Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dixie Carter Addresses Creative Team Changes, Current State of TNA, Anthem Deal and More

According to PWInsider.com, TNA Chairman Dixie Carter held a conference call today with talents, during which Carter officially introduced Anthem’s Eric Nordholm as a member of the Board of Managers for the company. Carter added the Board will be guiding the company moving forward.

On the newly announced relationship with Anthem Media, Carter reportedly praised the deal, and said Anthem will be injecting the company with capital and resources to help take TNA Wrestling to the next level. Nordholm also praised the deal along with all the TNA talents.

The call also brought up the idea of an over the top network, similar to WWE Network, which would utilize existing TNA content. The company getting back to touring, namely live events, is something the company wants to get back to, in addition to strengthening relationships with Sony Six in India.

Dixie Carter confirmed that both Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan are no longer with TNA, and the current TNA creative team consists of John Gaburick, Matt Conway and Madison Rayne. Carter added TNA is looking to add to the creative team, which she said is returning to a “collaborative effort.”

Overall, the call was described as being a “rah rah” call, since many changes have taken place in TNA since the last conference call.

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  1. What exactly is a "rah rah" call? Can't quite tell if that's a positive or negative.