Sunday, November 27, 2016

AJ Styles Asked About Possible Match Against The Undertaker, Kenny Dykstra Fired from His Day Job to Work for WWE

- Kenny Dykstra has been fired from his job working at non-profit charity company where he was the director for missing so much work.

What was originally set to be a short term gig in Dolph Ziggler’s on-going feud with The Miz ended up being extended, which required Dykstra to work more dates with the company. While it’s probably a good thing that Dysktra is back on weekly WWE programming, he still has not been offered a WWE contract with the company. It’s believed that he is working on a per-appearance deal right now, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be offered a full-time job with the promotion.

- While speaking to an interviewer, AJ Styles was asked about a possible match against The Undertaker. The WWE World Champions responded with the following remarks:

“If they want Undertaker vs. AJ Styles I say we give it to them.”

As previously reported, there has been talk about AJ Styles defending the WWE Title against The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

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