Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dana White Discusses The UFC Futures Of Brock Lesnar & CM Punk (Video)

TMZ released a new interview with UFC President Dana White earlier this morning. During the interview White addresses the UFC futures of both Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.

Below are video and highlights:

Dana says he still has a good relationship with Lesnar but in regards to a return to the UFC, White says he believes Lesnar's career is winding down but he's a freak of nature and anything could happen. White believes Lesnar is ready to ride into the sunset and says they have not discussed a UFC return for Lesnar.

Regarding CM Punk fighting for UFC again, White says they have not figured out his future. White gives Punk credit and respect for coming in and trying MMA but says UFC is a dangerous place, a tough place to come in for your first few fights. Dana says he loves Punk and they will see what happens when it comes to another UFC fight.

As noted, Lesnar was recently suspended for one year for his two failed drug tests related to the UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt. He will not be able to fight until late 2017. Lesnar also agreed to pay a $250,000 fine to the Nevada attorney general's office. His win over Hunt was overturned into a No Contest.

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