WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests James Ellsworth and Nikki Bella, Wyatts Invade The Show

Renee Young welcomes everyone to this week’s edition of Talking Smack. She is joined by her co-host, Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan. They discuss the ending of Smackdown Live. Bryan puts over the team of Wyatt and Harper. He jokes about how they made Kane disappear. Bryan calls tonight’s show very wild. He talks about how pumped he is after riding his bike for over 60 miles today. The ending to Smackdown Live is replayed as Renee and Daniel go over it again.

The next topic is the huge Survivor Series challenge that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon made towards Raw. Renee asks Daniel when he feels that Raw will respond. Daniel says he doesn’t know. They may have to wait till Monday. Bryan says that they should respond now. Renee asks Bryan about Raw signing Bill Goldberg. Daniel sarcastically says that The Attitude Era was great but on Smackdown, They are focused on the future not the past. He then begrudgingly admits that he wishes that Smackdown had a match as big as Goldberg vs Lesnar at the co-branded Survivor Series. That hasn’t been officially announced but Renee and Daniel jumped the gun here on what seems like the inevitable.

Nikki Bella joins the show. She goes to greet Daniel. Daniel jokingly tells Nikki not to get her spray tan all over the sweater that Brie bought him. Bryan’s pink sweater is discussed by all three of them. Renee congratulates Nikki for her No Mercy win over Carmella. Nikki says that her victory felt like a WrestleMania moment. How hard she worked to get back from her injury and to that point. The discussion then shifts to Carmella. Nikki calls her a black cloud. Daniel brings up the fact that he is jealous that Raw has an upcoming Hell in a Cell match between Sasha and Charlotte. How he wishes that heated rivals like Nikki and Carmella could be in such a match. Bryan talks about the possibility of a NO DQ match between Nikki and Carmella in the future. Highlights are shown of how Nikki cost Carmella her match on Smackdown Live vs Naomi…. Renee then asks Nikki if she wants to be on the Women’s Survivor Series team. Daniel goes one step further and asks Nikki, if she would be ok teaming with Carmella on the 5 woman Smackdown team vs Raw. Nikki says that she will do what’s best for Smackdown Live and if it came to that, She would do it. Daniel then asks Nikki if The women on Smackdown Live are better than Raw’s women’s division. Nikki says that they are equal. Both sides are great. Nikki thinks that the women on Smackdown don’t get the same type of spotlight that The Raw women do. Nikki puts over the women individually like Naomi, Becky and others on the SD Live roster.

The discussion then transitions to Total Bellas. Renee says it is her favorite show on E. Nikki talks about how Daniel gives her a hard time about not conserving water and not recycling enough. Nikki then talks about, how on a future Total Bellas episode, She and Bryan get to re-live a fight they had on the show. Nikki says that it was a crazy argument. Daniel jokes that he hopes that the producers edit the argument to make him look good. Renee thanks Nikki for joining tonight’s show.

Renee talks about next week’s Smackdown Live. Daniel focuses on The Alexa Bliss-Naomi No Mercy rematch. He states that if Naomi wins again, He will have to talk to the real Mr. McMahon, Shane. That they may have to install Naomi as the new #1 contender. Bryan also announces that Baron Corbin will face Jack Swagger on next week’s Smackdown Live. Daniel Bryan teases another big announcement for next week but he wants to introduce the next guest first before he does it.

Out comes, The infamous James Ellsworth. Bryan introduces him as the man who beat AJ Styles. Ellsworth is out in a blue dress shirt and tie. James says that he is going to steal a line from Rocky. Other than his kid being born, This is the greatest night of his life. James puts over Daniel Bryan as a big inspiration for him. Thanks Daniel for making Dean Ambrose the ref tonight. Ellsworth is asked if he was nervous. He says, of course. Anytime, you face the WWE world champion. You are going to be nervous. Bryan asks James how long has he been wrestling. Ellsworth says that he has been wrestling for 14 years. Bryan asked him where has he wrestled the most in those 14 years. James says in The Baltimore area. Renee asks James how he feels about winning tonight. James says he is at a loss for words and that it felt great.

Daniel Bryan announces that James Ellsworth will get a WWE World Championship match against AJ Styles next week on Smackdown Live. Ellsworth states that he is speechless. That this is all a dream come true for him. He repeats the line twice and calls it surreal. Bryan puts over Ellsworth’s catchphrase. “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance”. Daniel says that he and James have to go talk to Shane McMahon. Daniel asks Renee to close the show.

As Renee is wrapping up. The lights go out with the Wyatt sounder. The lights come back on. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are seated next to Renee in near darkness. Bray tells Renee to leave. He speaks very softly. Bray says that since his brother Luke has been gone. He has been a different person. Things are different now that they are whole again. Wyatt says that Smackdown is now there for the taking. Bray says that no one on Smackdown is safe now that the Wyatts are back. Bray calls Smackdown their home. Bray cues to Luke Harper. Luke states that his return at No Mercy was ignored on Talking Smack sunday. How they spent time talking about Daniel’s “stupid baby”. Luke says that they don’t care about that crap. He says that this rendition of The Wyatt Family is going to be taken more seriously. Bray Wyatt closes the show by saying “Follow The Buzzards”.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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