Tom Phillips welcomes us to tonight’s show and we head straight to the ring for Dusty Classic Action.

DIY vs. HoHo Lun & Tian Bing (1st Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

The newcomer Bing starts it off with Ciampa. Bing not an easy guy to take down for the smaller Ciampa. Bing nails a roundhouse type kick to the self-proclaimed “psycho killer.” Lun in now with Gargano and the pace quickens. Nice roll-through head kick by Johnny Wrestling. The action a bit less crisp in this match, but it’s evident Bing has a ton of potential. Bing slows the pace as he wrenches the neck of Gargano. Johnny fights out, ducks a kick, and lands one of his own. Hot tag to Ciampa and he cleans house. Lun works his way out of a power bomb, but Gargano makes the blind tag and meets Lun with a Spear through the ropes. DIY meets in the middle for their collective finisher and the win.

Winners via Pinfall: DIY

– Backstage with TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi. The Japanese superstar says respect brought them together after their match in the CWC. Perkins says he jumped at the chance to tag with Ibushi. They take on Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado later tonight.

– Backstage with Samoa Joe. Interviewer phrases the question to seem like Joe retreated against Nakamura last week. Joe said he was just testing the perimeter to see if what he’s done has had an effect. He says Nakamura is now looking over his back and is a scared champion.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

The Aussie superstar wastes no time attacking the less experience Aliyah, but the new-look Aliyah is able to counter with a jaw breaker to make some space. Billie Kay goes to taunting Aliyah, but she’s having none of it and goes to town on Billie Kay. Enziguri from Aliyah and Billie Kay has still yet to go down. Liv Morgan comes down and provides a distraction as she deals with Peyton Royce at ringside. It’s enough for Aliyah to grab Billie Kay for the roll-up and the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: Aliyah

– After the match, all 4 get involved as action spills everywhere. It ends up getting centralized back in the ring where the heels get the upper hand and leave the faces laying to end the segment.

– We head straight back to the ring for singles action.

Noah Potjes vs. Tye Dillinger

Good to see some new blood getting some TV time tonight as Potjes hasn’t been on NXT TV in quite some time. Dillinger out to the usual great response. They lock up and Dillinger gets the early advantage and lets us know about it with a perfect 10 of a cartwheel. Potjes showing some aggression as he takes Dillinger to the corner, but his offense only lasts for a few short strikes. Dillinger retakes advantage and stomps a mud hole in Potjes in the corner. He sets Noah up for the TyeBreaker, executes, and gets the three.

Winner via Pinfall: Tye Dillinger

– After the match, Mike Rome interviews Dillinger at the ramp. He says the only thing glorious that Roode has done was run. Roode comes out and attacks Dillinger from behind and hits a “glorious drop” onto the ramp to leave Dillinger laying.

– Backstage with TM-61. They say they’re a great team, but it’s more than that. Thorne rambles a bit on how and why they’re a good team and even does a “trust fall.” Miller retakes control of the interview and says they’re mighty, and the mighty don’t kneel.

Thea Trinidad vs. Asuka

Nice to see Trinidad on NXT, even in this situation. The NXT Women’s Champ has eclipsed the one year marker of being undefeated. Asuka with a pair of leg kicks to slow down the smaller opponent. Several whip combos end with an Asuka hip attack. Trinidad trying to get offense in multiple ways, but no dice. Asuka hits a beautiful German Suplex and rolls through straight into the Asuka Lock. Trinidad taps for the Asuka win.

Winner via Submission: Asuka

– After the match, Mr. Regal comes out to reveal Asuka’s next opponent, Mickie James! She says although Asuka’s beaten everyone she’s faced, she hasn’t beat her. Asuka seems to like the opportunity, as does the crowd. They’ll face-off at NXT Takeover: Toronto.

– Backstage with Paul Ellering giving a pep talk to his team the Authors of Pain. Ellering says their puzzle has been completed and they have a strategy, and the AOP will execute that strategy.

– We look ahead to next week’s Dusty Classic matches which include Authors of Pain vs. Rich Swann/No Way Jose. Sanity will also be in action taking on the winner of our main event.

Mustafa Ali & Lince Dorado vs. TJ Perkins & Kota Ibushi (1st Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

Huge response for Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins after a fairly warm welcome for their opponents as well. Interesting to see the changes in Perkins’ entrance and response after the main roster debut. Dorado and Perkins kick us off. Very much a CWC pace to begin the match with several athletic exchanges and stalemates. Dorado and Perkin shake hands in a sign of respect and tag their partners in to give it a shot. Ibushi gets Ali’s shoulders down, but Ali able to get a shoulder up on each attempt. Ali into a bridge now and Ibushi still unable to get him down. Ali breaks out with a springboard and a bounce back drop kick to get the upper hand as we head into break.

Back from break Perkins has the advantage on Ali. Perkins locks in the knee bar, but Ali makes the ropes fairly easily. Crazy to think how over that move was in the CWC. Straight right from Ali. Perkins heads to the outside. Ali sets him up for an aerial assault from Dorado. Back in the ring and Ali slows the pace. Crowd firmly behind the Cruiserweight Champ as he fights out of the submission. Ali denies TJP a tag to Ibushi and takes out Kota as well. Ali rolls through for a nice neck breaker. Back into a neck submission and TJP out and into a wheel barrel that leads to a face buster. Tag made to Ibushi and the strikes rain down. Sweet double Pele Kick from Ibushi after Dorado/Ali fail on a double team move. Perkins makes a tag and hits a frog splash. Goes for the cover and gets a two. Ibushi with reckless abandon as he bounces to the outside. Perkins goes for the knee bar on Dorado but is caught and covered for a two. Ali the legal man and is trapped directly into the knee bar. Ali taps almost immediately and Perkins & Ibushi move on.

Winners via Submission: TJ Perkins & Kota Ibushi

– We take a look back at the action in this fast-paced match. Ibushi and Perkins face Sanity in the second round. They celebrate in the ring with a Dab as we head off the air.

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