to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. I imagine conversations have begun for the April ceremony. Has she been discussed?

I think it’s been brought up. But there’s a lot of people in a long line that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that will be in the Hall of Fame over time. That’s a conversation that will happen. We’ll see where it goes. But there are a lot of people and you can only put so many people in per year.

I don’t think her passing signifies any change of her accomplishments. Her accomplishments are documented and were massive in our industry. Nothing has changed. She’s a part of the Hall of Fame conversation, but she would have been anyway.

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