Friday, November 18, 2016

Jim Ross Discusses His Current Relationship With WWE, Doing His One-Man Show, Canadian Talents Bobby Roode & Eric Young, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was recently interviewed by the Toronto Sun. The interview was in conjunction with his one-man show that he is doing during Survivor Series weekend in Toronto.

Below are some highlights from the interview.

On his relationship with the WWE since parting ways with the company:
“I do not have an adversarial relationship with WWE,” Ross stated emphatically. “I communicate with them at the highest level on a regular basis and enjoy it. But it’s not something that I throw out there for public consumption. My relationship with WWE, I believe, is very positive.”
In fact, a few years away from the company have helped Ross appreciate that period of his life.
“I had 21 wonderful years there,” he said, adding his WWE experience opened the doors for many of the opportunities he’s had since, and some still to come.
“If it hadn’t been for WWE, the work that I’m doing on a variety of levels, whether it be boxing, I did at two-hour ITV special a couple of weeks ago, it’s one of the biggest television companies in the world. And they have a massive footprint throughout the United Kingdom and through many parts of Europe. And they’re looking at reinstating their World of Sport wrestling show, (which) aired from 1965 to 1985 and if they do, I’m going to be the voice of World of Sport,” he revealed. “If I hadn’t had the success at WWE that I was fortunate to have, I wouldn’t get a smell of these wonderful opportunities.”
On changing up the way he does his one-man show:
“I started customizing my opening salvo a little more to the market that I’m playing,” he said. “For example, I will probably talk some about some of my observations, hopefully in a humorous way, and maybe even in an informative and enlightening way, to events like WrestleMania 18, for example. That was really big for the market, it was really big for the business and it was really big for me. I tell some stories in pretty quick fashion so we can spend more time with the audience interactions and the Q&As. Just know that for anybody who has come to my show before, they will hear a different opening than they will have heard before because it’s Toronto. Even when I did play Toronto a couple of years ago, I was still just getting my feet wet, so now they’ll hear a different show.”
On Canadian stars like Bobby Roode and Eric Young currently in WWE:
“Bobby Roode and Eric Young — both by the way who are a dying breed too because they’re territory/smaller promotion-developed guys who have amazing skillsets — their value is they can have a good match with virtually anybody they’re put in the ring with. And for WWE to invest money in their younger guys, the only way the young talents can improve is to work on a regular basis in front of a live audience with talents that have a higher skill level than do the young talents. And Bobby Roode and Eric Young fit that bill of making younger talents better as good as anybody WWE has signed in a long time.”

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE.

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