We see footage of Shinsuke Nakamura after Samoa Joe brutally attacked him a few weeks ago. We hear Samoa Joe’s comments about the injury. We see Joe’s demands for Nakamura or the title. We see what happened last week when Joe was presented with Shinsuke Nakamura and he was fully operational.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Corey Graves and Tom Phillips.

Tony Nese says that Swann and Jose can dance around all they want. Him and Drew are premier athletes. Drew says they will win.

Match Number One: Rich Swann and No Way Jose vs. Tony Nese and Drew Gulak in aFirst Round Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Swann and Gulak start things off. They lock up and Swann with a side head lock. Swann holds on when Gulak tries to send him off the ropes. Swann with a shoulder tackle but Gulak stays on his feet. Swann flips over Gulka and Gulak with a rollup for a near fall. Gulak reaches up when Swann goes for a leap frog and Gulak with a rollup for a near fall. Swann with a drop kick and Jose tags in. Jose with a wrist lock but Gulak escapes and tags in Nese.

Jose with a flying mare and he goes for a slam but Nese escapes. Jose does some dancing and hits a flap jack for a near fall. Jose runs into a boot and Nese with a leap frog and he does a matrix to avoid a punch. Nese tries for a suplex but Jose blocks it. Jose with a delayed vertical suplex. Swann tags in and Jose with a slam. Jose sends Swann into the air for an assisted splash and he gets a near fall. Swann with a chop. Swann is sent into the middle rope by Nese and he goes to the floor. Nese misses a baseball slide and he punches Nese. Swann punches Gulak. Nese with a cartwheel on the apron to avoid Swann and Nese with a super kick as we go to commercial.

We are back and Gulak with a reverse chin lock on Swann. Swann with punches and then they go for clotheslines at the same time and both men go down. The referee starts his count as both men make the tag to their partners. Jose wtih a double chop to Nese and Gulak and Nese again. Nese misses a splash into the corner and Jose with a clothesline that flips Nese and Jose gets a near fall. Nese with a jaw breaker and side head lock. Gulak tags in and Jose blocks a double suplex. Nese is sent to the floor and Gulak with punches. Jose sends Gulak into the air and connects with a punch but Nese breaks up the count. Nese punches Swann but Swann leap frogs Nese. Nese goes to the floor and Swann with a corkscrew dive onto Nese. Jose with a half nelson slam to get the three count.

Winners: No Way Jose and Rich Swann(Advance to face Authors of Pain in the second round)

After the match, Swann and Jose celebrate in the ring.

Tom Phillips mentions Hideo Itami’s injury and his announcement that he will not be able to participate in the Dusty Rhodes Classic as Kota Ibushi’s partner.

We see Bobby Roode turn his back on Tye Dillinger last week against Sanity.

Tye Dillinger was shown earlier today getting his shoulder checked out. He is asked about what happened last week. Tye says Sanity left him with a hell of a beating. His issue is with Bobby Roode. Bobby gave his word and he turned his back on him. Tye says he wants a match against Bobby Roode at Takeover in Toronto. He knows that William Regal is a man of his word.

It is official that the two Canadian stars will meet in Toronto.

Bobby Roode is in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Austin Aries is in the back eating a banana. He is asked about his partner in the Dusty Rhodes tournament and he says no. He says the Dusty Rhodes Classic is not for everyone. The man who questioned his toughness is out because he has a sore neck. Maybe it was that he had no spine. Austin says there is only one partner who can be his partner and it will be someone who can help him win. He says only the best and strong will survive.

Match Number Two: Bobby Roode vs. Sean Maluta

They lock up and Roode with a side head lock into a full nelson and snap mare. Roode poses and Maluta with a drop kick. Maluta mocks Roode and hits a head scissors and leg sweep into a rollup and a near fall. Roode with a belly-to-back suplex. Roode with kicks to the back. Roode chokes Maluta in the ropes. Roode chops Maluta. Roode with a hard Irish whip. Maluta with punches to the midsection and they have no effect. Roode with a punch. Maluta with a kick and forearm into the corner. Maluta with a kick but Roode with a spinebuster. Roode with the Glorious DDT for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Bobby Roode says in five weeks, the brightest star in NXT, yours truly Bobby Roode, goes international and he takes over Toronto. His opponent on that night, Tye Dillinger, has been whining and complaining every day on social media. He says he does not understand why. Tye Dillinger, you got on your hands and knees to beg me to be your partner in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Bobby says he felt bad for Tye. Being the good man he is, he tried to pull you out of your mediocre life and pull Tye to his level. A level that is simply glorious. Bobby says he does not have a beef with Tye. When you live like he does, you eliminate the losers and the cling ons.

Tye Dillinger comes to the ring, but Roode sees him coming and Roode attacks Tye. Tye backs Roode into the corner and Tye with punches. Roode tries for a punch but Dillinger with more punches and Dillinger with a back body drop and then Dillinger clotheslines Roode over the top rope to the floor.

Liv Morgan is in the back and she is asked about Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. We see what happened last week when Billie Kay faced Liv Morgan.

Liv says she does not have to run her mouth like Billie and Peyton.

Billie and Peyton attack Liv and Peyton holds Liv for Billie to connect with a round kick.

They go into the arena and Peyton kicks Liv.

Billie Kay says that Liv was about to complain about being beaten up, but she got beat up again. Peyton says they are putting the women of NXT on notice and that includes Asuka. The women’s division belongs to them.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tucker says they are ready for Austin Aries and his partner. He says they are getting real hungry and it is time that they ate.

Match Number Three: Austin Aries and Roderick Strongvs. Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight in aFirst Round Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Aries and Otis start things off and Aries wants a test of strength. Otis catches Aries and Tucker tags in and he hits a splash on Aries. Strong tags in and he tells Tucker to back up. Strong with chops but Tucker with a drop kick. Otis tags in and they hit a double head butt. Aries comes in and is met with a double elbow and a double head butt. Otis and Tucker with a double splash and a double jumping chest bump. Otis goes up top but Aries grabs Otis. Strong with a kick to the leg to get Otis off the turnbuckles. Strong chops Otis and connects with forearms.

Strong with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Aries tags in and he goes up top and hits a forearm to the ribs. Aries boxes the ears and punches Otis. Aries with a running knee to the head. Strong tags in and they send Otis into the corner. Strong is sent to the apron but Strong with a shoulder from the apron and he tries for a sunset flip but Otis stays on his feet. Aries tags in and Aries sends Otis onto Strong’s knees and then Aries with a slingshot senton.

Strong tags back in and Otis with a double suplex. Tucker tags in and he hits a hip toss on Aries and hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw on Strong. Tucker with a splash but he goes for a second one but Strong pulls Aries out of the corner. Aries with a suicide dive to Knight. Strong tags in and Strong with a running knee and then Aries with a rolling elbow followed by Death by Roderick and Sick Kick for the three count.

Winners: Austin Aries and Roderick Strong(Advance to face TM61 in the Second Round)

We see footage of the match featuring the Revival against Andrade Almas and Cedric Alexander when Almas attacked Alexander after the match.

Almas was interviewed earlier and he says in order to be a part of NXT, he had to take off his mask, but the respect was not reciprocated. He says he has worked a lifetime to earn respect and he has received zero. He does not care about respect. He only cares about Andrade Almas.

Sanity makes their way to the ring.

Match Number Four: Nikki Cross vs. Danielle Kamela

Nikki with forearms but she misses a splash. Danielle with a suplex but Nikki gets up first. Nikki with a knee and neck breaker. Nikki bites her wrist and then she slaps herself before hitting a swinging neck breaker for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, Nikki attacks Danielle and Eric Young has to pull Nikki off Danielle. Nikki punches Eric and goes after Danielle.

It is announced the decision has been reversed.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shinsuke Nakamura comes to the ring.

Nakamura tells Samoa Joe he is not done with him. You want his NXT championship? At NXT Takeover, come get it. Do whatever you want. He does not care, he will beat Joe with no mercy.

Patrick Clark comes out to the ring. He says we are gathered together to get to this thing called NXT Toronto where Samoa Joe will meet Shinsuke Nakamura for the first time. Patrick apologizes because we have seen that story and the last time we saw it, Joe almost ended your career. Patrick suggests that Nakamura meet him, the Velveteen Dream.

Patrick says he can show Nakamura better than he can tell him.

Nakamura kicks Clark a few times and he goes down.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring but he backs up the ramp.

Clark gets back to his feet thanks to the referees but it only allows Nakamura to hit Kinshasa.

We go to credits.

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