WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests AJ Styles, Baron Corbin And The Hype Bros

Host Renee Young welcomes the audience and Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan to this week’s edition of Talking Smack. Daniel Bryan is sporting the brand new James Ellsworth t-shirt. Which Bryan plugs on WWE shop. Renee talks about how close, Ellsworth came to being champion tonight. Bryan puts over Ellsworth’s sweet chin music in the match. Bryan comments that AJ Styles didn’t handle the distractions by Dean Ambrose very well. That he could have beaten James on several occasions. Renee asks Daniel if there will be a rematch after Ellsworth defeated Styles by DQ. Bryan says that he will have to discuss that with Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan states “Who needs Goldberg when we have James Ellsworth”.

The conversation then shifts to The Survivor Series Challenge. How Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley accepted Shane and Daniel’s challenge on Raw. Even though, They accepted. Daniel wasn’t impressed with how they did it. He refers to Foley and Stephanie as cowardly. Daniel says that Raw doesn’t rely on it’s own talent to headline their shows. That they bring in talent from The Attitude Era like Goldberg. Bryan says that Smackdown Live doesn’t need to do that because they believe in their own stars.

The Hype Bros are the first guests on the show and they come on to the stage….hyped up. Mojo Rawley actually grabs Daniel Bryan and shakes him up. The Hype Bros are ready to talk smack. Rawley tells Daniel Bryan that when he is with The Hype Bros. He becomes “Dirty Dan”. Mojo says that Bryan is the dirtiest of all the dirty. Bryan disagrees and states that he can’t possibly de dirtier than Zack Ryder. Zack takes exception to that and says that his beard looks cleaner than Daniel’s. Renee defends Daniel. Mojo is asked about his energy level in Denver with the high altitude. Mojo says that he and Zack did special training to deal with it. Renee says that they need to unwind a bit. Zack says that Mojo never unwinds while he does. Daniel asks what the difference is between Ryder and Rawley. Ryder says that the show isn’t long enough to compare all the differences. Zack says that he gets 3 am facetimes from Mojo. Mojo says that Ryder never answers. Mojo says that even though, Ryder calls himself Zack Daddy. No women ever call him that… Rawley admits that Zack is better looking than him and has a better body but he doesn’t have the game or dance moves that he does. Renee asks Zack if he has a special lady in his life. Zack hesitates and won’t answer. Which leads to everyone on set laughing.

The conversation then shifts to the tag team division on SD Live. Mojo and Zack say that they are ready to step up and be champs. Renee comments on Rawley’s “Stay Hyped” hat. Mojo says that Zack would never wear it. He tries to put it on Zack, who refuses. Mojo instead puts it on Daniel and Bryan all of a sudden magically transforms into Mojo Rawley and starts getting hyped. Pretty funny…. After Bryan yells the stay hyped catchphrase. He says that he is blown up and tired from doing it. Daniel says that this is the first time in his wrestling career that he has ever blown up. Grabs a bottle of water to drink from it and Mojo gets up and massages Daniel’s shoulders. Renee tries to transition the conversation back to the tag division. Bryan remains in The Stay Hyped Hat. He looks like a little kid with a beard…. Mojo and Zack briefly talk about their ambitions as a team but the conversation reverts back To Rawley’s rowdy antics and Zack’s disapproval of it. Zack complains that Mojo loves giving away all the Bro Me merchandise to everyone for free. As the interview finally comes to an end. Ryder tells Renee that they have to talk later. That he can’t believe that she asked him the love interest question earlier.

When The Hype Bros leave. Renee insists that Daniel take off the “Stay Hyped” Hat. Bryan wants to keep it on. They are interrupted by AJ Styles. Styles stares down Bryan and says “What kind of ship are you running here?”… For a second there, It didn’t sound like AJ said the word ship. Styles says that Bryan had a chance to make things right but he didn’t. Styles complains about Dean’s involvement in his match tonight. How his hands were forced into hurting Ellsworth. Daniel says that AJ brought this all on himself by challenging Ellsworth last week. How it’s Styles fault that he lost twice to him… AJ tells Bryan that he has become the very thing he fought against. How Bryan has become The Authority. Styles calls Bryan corrupt. Demands that Bryan makes things right by booking Styles vs Dean Ambrose next week. Bryan agrees. He says that if Dean defeats AJ next week. Ambrose will get a shot at The WWE World Title. Styles says that Dean’s blood will be on Daniel Bryan’s hands.

AJ Styles walks off the set. There is a long pause in the studio as the camera zooms in on a concerned Daniel Bryan. After the silent pause, Renee asks Daniel if he feels responsible for what has and could end up happening. Daniel says no. Daniel feels that James Ellsworth is a tough person and that he can withstand a beating at the hands of AJ Styles. Bryan says that AJ is angry because he lost and that if he wants to prove himself. He is going to have to beat Ambrose next week.

Renee then changes the conversation to other happenings on Smackdown Live. They discuss the Nikki Bella-Carmella segment tonight. They address Carmella’s strong comments about John Cena and Nikki’s relationship. Daniel defends Nikki and says that John Cena has never gone to management to force them to push Nikki. That she has earned everything she has gotten. Daniel gives The Bellas credit for paying their dues. How they took on several small roles on screen like hosting and being valets for hosts before they actually got a chance to shine. Bryan says that The Bellas have always been unfairly targeted in the past. Bryan says that The Bellas are the biggest female stars that the WWE has produced in a long time, and that’s why people always verbally attack them. Bryan says that John Cena may have some pull but he doesn’t use it for Nikki. Bryan mentions how on Total Bellas. That JJ tries to use Cena’s influence to get a tryout but is unable to. How John wanted JJ to get a chance based on his own merit and not because John referred him. Renee defends The WWE stars and how hard they work. Daniel admits that he has gotten angry when people have said negative things about his wife. Daniel addresses John Cena and how he appreciates how he responded to his critics a few weeks back on Talking Smack. Bryan talks about how hard his wife has been working for the company despite being 10 weeks pregnant. Bryan doesn’t like Carmella’s comments towards Nikki but he likes the intensity in the rivalry.

Baron Corbin joins the show and is happy with what he did tonight to Jack Swagger. How he defeated him so easily. Renee asks Baron how he feels about everyone disliking him in the company. Corbin says he is not here to make friends. Baron says he doesn’t need anyone. Renee says that she is surprised that with all the travelling that the company does. That Baron doesn’t have 1 single friend. Renee asks Baron if it was the same way when he was with The Arizona Cardinals in The NFL. Corbin says that he used to fight with his own teammates because he wasn’t an offensive lineman to make friends. Corbin mentions how he was coached by “Famed” NFL Hog o-lineman Russ Grimm. How he had the same type of mentality. Renee Young brings up Baron’s recent engagement. Corbin puts over his fiancé and how she is part of that special 1 percent. Renee aks about Baron’s personal life. Corbin says that he loves his house on the lake. Loves music and going to rock shows. Building and working on cars etc… Renee asks Daniel how he feels about someone who has no friends. Before Daniel can respond, Baron states that he has friends but he has no one here in The WWE that he cares about. Corbin says that he doesn’t care for the fans either. Baron rips fans who boo him and then stop him at an airport to get signed autographs. How they live off of him by selling his signed autographs.

Baron then addresses Renee Young personally. Says that he can tell that Renee doesn’t like him. Corbin says that someone like him is the reason that someone like Renee has a job. Corbin rips all the little guys who give their sob stories about how they have been lifetime fans. Corbin stops short of naming names. Rips people in the basement on twitter… Daniel Bryan point blank asks Corbin if it bothers him that people like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are successful. Baron Corbin says that it took him a phone call to get a WWE job. Corbin says that these guys spent 10 plus years working just to get to the WWE. Corbin asks Bryan how long he wrestled before he got to The WWE. Bryan says 10 and that he was only a wrestler in The WWE for 5. Corbin says that Bryan wrestled for 10 years for hot dogs and pretzels and that once he got here. His body gave out. Corbin says that his body won’t give out. Corbin says that he joined the main roster in 3 and a half years. Bryan is clearly angry with Corbin’s comments and says when you are successful as AJ and he was. Then Corbin will be allowed to talk. Corbin calls himself a 1 percent top of the line superstar. Corbin asks Bryan to give him more opportunities and that once he gets it, He will surpass Daniel Bryan’s accomplishments. Bryan is really agitated now. Bryan tells Baron that he expects things to be handed to him. Bryan says that he earned everything on his own, his entire career. Bryan says that he earned his way because he was the best. Corbin again touts what he did to Swagger on Smackdown Live. Corbin yells at Bryan and demands that Daniel give him something next. Corbin leaves the set. Bryan promises to find something for Baron soon. Renee wraps up the show.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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