Friday, November 25, 2016

Cesaro Bitchin’ About Not Being on a WWE Poster, Elias Samson Intends to Piss His Haters Off

- While speaking to the WWE website, NXT Superstar Elias Samson had a message for his haters. Here is the exchange:
WWE.COM: What kind of message will you communicate this time around?

SAMSON: I ain’t happy about what I’ve done. What I’ve done don’t make me happy. I ain’t happy about where I’m going. And where I’m going don’t make me happy.

WWE.COM: Can you give us a little more insight into what that means?

SAMSON: The world ain’t ready to know all the details of my life. Distance is a virtue. Just understand one thing: I intend to p*** off every last person that ever wished ill upon me. My injury was everything they ever wanted, but now I’m back. The Drifter walks again.
- Cesaro doesn’t seem to happy about not being include in the upcoming WWE European Tour 2017 poster. He made the following remarks on Twitter and you can also see responses from Sheamus and Rusev below:

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