Wednesday, October 26, 2016

TNA Reportedly Postpones Filming of Total Nonstop Deletion Due to Money Issues

TNA has postponed filming of the “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode of Impact Wrestling which will take place entirely from Matt Hardy’s compound in North Carolina.

Postponement of filming for the special episode was done due to financial reasons, however the shoot will only be delayed a few weeks and will reportedly take place sometime next month.

Sources close to production are noting the postponement isn’t entirely due to money issues, however, as producers want to do more with the budget given to them, so they made plans to book things in advance for later in the month as opposed to next week.

This includes paying for the TV truck, flights and other production costs.

One source noted, however, that those involved with the postponed shoot were told TNA does not currently have the money to fly talent to the Hardy compound next week due to their funds being frozen by the court once Billy Corgan was given a temporary restraining.

It should be noted, however, that TNA will be in breach of their TV contract if they don’t produce a December 15th episode of Impact Wrestling, so Total Nonstop Deletion will take place one way or another as TNA currently has enough material to last them through December 8th.

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