We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

We go to Charly Caruso for an update on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in the WWE Performance Center.

Charly talks about the second round matches. She mentions that we will see DIY vs. the Authors of Pain from Los Angeles. Charly asks if Gargano and Ciampa can give the Authors of Pain their first loss or will the Authors of Pain continue their run through the tag team division.

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano vs. Akam and Rezar (with Paul Ellering in aDusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match

Ciampa and Akam start things off and Akam backs Ciampa into the corner and Ciampa with punches. Akam runs Ciampa into the turnbuckles and punches Ciampa. Ciampa floats over on an Irish whip into the corner and Ciampa with a side head lock. Gargano tags in and Ciampa with a drop kick followed by two from Gargano but Akam stays on his feet. He swats a third drop kick attempt away. Gargano gets out of the corner and all four men battle. Gargano and Ciampa with forearms into the corner. Akam and Rezar regain control.

Gargano and Ciampa with knees and then Rezar is knocked over the top rope and then off the apron. Gargano with a suicide dive but Akam and Rezar catch him. Ciampa goes for a suicide dive and Akam and Rezar throw Gargano into Ciampa to stop him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rezar works over Gargano. Rezar chokes Gargano on the top rope. The referee warns Rezar and then Rezar chokes Gargano with his boot. While Rezar distracts the referee, Ellering slams Gargano into the apron. Akam tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles for a boot to the chest and he gets a near fall. Gargano punches Akam but Akam with a knee and he runs Gargano into the turnbuckles.

Rezar tags in and he punches Gargano. Rezar chokes Gargano and the referee warns Rezar. Gargano with chops but Akam tags in and he gets Gargano up for a back breaker on his shoulders. Rezar tags in but Gargano with a DDT on Rezar. Rezar keeps Gargano from making the tag momentarily but Ciampa tags in and he hits a knee on Akam on the apron. Ciampa punches Rezar and kicks him as well. Ciampa with a running boot and a second boot. Rezar with a splash against the ropes. Ciampa gets off Rezar’s shoulders and Ciampa with chops. Rezar chops back.

Ciampa with chops and a jumping knee. Ciampa sets for a German suplex but he cannot get Rezar up. Rezar runs into a boot and Ciampa hits a German suplex and he gets a near fall. Gargano tags in and Gargano runs into an elbow and Rezar gets Ciampa on his shoudlers and then Gargano comes off the turnbuckles and Rezar catches Gargano and hits a Fallaway Slam and Samoan Drop combination for a near fall. Akam tags in and they go for the double power bomb but Ciampa and Gargano with a ranas for near falls. Akam and Rezar go over the top rope when they charge at Gargano and Ciampa. Ciampa with a running knee of the apron and Gargano with a blockbuster off the apron.

Ciampa tags in and they hit the running knee and super kick combination but Ellering gets on the apron to distract the referee. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder appear from under the ring and Gargano is DDTed on the floor. Akam and Rezar hit the Last Chapter for the three count.

Winners: Akam and Rezar(advance to the finals)

We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from Tye Dillinger. Tye says that they gave each other their word for the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Bobby Roode has made a career of giving people his word and then stabbing them in the back. In Toronto, there will be no more cheap shots and no more lies. It will be him kicking Bobby’s ass all over Toronto. After the match, Toronto will not be the home of Bobby Roode, it will be known as the Perfect Ten City.

Charly is back at the Performance Center and we are going to the other semifinal match.

Shane Thorne and Nick Miller vs. Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton (with Eric Young and Nikki Cross) in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match

Fulton and Wolfe attack Thorne and Miller before the bell rings and Cross attacks Thorne while Fulton and Young work over Miller.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the match is started. Thorne punches Wolfe but Wolfe kicks Thorne and then Fulton tags in and hits a jumping European uppercut while Wolfe holds Thorne. Fulton with a nerve hold on Thorne. Thorne slaps and chops Fulton but Fulton with shoulders in the corner and then he hits a running head butt to the midsection for a near fall. Wolfe tags in and he punches Thorne while Fulton has Thorne trapped in the turnbuckles. Wolfe runs his forearm across the bridge of the nose and he stomps on the face. Wolfe with an elbow to the shoulder.

Wolfe with an arm bar. Thorne with an arm drag and Wolfe knocks Miller off the apron when he finally gets back to his feet. Thorne goes for a tag but Miller is still down. Wolfe with a European uppercut. Fulton tags in.Wolfe goes for a running European uppercut and Thorne pushes Fulton into Wolfe. Miller tags in and he hits a belly-to-back suplex on Wolfe and then he hits a clothesline on Fulton and then Wolfe followed by one more to Fulton. Miller gets a near fall. Wolfe is sent to the apron but Miller and Miller with a punch but Fulton hits Miller from behind.

Wolfe tags in and he gets Miller up but Thorne wtih a drop kick to Fulton and Miller with a jackknife cover for the three count.

Winners: Shane Thorne and Nick Miller(Advance to face Authors of Pain at Takeover)

Charly sends things to William Regal.

William Regal says that due to the interference by the Revival, they will face DIY in a two out of three falls match at Takeover for the tag team titles.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tom and Corey run through the card for Takeover.

We go to comments from Bobby Roode. Bobby says Tye blames him for the loss in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Tye lost the match and he embarrassed Dusty Rhodes. Tye calls himself the perfect ten and he is not close. The world will see that Tye Dillinger is not a Perfect Ten, he is a Perfect Loser and a Perfect Failure. Bobby Roode will be the one to make Takeover Toronto . . . GLORIOUS.

Rachael Evers vs. Ember Moon

They lock up and Evers sends Moon into the corner. Moon with a rollup after ducking a clothesline. Moon with a side head lock and Evers goes for a hip toss but Moon lands on her feet. Moon with a rollup for a near fall. Moon with a waist lock and Evers holds on to the ropes. Moon with a head scissors take down followed by an elbow. Moon misses a springboard cross body. Evers with punches but Moon punches back. Evers with a gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Evers with a knee to the back and she applies a rear chin lock. Evers stretches Moon and then sends Moon to the mat.

Evers pie faces Moon and Moon is not happy. Moon with forearms and knees to Evers followed by a back heel kick. Moon with a flying boot to the head and then she hits a handspring clothesline. Moon goes up top and hits Total Eclipse for the three count.

Winner: Ember Moon

We go to commercial.

William Regal is in the ring to preside over the contract signing and he is flanked by six members of Full Sail security.

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring first. Samoa Joe makes his way onto the stage but then he goes to the back and he comes back out with his own table and he stays on the stage.

Joe says he would love to join the little circus down there, but with William Regal’s history with him and security, he knows Nakamura’s safety will be ensured, but what about him. Joe says it is best for Regal because if he came to the ring, he would put that rabid animal down. Joe says he would be rabid if he was the top ace in Japan and got beaten down by him. He would be angry because Joe can stretcher him out and out of action for a long time. Joe says he is a benevolent future NXT Champion. He will give Nakamura his chance, but not in front of this mass of self-edifying mouth breathers. Your opportunity will be at Takeover.

Joe tells Regal to do his job and bring him his contract.

Regal starts to speak and Joe cuts him off and tells him to stop with that ridiculous accent and bring him the contract.

Joe talks in a British accent and then he tells Regal to hurry up.

Regal walks to Joe and presents him with the contract.

Joe signs the contract and then he drops it on the table instead of handing it to Regal.

Regal walks back to the ring.

Nakamura takes the contract and he signs it and drops it on the mat.

Nakamura attacks security in the ring as Regal glares at Nakamura. Nakamura power bombs one of the members of security through the table.

Nakamura holds up his title and shows it to Joe as we go to credits.

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