Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests Alexa Bliss, Breezango, The Miz and Maryse

Renee Young opens this week's edition of Talking Smack from Scotland. Alongside her is co-host and Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan. Who was magically able to "race back" from the ring to the set in time.

They open the show by talking about the major addition to The Smackdown Live Survivor Series team of Shane McMahon. Daniel says that he chose Shane even though he himself was on the list of names to replace Baron Corbin. Renee says that Bryan teased the fans by raising the possibility of him wrestling again. Bryan tells her that it breaks his heart more than it does the fans. Bryan says that the reason, He chose Shane McMahon was because he could help unify the team and be a leader. Bryan talks about all the survivor series teams on both Raw and Smackdown have dissension. How having Shane lead The men's SD Live team will help them be together and win.

Renee asks Bryan if Shane is physically able to perform. Bryan says he is not sure. He thinks so. Renee then asks Bryan if there were other names, Bryan considered. Daniel says that there were but he's not naming names. Daniel says that in this day and age, everyone reveals their secrets but he won't.

The next topic on the show is next week's huge 900th episode of Smackdown Live. The Undertaker and Edge are scheduled to appear. Edge will host a special Cutting Edge show. Dolph Ziggler will defend The WWE Intercontinental Title against The Miz. Bryan talks about how he was in high school when Smackdown debuted. How he has wrestled and retired and the show is still on the air.

The first guest on tonight's show is Alexa Bliss. Alexa's arm is in a sling. She storms on the set complaining about her loss to Becky Lynch tonight. How her foot was on the rope when she tapped out. Bliss calls out the ref and demands that Bryan fix this situation. Bliss storms off the set. Bryan concedes that the ref made a mistake, and that Alexa has a legitimate gripe. Renee asks Bryan if Alexa is deserving a rematch. Bryan says that he is unsure but that, He is happy that Bliss is on The women's team at The Survivor Series.

The next topic is James Ellsworth and his appointment as The mascot for The men's Survivor Series team. Bryan says that he is not really for James as a mascot. he expands on that and says that he was not really for Natalya as the women's coach. Bryan says that Shane made those decisions. How he has been influenced by the talent. Bryan then asks for a tight shot from the camera. He has a open message for James Ellsworth. Tells him that he doesn't want him on Smackdown's team. Bryan says that he is happy that James is just a mascot. Renee thinks that James will be a good mascot. Bryan says that of last week, James Ellsworth did not even have a passport. Bryan says that James was so popular tonight with The Smackdown Live crowd.

Renee brings up Bryan and Shane's trip to Raw next week. Bryan sells the fact that he is not exactly excited about it. Bryan says that at least, He gets to see his old pals. Cesaro and Sami Zayn.... Renee brings up the fact that The Survivor Series teams are now all set. She introduces the next guests on the show. Breezango. She congratulates them for qualifying to be on The Survivor Series team.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango are still in their fashion police gear. They inspect Daniel's attire on the set. Fandango then gives Bryan a ticket. Tells him that it is for Brie. Bryan reads it as saying, That Brie made a "Fox Pass" choosing Daniel's shirt.... Bryan is corrected that it was a Faux Pas. Fandango says that Brie gets the ticket because Bryan is wearing a "Hobo" shirt. Changes it to Horrible. Breeze then answers a Renee question with the term "Duh". He repeats it several times and asks Young and Bryan if they knew what "Duh" means... Fandango then asks Renee about her top. She says that she got it from BCBG. Fandango gives her a ticket for Renee's haircut. Calls it a supercuts haircut. Bryan asks Breezango what grade they give themselves for their police attire complete with kilts. Breezango stands up and they pat each other on the back. Bryan tries to get in on the patting but Breezango declines.... Renee asks them who they think has the worst fashion in The WWE. Renee suggests Chris Jericho. Fandango starts reading off names that Breeze has written down. New Day, Enzo & Cass and the entire Raw survicor series team. Bryan takes exception to Cesaro being called out for lack of fashion sense. Fandango says that Cesaro has poor hygiene. Breezango calls themselves the best dressed team in The WWE. Talk about how they get mani's and Pedi's on the regular. Breezango pulls out handcuffs and tease cuffing Renee. She laughs it off. They both suggest the possibility of handcuffing their Raw opponents at Survivor Series. Breezango wants to be the leaders of The SD live team. They hive out more fashion violations before leaving the show.

Renee then transitions back to Smackdown's impressive 900 episode run. Renee calls it badass. Bryan says that he didn't realize that she could say that word. Mentions how he got in trouble for saying the word balls. More facts brought up by Renee of what was happening when Smackdown debuted. How Bill Clinton was the president back when Smackdown started... They have a conversation about Snooki..... They then talk about all the highlights of next week's 900th episode. Bryan puts over The Undertaker's entrance as being one of the coolest things in The WWE. They also briefly hype Edge's appearance.

The Miz and Maryse are introduced as the next guests on the show. Maryse says that she has a message. Talks about how Bryan hates The Miz and her. She says that she wants to understand why Bryan doesn't respect her husband. Mentions The Miz and his 14 title reigns. How he main evented WrestleMania. Bryan tells Maryse that Miz is getting a lot of opportunities now on Smackdown... The Miz whispers a response into his wife's ear... Maryse demands a bottle of water because she is sweating. Bryan says that the bottles of water are bad for the environment. Maryse again reiterates that she doesn't understand why Bryan treats Miz so poorly. Maryse tells Renee that her and Miz made Talking Smack what it is today. How their appearance was the highest rated. Bryan tells Maryse that she didn't talk when they got those high ratings. Maryse says that she doesn't need to talk... She finally gets her bottle of water. Bryan says that someone already drank from that bottle. That she will be sharing saliva from it. Renee asks Miz about his match next week vs. Ziggler. Maryse answers for her husband. Says that Miz is the best in the business. Bryan quips, "The best at what?"... Maryse calls Bryan jealous as The Miz nods in approval. Maryse says that Miz can wrestler while Bryan can't anymore.... Bryan responds by saying that Miz goes in the ring but he wouldn't call that wrestling... Maryse again brings up The Miz's career accolades. Renee asks Maryse is Miz will win next week and defend The IC title at Survivor Series. Maryse says that Miz will keep The IC title on The Blue side. Maryse then tells Bryan that if he is unhappy with The Miz. Then why he doesn't just trade him... Bryan responds by saying that he would love to trade Miz for someone who wants to fight. Who doesn't back down from challenges. Miz says that he wants someone like Cesaro and Zayn instead of Miz on Smackdown. Maryse calls Bryan a loser. Daniel rips Maryse for her horrible posture and poor English. Maryse says that her and Miz are the saviors for the show. Just look at the ratings. Bryan asks for the ratings proof. Maryse says that they double the ratings 56 percent and will provide the proof in the future... Maryse says that all Bryan does is repeat himself. Bryan then mocks Miz TV and his catch phrases. Maryse suggests that Bryan should quit and is poor at his job. Renee thanks Miz and Maryse and cuts the conversation short, so that it doesn't escalate any further. Renee closes the show by looking at Daniel and saying "Unreal" as a response to Maryse and The Miz's appearance.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.