Sunday, November 6, 2016

Indy Promoter Asks For Someone To Check On Scott Hall After Missing Appearance On Saturday

Scott Hall was scheduled to appear for DREAMWAVE wrestling this weekend in La Salle, IL but according to promotion head Jay Repsel, Hall did not board his flight, ended up missing the event, and is not responding to calls or texts.

Someone should check on Scott Hall. He is not returning calls or texts. Never boarded his flight yesterday and missed his DREAMWAVE booking.
— Jay Repsel (@jayrep) November 6, 2016

Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Shawn Michaels were also advertised for the DREAMWAVE event, which was celebrating its 100th show on Saturday night. Waltman ended up pulling out of his booking at the last minute, but appeared to give proper notice and even informed his fans via Twitter that he would not be there. Nash and Michaels did end up making their appearances as scheduled.

Per Repsel, Kevin Nash took a flight from Florida to a connection in Atlanta, where Hall was supposed to board the plane on its way to Chicago Midway. Hall didn’t show, and didn’t contact Nash or the promotion to let them know what was going on. For what it’s worth, it looks like the WWE Hall of Famer had every intention to make the show, as he had been promoting it consistently via social media for the last several weeks.

Shortly after this story broke online, people began tweeting all the usual suspects linked to Hall, trying to at least figure out if he was okay. DDP was the first, and so far only wrestler to respond, stating “I haven’t talked to Scott Hall yet because I’m in Dominican Republican at a DDP Yoga workshop, but from what I’ve understand he is OK.”

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